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Forever ❮Epub❯ ➜ Forever ➛ Author Pete Hamill – This widely acclaimed bestseller is the magical epic tale of an extraordinary man who arrives in New York in 1740 and remains forever Through the eyes of Cormac O'Connor granted immortality as long as This widely acclaimed bestseller is the magical epic tale of an extraordinary man who arrives in New York in and remains Forever Through the eyes of Cormac O'Connor granted immortality as long as he never leaves the island of Manhattan we watch New York grow from a tiny settlement on the tip of an untamed wilderness to the thriving metropolis of today And through Cormac's remarkable adventures in both love and war we come to know the city's buried secrets the way it has been shaped by greed race and waves of immigration by the unleashing of enormous human energies and above all by hope.

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  1. Kristen Kristen says:

    I generally look over other people's reviews to refresh myself before I add a book I read a long time ago I was genuinely surprised to see how many people hated this book It seems like people either got it and loved it like me or didn't get it and simply hated itAdmittedly the story is far fetched You must suspend disbelief in order to swallow the premise of the story which is of an impoverished Irish boy doomed to live forever until he is able to avenge a wrong done to his family If you can wrap your mind around a little magic then you can enjoy the book as it was intended; an intimate and colorful history of New York City I learned so much and it was written so well I never felt I was being lectured to This was honestly a book I wish hadn't had to end I was so sorry to finish it In fact this is one I hope to re read some day

  2. Gregory Baird Gregory Baird says:

    This was not the book that I expected it to be Every plot summary of this novel describes it as a history of New York City as experienced by a man who is granted immortality only so long as he never leaves the island of Manhattan Granted that does happen but first you have to slog through an annoying practically a novel in and of itself three hundred pages of trifling back story That would have been fine if only it had been interesting Hamill seems to back himself into a corner with a curiously apathetic protagonist Cormac O’Connor who goes about tracking down the man responsible for the deaths of his parents with all of the passion of a man running errands on his day off After arriving in Manhattan he wastes time doing nothing really He learns a trade as a printer’s apprentice dabbles in a relationship that he doesn’t seem too passionate about either and agonizes about how he really kinda should be looking for his sworn enemy Imagine Hamlet without any of Shakespeare’s wit or dramatic urgency to redeem him and you have a pretty good idea of how frustrating Cormac is The only thing he feels passionately about is fighting slavery which ultimately – perhaps fatefully – leads to his gift curse That’s another sticky point of this novel for me there is no grey area when it comes to political issues such as slavery All of the good guys possess an inexplicably modern perspective when it comes to social issues while the villains are fierce racists who strive to use slavery to their own advantage It’s so simplistic and not historically accurate I find it hard to believe that people who were raised in a society where slavery and racism were so ingrained into the mainstream would instinctively know how to think outside the box The historical aspect of the novel is often interesting when Hamill draws out episodes of history that are unfamiliar such as the period when Manhattan’s water supply was severely restricted by greedy bureaucrats in the 1830s leading to city wide pestilence and freuent cholera outbreaks but it is less so when Hamill indulges in a lust for big cameos and cheesy set ups such as when Cormac saves General Washington’s life during a skirmish at the onset of the American revolution screaming “We need you alive God damn you” again it seems Cormac has been blessed with an unnatural prescience And despite his ardor for throwing off the shackles of tyranny Cormac engages in some pretty misogynistic relationships with women his mandate for eternity in Manhattan even includes an order to “love women” and while it also orders him to respect and protect them it still results in a series of non emotionally attached relationships that essentially reduce the woman to the means for sex only A lot of people seem to enjoy this book and I suppose I can see why What I offer here is a different perspective from someone who did not enjoy it at all really Grade D

  3. Lars Jerlach Lars Jerlach says:

    Forever is one of the best books I have read in a very long time I closed the book with a feeling of regret knowing that I wouldn't read a story this good for uite some time It's a beautifully written and haunting story that is deeply rooted in the heart of New York but one that fundamentally speaks about the mysteries of human condition and the things we feel but cannot fully articulate This remarkable hybrid is an absorbing satisfying read and the story stays with you a long time after you close the book

  4. Manday Manday says:

    I am a bit offended by the current number one review that says people either get this book or hate it Just because I hate it does not mean I did not get it A book that is about a man who lives forever is going to face challenges It is either going to be epicly long or going to skim and jump without real depth or some combination of the two This book mostly jumped and skipped This made it hard to become emotionally involved with the book Because of this I was planning to give the book two stars until I got to the end The biggest problem in this book is the focus on 911 at the end I told my husband that it reads as if the author had the concept for the book and had been working on it for a while and then 911 happened and the auther was affected by it personally and thought this HAS to be in my book this would affect the characters so much Based on the year of publication 2002 and the biography of the author born and raised in Brooklyn I would say this assessment is dead on Pete Hamill could have done us all a favor by having the concluding chapters in this book take place in 2000 and then writing another book to alleviate his feelings about 911 The problem is the first 500 pages are all about immortality and relationships and paganism and tribal ideas of justive and a deep sense of loss and belonging and then all of the sudden the book is about 911 instead and modern issues and modern problems There is no smooth transition or build up it is just suddenly and glaringly as some reviewers have pointed out there And that is why I could only give this book one star

  5. Meredith Meredith says:

    Conceptually I liked this book though it lost something in the execution Exploring New York through the eyes of a single character is interesting but in order to do it justice the book needed about 1000 pages at least If this novel was a five book series told slowly it would have worked much betterI found the 911 chapter a bit forced There was way too much foreshadowing We know what's ahead of us and yet the Hamill can't resist mentioning low flying planes and looming towers every fourth or fifth paragraph Yeah we get it Hamillthings are about to changeAnd was it just me or did all that sex stuff seem a little unnecessary?

