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  1. Cora Tea Party Princess Cora Tea Party Princess says:

    Another perfectly indulgent offering from Lesley Lokko This would suit perfectly well as a New Adult and when I classify books as New Adult it's Lesley Lokko's work I generally use as a guideIf you need something to get invested in something to make you think something to make you feel every emotion under the sun and something to stay in your head then look no furtherBitter Chocolate reminded me a little of Sundowners They have some similar elements such as the different lives and people converging and a very artisticdesigner character There is a mix of poverty and wealth and the struggles of going between them and best of all it feels so REAL There is romance and hardship and love and hate And there are three very confused young ladies unsure of how their life is going to pan out and whether they're making the right or often wrong decisionIt's best to set aside some time for Lesley Lokko because once you start you'll be hooked and won't be able to read anything else until you finish the book Then you'll want to pick up anotherThis book is a book for all seasons It's great for summer when you want to chill winter for when you need something comforting autumn for those lengthening nights and spring for the freshness of the world AWESOME

  2. Jayme Jayme says:

    This was an accidental read I mistook it for another book of the same title Imagine my surprise when I opened a book I supposed to be about fair trade chocolate and instead found myself reading a novel I read a few chapters and was unimpressed but for some reason I pressed on The book is 500 pages so I wasn't sure if I would actually finish itA few chapters in though I fell in love with the main characters The novel explores the interconnected lives of three women Laure and Ameline grow up in turbulent Haiti Laure is the granddaughter of the grand matron of an old family Ameline is her 'reste avec' a servant child chosen to grow up in the household with Laure Privileged Melanie is the daughter of an aging rock star based in London EnglandLaure goes to United States to live with her estranged mother When the government of Haiti is overthrown by a military junta Ameline is rescued by an Englishman and taken to England Melanie moves to LA and remains as pampered as she was in England For the next 13 years the women struggle to find their way each drawing on her uniue inner resources to surviveThat's the greatest strength of this novel the journeys of Laure and Ameline The author is familiar with Haiti and the experiences of immigrants She conveys their struggles skillfully and without judgement I absolutely fell in love with the two Haitian characters Laure and Ameline Half way through the book they felt like dear old friends and as I read the last hundred pages it saddened me to know that I would soon need to say good bye to them I so admired Laure that when she fell upon hard times later in the novel I was absolutely certain she would land on her feet But I worried about her until the next turn of the plotMelanie on the other hand was a confusing and chaotic character who I could have done without To be honest much of plot involving her character seemed contrived I also found the male characters to be weakly developed and not very believableAlthough the first 400 pages were absorbing I did not like the ending of this book It felt like the author was on a really good roll but suddenly needed to wrap things up too uickly The last few chapters were awkward and stilted I was also unimpressed that the success of the women in the novel seemed hinged on finding the right manOverall this was an excellent absorbing read a page turner I will definitely seek out other titles by Lesly Lokko

  3. Keris Keris says:

    Previous Trashionista editors Gemma and Jenni loved Lesley Lokko's first two books Sundowners and Saffron Skies so I was keen to read her third Bitter Chocolate although slightly concerned because it's over 500 pages longSpanning decades and continents it's the story of three women Ameline Laure and Melanie Laure and Ameline have grown up together in Haiti while Melanie was raised in London the financially spoiled but emotionally neglected daughter of an aging rock starAmeline was taken into Laure's family as a reste avec literally stay with a poor child kept by a rich family as a companion to their own child ie Laure Now the girls are grown up Ameline is little better than a servant to Laure's grandmother but she and Laure love each other like sisters Laure's mother Belle is living in Chicago apparently in disgrace after giving birth to the dark skinned Laure skin shade beingTo read the rest of this review please visit Trashionista

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    This book tells 3 different stories within the one novel I didn't finish this book because it did not capture my interest Even after 50 pages or so it felt as if nothing at all had happened I believe the problem is the way the book is set out The three stories are told consecutively and you jump around from story to story with very little notice This made it very difficult to follow the story and therefore almost impossible to enjoy the story I wish the author had decided to tell just one of the stories If she felt the need to tell all three stories she should have separated them into different novels This would have made the books much easier to read and they still would have been around 200 pages in length I can't recommend this book however fans of the author may enjoy the story if they are used to the writing style

  5. Helene Helene says:

    Great read Was recommended by a friend and was difficult to find but this author writes with a style I enjoy and has well developed characters A story about 3 young women with formidable challenges in different parts of the world primarily centred around Haiti and the UK Topical considering the recent disaster and Haiti and uite an intimate look at the social structureclass system in parts of the country Will look for other books by this author

