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Eight Cousins ➸ Eight Cousins Download ➿ Author Louisa May Alcott – Thomashillier.co.uk When Rose Campbell, a shy orphan, arrives at The Aunt Hill to live with her six aunts and seven boisterous male cousins, she is quite overwhelmed How could such a delicate young lady, used to the quie When Rose Campbell, a shy orphan, arrives at The Aunt Hill to live with her six aunts and seven boisterous male cousins, she is quite overwhelmed How could such a delicate young lady, used to the quiet hallways of a girls boarding school, exist in such a spirited home It is the arrival of Uncle Alec that changes everything Much to the horror of her aunts, Rose s forward thinking uncle insists that the child get out of the parlor and into the sunshine And with a little courage and lots of adventures with her mischievous but loving cousins, Rose begins to bloomWritten by the beloved author of Little Women, Eight Cousins is a masterpiece of children s literature This endearing novel offers readers of all ages an inspiring story about growing up, making friends, and facing life with strength and kindness.

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    This went from delightful to tedious in thirty pages It s amazing to me that Jane Austen, who wrote some one hundred years before Alcott, could feel so incredibly modern and this novel so insufferably outdated.If you like regular lines such as Oh, you little dear and scenes of the older man holding the chin of the thirteen year old girl and tenderly kissing her rose bud lips and telling her to mind him and all of her dreams shall come true did I mention it is her uncle her dear, dear uncle , then by all means, rip into this classic, and, while you re at it, read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, too I actually couldn t even make it to the end, but I think she must marry the uncle I honestly could not suffer through one scene of the almost 14 year old cuddling in dear uncle s lap.If someone misled you and you thought this was a brilliant classic go read Anne of Green Gables or Jane Austen or anything Bronte instead.

  2. June Geiger June Geiger says:

    I had SUCH a crush on Uncle Alec, who rides in on his white charger bearing oatmeal and imported silk sashes and SAVES young Rose from well meaning overbearing aunts and migraines and addictions some heavy stuff even by today s kiddie lit standards If you haven t read it and think I m kidding, I m not And when I wasn t fantasizing about Uncle A, I imagined myself with my own gaggle of guy cousins to pal around with one or two tapping at my heartstrings, of course Five stars How about eight

  3. Catherine Catherine says:

    The latest book in my Louisa May Alcott kickand I found it generally charming I love the idea of throwing out the window the general practices at the time wearing tight corsets and belts, taking strong coffees and cordials to improve health, teaching girls to act like ladies instead of allowing them fresh air and exercise and enjoyed watching young Rose become a picture of health and happiness I also loved the idea that her uncle taught her to be a self reliant woman hence the emphasis on housekeeping, cooking, etc instead of relying on servants and maids Some of the ideas were still a bit old fashioned, but I didn t find it offensive and would definitely encourage my children daughters and sons to read this book.

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    I love Little Women, I really do Though I realize in retrospect that a lot of it is sort of preaching the philosophies of the May March parents Which is fine, because wanting girls to be strong and self sufficient is a wonderful thing.But if you thought Marmee was a little too full of wholesome advice, this is NOT the book for you The entire book revolves around orphaned Rose, and how her Uncle Alec, a free thinking doctor, rehabilitates her The virtues of fresh air, exercise, wholesome food, and hard work are touted in every chapter The evils of corsets, high fashion, earrings, coffee, and other frivolities are scorned There is an entire chapter devoted to outfitting Rose for the winter, where one fashionable outfit is roundly excoriated, and cast aside in favor of a simple yet well cut frock over warm long underwear I mean, it s cute and all, and Alcott has a simple, fun style of writing, and I can see that her ideas would have been revolutionary back in the day But in this day and age, it s like, They really thought she was gonna die because she went ice skating with her male cousins The thing that really kept me from enjoying the book though, was the racism There are a pair of Chinese men in the book who are not only described repeatedly as being beady eyed and yellow skinned, and having the most queer customs and clothing but are also heartily laughed at by the children for their accents and customs, and go out of their way to give the children gifts and amuse them with their foreign ways YEEESH.Also, the classist way that Phebe the maid is treated horrified and fascinated me Rose adopts her, which everyone thinks is the most noble and wonderful thing Rose or anyone has ever done Yet as far as I can tell, this amounts to totally forgetting about her for months at a time, then remembering, feeling bad, being consoled by her uncle, and then giving her a present Phebe wants to be educated, and Rose remembers this when she comes upon her trying to teach herself, pats her on the head though Phebe is older and sets up a play school because she is bored There is no indication that this school is in session for than a week But everyone applauds Rose, and ignores Phebe, as long as she doesn t shirk her duties Phebe is treated like a very small and backward child, rarely asked what she wants, and Rose is constantly feted for caring about her maid and giving her presents that mostly consist of books and clothes she doesn t want.In short, I can see why this one never became the classic that Little Women did.

