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Refusenik!: Israel's Soldiers of Conscience This Moving Book Is A First Time Look At Israeli Soldiers Who Have Refused Orders On Moral Grounds, Earning The Name Of Refusenik Along With A Prison Sentence These Are The Stories Of People Who Believe In Their Country, But Not In Its Actions Beyond Its Borders Peretz Kidron, A Long Time Israeli Citizen, Retells The Stories Of These Refuseniks From The 1982 Invasion Of Lebanon Up To The Current Situation With Palestine The Stories, Experiences, Viewpoints, And Even Poetry From A Great Spectrum Of Israelis Are Presented Officers, Ordinary Foot Soldiers, Men And Women, From Various Ethnic Backgrounds And Classes The Book Also Reveals The Cautious And Embarrassed Response Of The Authorities, And The Wider Implications Of The Philosophy Of Selective Refusal For Conscientious Citizens In Every Country Where Conscription Still Exists.

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    1.General, your tank is a powerful vehicleIt tramples the forest, it crushes a hundred men.But it has one flaw It requires a driver.General, your bomber is strong.It flies faster than the storm, it loads than an elephant.But it has one flaw It requires a mechanic.General, man is very useful.He knows how to fly, he knows how to murder.But he has one flaw He knows how to think Bertolt Brecht, German poet and playwright who left Germany after Hitler came to power2.Refusenik Israeli Army reservists who report for duty when summoned but refuse morally objectionable assignments notably serving in the West Bank and Gaza In Refusenik , Peretz Kidron has done a great service in collecting the testimonies of and giving the historical background for the Israeli refusenik movement It is a slim volume, less than120 pages but it shines a powerful light on the Jewish humanism at work in Israeli society.Born in Vienna in 1933, living in England during the Third Reich, and moving to Israel in the early 1950s, Kidron has been a refusenik himself Although there were some instances of Israelis refusing military service in the 1970s, it was with the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon that galvanized Israelis to protest and say, Enough In ...