  6. Perry Whitford Perry Whitford says:

    Two rich idle young women abandoned by glamourous thoughtless parents go in search for love and self respect across three continents in Lokko's jet setting blockbuster of a novel Laure St Lazare is the 16 year old daughter of a runaway mother who lives with her widowed loveless grandmother in a rambling mansion in Port au Prince Haiti Despite her good family she has dark bitter chocolate skin which is undesirable in her native land Melanie Miller is the 18 year old daughter of a rock star father divorced from her mother who is now married to a wealthy prize winning architect and lives in London Her father has constantly neglected her and at the start of the novel he fails to show for her 18th birthdayI bought this book on a whim from ebay the description proclaiming the novel to be from the author who brought brains to the blockbuster I don't usually read this type of book for good reason but I like to try something different once in a while On reflection I might have to go back to my comfort zone for a while again after this vapid experienceThe heroines though supposedly adults and empowering female figures get butterflies or become weak at the knees when they see men that they tend to fall in love with after just one or two empty conversations They do achieve things during the course of the story but for the most part they only get on by doing glamour work dating rich boyfriends even if they happen to be an obvious asshole or just by being beautiful and therefore finding men to indulge them How empowering is that? Their fortunes never fluctuate before clumsy forewarnings their thoughts and emotions are expressed in a litany of air headed triteness as they constantly muse like teenagers over uestions that the author has already answered for the reader In addition the one narrative secret that Lokko holds onto one supposed to enthuse some kind of mystery and joy to the proceedings is blatantly signposted right from the start then amounts to nothing much when it is finally revealedI almost stopped reading at page 24 when the stultifyingly moronic Melanie dancing topless and singing in front of her mirror becomes aware that her stepfather is watching her from the opening in the door and reflects He'd been unable to take his eyes off her Norbert Kreizer the forty something world famous architect her mother's husband he'd been unable to look away She had made him look at her he who barely registered her presence And the most remarkable thing of all? She hadn't said a word oh dear The comments on the back cover also play up just how intelligent the novel is in comparison to the usual fare in the genre but I failed to notice any What I did notice though was that it was considerably less crass than these type of books generally are which is something of a commendation I suppose Reading Bitter Chocolate only led me to ask myself the uestion Why read trash? After all reading reuires attention and effort If you want trash why not just watch TV? You actually get to see the beautiful people then the clothes the locations not just read about them

  7. Zaynäb Book Minimalist Zaynäb Book Minimalist says:

    This book was amazing I enjoyed the stories of Ameline and Laure it was beautiful uniue and specialThis book centers on the story of Ameline Laure and Melanie Ameline is a reste avec which means a Stay with who grew up as a slave without a past and a family she grew up as simply ameline no heritage no surname no family Ameline works for laure privileged family not only as a slave but she came to be Laure's best friend and sister Laure St Lazare however is the 16 year old daughter of a runaway mother she lives with her widowed loveless grandmother in a rambling mansion in Port au Prince Haiti she loves her reste avec who she has come to fondly refer to as a sister After she got pregnant she had to leave to stay with her mother in the United State with nothing to her name except a few dollars Melanie Miller is a rock star's daughter who has everything clothes shoes bags everything money can buy except love and affection Her father has constantly neglected her and at the start of the novel he fails to show for her 18th birthdayThe stories of these three women was remarkable and i love how the author took time out to develop their characters Ameline making a way for herself despite all odds Laure finding love and peace with herself after a horrible past and Melanie well nothing special from her except her love for extravagant partiesWhile i love the author's narrative i think she spent a lot of pages on mundane descriptions I wish she has expunge the melanie character from the story and the book altogether she was of no use to the plot and i did not learn anything from her from the start to the end of the book i kept seeing her as a spoiled brat seeking for attention Despite the fact that she has a good husband and was happy she cheated on her husband lied to him and she got away with it not once but twice i think that part of the book was annoyingOther than that i love the book and i wish the author had not placed too much emphasis on the fact that they all need Love and men to feel complete and successful after all they went throughI would be reading of her books definitely if they are not than 300 pages Bitter Chocolate was too big i struggled through itHowever you never can tell i can tolerate the size of a book if the stories are worthy of my time

  8. Felicity Terry Felicity Terry says:

    Incorporating what is essentially three stories into the one book Bitter Chocolate just did not work for me The tale of three young women Laure Ameline and Melanie in my personal opinion that the author would have been better sticking to the story of one at a push two of the characters rather than this somewhat epic tale that just did not flowA considerable read of 577 pages because of the way in which it was written I'd find myself forgetting what had happened to say Ameline by the time the author had devoted several chapters to the other two women before returning to her story Not that I was particularly interested in the adventures of any of the three women who I didn't think were well developed by the authorThe other characters faring little better on the whole I found them stereotypical and largely forgettableAs for the plot Largely contrived For such a lengthy book there seemed to many things left unsaid too many loose ends left untied and an ending that I uite frankly found abrupt

  9. Deanna L Deanna L says:

    It's an interesting story of three different women and how their lives develop the interesting part about Haiti and Baby doc could have been explored better than just a lucky escape Most Haitians couldn't escape the story of the rock star's daughter Melanie uite superfluous and shallow I think the author wants to illustrate that sometimes having everything is a curse in disguise because nothing makes you happy but still I can't help but think it doesn't fit as nicely as the LaureAmelie story and their family secrets that eventually come to light their return to their homeland and their home and their ascent to a better life to a secure future to building success with their own handsWhile I do like the story it's at most a fluffy vacation read The language and the style is uite simple the story is interesting but sometimes redundant at other times drawn out and usually uite obviousI put it on my average not exceptional shelf I did not dislike the book but also would not recommend it

  10. Irene Quinn-hawtin Irene Quinn-hawtin says:

    Three stories of three women It would have worked better if the Author stayed with just one story There was enough in the book to achieve this end Or just stay with Laure and Ameline Melanie could have been a totally different book The stories of these women were twists and turns at many opportunities At times I had to really concentrate on who was who Most of the book was meaty and strong Yet parts were weak and trivial However I was still drawn to continue reading so there was always a 'hook'

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