  5. Andrea Cox Andrea Cox says:

    This was a delightful book with great charm It had many twists that surprised me, and the characters were adorable I loved the unconventionality that was Uncle Alec s doctoring Very unique and special.Content expletives a few swearing by saints twice underage drinking, smoking, and gambling one or two mentions of gods and godessesI was not compensated for my honest review.

  6. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    I never knew that Louisa May Alcott ever wrote anything other than Little Women, its sequels and some scary stories But in 1875, Alcott published Eight Cousins, a predictable, bathetic novel featuring a ridiculously plucky orphan named Rose Campbell and her seven boy cousins except for Mac, all of them would make Pollyanna appear a spoiled, selfish misanthrope It s no Little Women by a long shot.The story began well enough, with Rose mourning the death of her beloved invalid father Her uncle, Dr Alec Campbell, returns from abroad, having lived in China, India and elsewhere in Asia, and becomes her guardian And that s when the book rapidly becomes cloying with perfect children who are ever cheerful, helpful and grateful It was so saccharine that my teeth hurt.The book has one saving grace It explores the forward thinking educational methods promoted by Alcott s father, education reformer Bronson Alcott, including learning by doing, literary discussions, cross curricular education, and a rejection of rote learning and corporal punishment These and some other of his methods are now standard in education.Some books can survive through the ages and entertain children and adults, too decades after they re first released Little Women 1868 , Understood Betsy 1917 , Daddy Long Legs 1912 , The Railway Children 1905 , Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1903 or Anne of Green Gables 1908 however, Eight Cousins isn t one of them For Alcott super fans only.

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Age Appropriate For All AgesBest for Ages 10 18Some of my favorite memories of my early teen years were the hours that I spent reading Little Women with my sisters We read the whole book together over a few months, sitting outside in the woods, each with a different project Alcott always makes me think of those happy times, and makes me feel nostalgic.My younger sisters have read many Alcott books then I have, and I got to hear all about their favorites The book I heard them gush the most about was Eight Cousins, so I decided to read it this year I am so glad I did.While I think that this book can be enjoyed by all ages, it was written for the young It is a wonderful adventure of a little girl and her cousins, they type of story I would have devoured as a child There is no romance, and there are good lessons and interesting characters.Rose was such an endearing character, and I loved how she saw her faults and worked hard to fight against them I also loved how her Uncle worked so hard to do what was best for her, even if it was against the fashion.The setting, though it was written in the backdrop of the 1800 s, is not very hard to imagine it taking place in our own time Alcott had a timeless way of writing and a way of capturing the troubles of the old and young alike in a way that makes it never feel old.I highly recommend this to girls who love old books, non romantic stories, and books that feel real.

  8. Kristen Kristen says:

    If you ve read any Louisa May Alcott, the general ideas and characters will be familiar The characters are all very high minded and very concerned with morality, building character, proper behavior, etc Being written nearly 150 years ago, some of the ideas on health, class and race relations, and gender roles are very antiquated, and can even seem a bit bigoted But you have to remember the time in which it was written The way they describe a Chinese man is particularly interesting.The basic plot follows Rose, a girl of means, who is orphaned and goes to live on the Aunt Hill with her many aunts, her seven boy cousins, and her devoted guardian, Uncle Alec We see her grow, change and learn over the course of an experimental year, in which Uncle Alec has complete charge over her upbringing, with no interference from the aunts At the end of the year, they are to decide whether it has been a success, and whether Rose should stay with Uncle Alec, or move in with one of her aunts Does Rose have a good year Does she stay with Uncle Alec I ll never tell you have to read it.Though older books can be a bit difficult to read, due to the different language and writing styles of than a century ago, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and plan to read the sequel A Rose in Bloom as well.

  9. Ellen Hamilton Ellen Hamilton says:

    There are no words to express how lovely this book was to me I just loved it.I am wondering though, what exactly was the disagreement between Dr Alec and Rose s father Was it that they both loved the same girl, Rose s mother If so, then I fear that the next book, Rose in Bloom, will hurt a bit Fathers and mothers are too absorbed in business and housekeeping to study their children and cherish that sweet and natural confidence, which is a child s surest safeguard, and a parent s subtlest power So the young hearts hide trouble or temptation till the harm is done, and mutual regret comes too late Happy the boys and girls who tell all things freely to father or mother, sure of pity, help, and pardon and thrice happy the parents who out of their own experience, and by their own virtues, can teach and uplift the souls for which they are responsible I cannot help but agree with first part of the quote As for the second part, I wish that this freedom of confidence existed between my parents and me It would have helped save me a whole lot of trouble However, I hope to remember this when I am a parent.I can t talk much about this book, because well, I want to cry over it a little.

  10. Tweety Tweety says:

    Just as wonderful the third time round D

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