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Badlands Bride ❮Download❯ ➺ Badlands Bride Author Cheryl St. John – Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright's introduction to the Wild West where she'd traveled with a bevy of mail order brides But it was the intimate hello in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that s Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright's introduction to the Wild West where she'd traveled with a bevy of mail order brides But it was the intimate hello in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that sent her heart racing—and made it all the difficult for her to tell the brawny plainsman that she wasn't the woman he'd sent forWhen she jumped from the stage shining with true grit and spewing tall tales Cooper DeWitt thought he just might have struck gold Raised with the Sioux Cooper needed a wife who could brave the frontier and corral his restless heart The problem was his would be bride had no intention of marrying him.

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  1. Linda Broday Linda Broday says:

    Oh my This book has everything a historical western romance should have a hunky guy a spunky woman and I do mean spunky and lots of sexual tension Cooper DeWitt can put his boots under my bed any time I love this guy He's tough yet tender hard and forbidding yet carries such an ache inside for a woman to love Hallie Wainwright is simply looking for a chance to show what she's made of a chance to matter to someone Her father is a wealthy newspaper man and he and his two sons run the business pushing Hallie outShe makes friends with a group of mail order brides who are going to the Dakota badlands to marry When one of the women suddenly backs out Hallie takes her spot Writing a series of articles about these women and how their lives change will make her father look at her differently She doesn't consider how Cooper DeWitt will react to a mail order bride who has no intention of marrying him And it's not wellThis story is masterfully written and I loved how St John showed the growth between these two people who come from different backgrounds and cultures The love was always there lurking just beneath the surface and when it comes out it's breathtakingly beautiful A wonderful book about a need to matter and the guts to make it happen against the stark landscape of the Dakota wilderness

  2. Linda Walters Linda Walters says:

    When I first began reading I was half afraid that it would fall into the rest of some of the others that wasn't very deep I'm so glad that it was even better than what I had hoped It wasn't like some where the woman was so ill euipped for their new situation and complaining all the way Nope not Hallie Oh don't get me wrong she really is ill euipped but she pitched right in; often surprising herself and others along the way She learned and adapted even when some terrifying adventures come her way When she got to the station after shooting the bandit the driver grinned and called her the hellcat Made me smile at that one And there are some interesting adventures as you can tell even from the beginning of the story The I got to know Cooper the better I liked him He slowly began to understand Hallie better than even her own family ever had She was made to feel invisible and sometimes unwanted when it came to who she was She was made to feel like want she wanted didn't matter and that she had no value other than being a woman molded to society's mold She just didn't fit and she didn't want to Cooper's nephew Yellow Eagle and his mother Chumani were good additions to the story and I enjoyed the part they played too There were a couple of other people who added to the cast too just not an overload of people I liked how the story ended and enjoyed the Epilogue as well There were some errors in my copy although the one I read was older Words like tune instead of time It didn't interfere with understanding the sentences and they have probably been corrected in newer copies of eBooks

  3. Foxfire Foxfire says:

    DNF Did not like the silly self centered heroine

  4. Nini Nini says:

    Idk why I stopped reading a the 43% mark because when I picked it up again I freaking loved it Really nice story with amazing charactersAlso keep reading The best is yet to come The second half of the book is WAY better than the firstI wished I wouldn't have stopped because then I would have known the mail order bride betterA really good book with solid writing and a few laughs in between Definitely recommend

  5. Alex Alex says:

    At First Sight Growing up the daughter of a news paper owner Hallie Wainwright always wanted to be a reporter but everyone else in her family had other ideas As a way to keep her from being underfoot at the news paper her father suggests Hallie writes a story about Mail Order brides since a group of such women are about to leave Boston to go West in that capacityOnce Hallie realizes of the ploy and when one of the brides changes her mind Hallie decides to go West herself and get all the scoop about Mail Ordered brides and finally prove to her father that she has what it takes to be a great reporter But things are complicated in the Wild West the journey is long and uncomfortable and when Hallie and the brides reach their destination they encounter a blink and you miss it town and Hallie gets mistaken for the bride who balked Cooper DeWitt the scorned groom is vaguely relieved that his intended bride changed her mind once he finally believes Hallie is who she says she is since he saw his father suffer a lot when he married a city woman Still he sent for a bride because he needed help and since Hallie is stuck with him without means of leaving Cooper offers her shelter and a job to teach his young nephew to read and write and to help him put his business' books in orderWith only a handful of people for company Hallie uickly grows close to the people around her Cooper his sister in law and nephew mostly and finally feels useful for the first time in her life Second Glance Oh I loved this book With a relatively small cast of characters I really got a sense of the time and place the story was set in of the hardships of life in the frontier And I loved both Cooper and Hallie I was surprised at how much I liked Hallie actually because I usually don't like the heroine who does something really dumb just to prove a point but Hallie assumes it and works hard and makes a place for herself in Cooper's life even without realizing it Cooper was good too and I loved all the references that were peppered across the book about the Sioux culture as Cooper was brought up by them he's constantly talking about how the whites' are this or that and he's like blond but he thinks he's just another one of the tribeI did feel like the ending dragged a little but not for long and the the resolution is uite satisfying and surprisingly funnyBottom Line Badlands Bride is really nice read a love story between two people who eventually realize that their place in life is by each other's side regardless of their differences Not my favorite St John but I really liked it all the same