  6. Kim Williams Kim Williams says:

    This book had me from the first page It starts in Ireland in the 1700s and takes us on a fantastic journey ending in New York in 2001 Through the protagonist's eyes we see the humble beginnings of New York City in its infancy and watch as it transforms over the centuries to the mighty metropolis it is today Saying anything else would be spoiling I certainly recommend this book if you are a New Yorker like me It has been said that we are the most forgetful when it comes to our own history and this is an easy to read refresher on some of the major events that helped shape this place I also feel any fan of the historical novel would appreciate this work Just one warning however There was toward the end a very vivid description of the events of 911 that actually made me feel like I was back in that awful day The author really captures that present feeling throughout the book You get a feeling that you are there walking through the different ages of the city as you read This particular portion of the book was no exception I liked it all the for the author's ability to pull me back to that time and to truly remember It is all we can do in the end

  7. Cassy Cassy says:

    Part of my disappointment in Pete Hamill’s “Forever” is probably based on the fact that I had different expectations when I began reading There was an extremely misleading uote on the back cover comparing the book favorably to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter I also expected the book to focus on New York City which is does but only well after a hundred pages based in IrelandOkay The book did have its good points I thought the concept was fantastic immortal man witnesses the evolution of a city The characters were robust and intriguing Hamill presented interesting well researched tidbits from New York City's history I especially loved the section set during the city's fetid period And although I wasn't expecting such an extended portion of the book to be set in Ireland that section was actually my favorite He really placed me in the setting with the mist rolling off the green fields and the mystical lore of the native Irish He should have expanded this section and made it a separate book That book might have earned four starsNow onto the bad points It dragged and I had trouble finishing In addition the book abruptly jumps from one time setting to another I would just start to be engaged in the storyline and to identify with the characters Then bam There’s an entirely new era theme and cast of characters Instead of keeping things exciting it annoyed me He really needed transitions And these mini stories were treated differently by length Some were short and some just went on and on which made the book seem unbalanced Further the plot suffered from this jarring jumps since the mini stories are rather poorly connected Of course the main character did have two over arching goals to kill every descendant of his father’s killer and to eventually reclaim his mortality The second motivation pulled the story along admirably But Hamill abandoned the revenge plot in a lame matter I won’t write to avoid spoilers only to halfheartedly reintroduce it much later in the story It could have been so exciting Lastly I read in an interview that Hamill had actually finished the manuscript prior to 911 and then rewrote the ending to incorporate the attack While I understand that 911 was a defining moment in the city’s history its integration into the book never sat well with me It read like what it was a last minute add inI don’t regret reading “Forever” but I would not recommend it to anyone I know In fact it is sitting in a pile of two stars or less books to be traded at my local used bookstore

  8. Christie Christie says:

    I have mixed feelings about this novel The beginning one third of the story was very captivating and moving I thought the author did a great job with character development and drawing the reader into an intriguing plot laced with bits of Irish folklore and Celtic Mythology Somewhere around the middle however the story began to drag for me and became uite overrun with characters to follow An account that takes place over than two centuries ending after the events of 91101 lends itself to far too many characters to develop and too much history to cover with detail As the reader I would be just getting familiar with the newest set of characters when time would jump ahead and the process would begin all over again I truly was interested enough to finish the book however the last one third was extremely laborious to get through An incredibly original plot and very descriptive narrative but a bit too much history to cover in 600 pages It did lend itself to ponder the uestion of how difficult immortality for a single member of a family and a community would be This is a fantasy so the reader must suspend belief going into this For lovers of the fantasy genre this book will really appeal to you For readers interested in historical fiction this would be uite a stretch

  9. Bobby Jett Bobby Jett says:

    A true masterpiece of fiction Rarely does a book reach this level of storytelling at least in my experience I can count on one hand books that i have read that i regard as masterpieces This is one of those books that I wish would go on for another 600 pages literally forever Cormac is someone I will never forget It will take me many days to digest all that I encountered in these pages and I think i am forever changed for having read this I cannot recommend this book highly enough and am certain that i will revisit it many times in the future

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    The idea of a first person account of the whole history of Manhattan was really intriguing to me so I was really excited to read this book and assumed that the whole you're immortal but you can't leave Manhattan thing was just a weird plot device in order to make this first person narrative make sense Instead the opposite seemed to be true the history of Manhattan seemed to be just a setting for the whole strange spiritual mythological side of the story That said I loved the first 13 of the book set in Ireland in the hero's 18th century childhood The next portion set in downtown Manhattan also had a great point of view and was well paced Then there's this weird bit about Boss Tweed dying in jail that I didn't get The whole last 13 of the book is set in 2000 2001 amidst flashbacks to the 20's and 30's that seemed like an afterthought and follows the hero finding and falling in love with his true love or whatever This part was so bland so drawn out and detached I plodded my way through it and found myself skipping paragraphs then pages Good lord The book culminates with the World Trade Center attacks the descriptions of which could have been written by any writing major at NYU I'll throw him a few bones for the description of the dust cloud; that was okay And the ending? Man C'MONI know that Pete Hamill is known for his love of the history of New York and I'd say that that's obvious in a good portion of this rather large book I just wanted way history and way less pseudo romance and pseudo spiritualityvoodoo than this book delivered

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