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    People of Northern Ireland suffered daily restrictions and tremendous losses as a result of their troubles with the Republic of Ireland Give Them Stones features the life of a young women who manages as well as possible to make the most of her humble skills despite the daily chall...

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    Such a good story Main character, Martha, recounts her life story, starting around 1930, growing up in Belfast in a poor Catholic family Her mother sends her to stay with aunts in the Northern Ireland countryside during World War II but she returns to factory life in Belfast afterwards, eventually marrying, having 4 sons and developing a little home business as a bread baker Gradually, the anger between Unionists and Catholics bubbles over and the Troubles begin Book gives good view of how d Such a good story Main character, Martha, recounts h...

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    I thought this was an interesting look into the life of women in the lower middle class I really enjoyed how the story was told, it was as if I was sitting at a table with Martha Murtagh, having a cup of tea as she tells me her life story It was a pretty simple read and easy enough to understand w...

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    This is a very readable story of one woman growing up both psychologically and morally in the face of the Northern Ireland Troubles It is deceptively simple in structure but carries a wallop far greater than its brevity would lead one to expect.

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    Loved the book Images of me own Mum I could feel the place and time.

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Give Them Stones When A Boy Is Shot In The Legs By Gunman Against The Side Of Her House, Martha, A Baker, Thinks Back On The Years Of Violence She Has Witnessed In Belfast.