  6. Linda Linda says:

    Hallie Wainwright is a woman on a mission The youngest in a family of men she is determined to make her own name Her father runs the local newspaper but doesn't take Hallie seriously as a reporter She has to prove herself and takes off with a group of mail order brides that are headed for the Midwest The plot thickens as she arrives on the stage and is held up with some others She shows her toughness when things go south Cooper DeWitt lives and works in this rough country Raised by the Sioux he is looking for a mail order bride and thinks he has found her when he mistakes Hallie for someone else Here is where the story glides along Hallie is not looking for a commitment She wants that all inspiring story that she can take home to win her father's favor Unfortunately she'll have to wait for the next stage In the meantime she figures out that life among these people can be rough at best Sleeping uarters food and cleanliness are no longer taken for granted She becomes aware what it truly must be like for women and men to meet each other for the first time and try to make a life togetherThe uestion becomes can Cooper win over Hallie? Is she his heroine? Finally can she give up her past luxuries and learn to love him? For some reason this homespun romance drew me in Take it for what it's worth; this is a somewhat silly Americana intrigue As the reader you know some of the situations couldn't or wouldn't happen in real life but this story has both the elements of passion and enchantment So cuddle up in a comfortable chair and prepare for a pleasant diversion with your uiet time

  7. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Cooper DeWitt sent for a mail order bride He only had one ualification She must be able to read and writeHallie Wainwright was the only girl in a newspaper familyHer father and brothers loved her but the work they allowed her to do for the newspaper was nothing than busy work They hired an outside the family guy to be a reporter and ignored herIn an effort to keep her away from the fighters they assigned her to interview the mail order brides going to the badlands Her dad liked the interviews and printed them saying the real story would be on the other end of the trip His son said they did not have a contact that far west Hallie went to see Tess the night before they were leaving to insure that she would be a contact for Hallie and write reports on how things worked outTess was packed and leaving to go to Philadelphia Her old boyfriend had decided to marry her and she was letting immediately She shoved the ticket and the money into Hallie's hands and told her to be sure that Mr DeWitt got the money and her apologies Hallie had an idea What an opportunity She would travel with the bride's and write stories return Mr DeWitt's money and he could order another bride She would return home with her scoop for the paper Her dad would really impressedRight before they arrived the stagecoach was robbed The badlands destination was in the middle of no where Mr DeWitt was not interested in Hallie's story He had ordered a bride who could read and write and she would have to be it or she could work it off till she earned return passage

  8. Jerry Jares Jerry Jares says:

    In order to prove that she can be just a good newspaper journalist as her brothers Hallie Wainwright embarks on a long trip to the Dakotas with three other mail order brides She wants to interview the women when they arrive marry and start their lives in a new environmentThere’s only one small problem Hallie accepted the ticket of one of the originally 4 brides and promised to return the other money to the man who arranged for her passage On the last leg however the stage is robbed and all money and jewelry were taken from the passengersWhen the stagecoach finally arrives Cooper DeWitt finds that his bride did not come; a wealthy journalist took her place and has no intention of marrying him However Hallie has no money and no way to return home; DeWitt offers to hire her to straighten up his business ledgers and teach his nephew to read and writeHallie is thunder struck when the Sioux Last Horse arrives and Cooper introduces him as his brother Last Horse wants to buy or trade for Hallie and she is horrifiedAlthough he develops a strong attraction for Hallie Cooper realizes that she cannot survive the difficult life and circumstances in the Dakotas However Hallie constantly amazes him with her ability to adapt and learnI’ve given a small part of the plotline in this wonderful book; the characters are well defined and very likable Once started I couldn’t put the story aside The main characters grow and learn from their interactions

  9. Jo (Mixed Book Bag) Jo (Mixed Book Bag) says:

    Badlands Bride is set in Colorado in the late 1800's Lily HIghfill and Mason Donnelly are the two main characters Lily is the daughter of a very prominent family from Boston She has lived for years with her Aunt in Denver and is looking forward to finally going home to Boston Mason is a journalist who lives and writes in the West He is suffering from writers block The two meet when Mason and Lily are both at her grandfather's fossil dig in the Colorado badlands Both are very appealing charactersThis story has a great journey to the HEA There is danger excitement romance and a great many twists and turns before we get to the HEA Both Lily and Mason have make changes in their lives and their perceptions in order to have a happy ending One thing thtat kept the story interesting was that it is hard to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy until the very end of the story One final twist in the story really blindsided me Look for a good story with a great setting in Badlands Bride

  10. SuperWendy SuperWendy says:

    The heroine is a newspaper reporter and the white hero was raised by the Sioux This story should have been a hot mess but the author totally works it by once again not writing characters prone to dramatics The heroine doesn't come off as too stupid to live and the author focuses wisely and getting the reader to see things from the heroine's perspective She makes some rash decisions but you get why she makes them I also appreciated that how the hero comes to live with the Sioux was given thought than the ol' he was kidnapped by renegades plot device Not my favorite historical western by this author but it was still a very enjoyable story A solid B

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