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    Thought it had a lot of filler to make it longer Not good enough to recommend but not bad enough to say don t read either.

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    Refocus encourages Christians to engage others in a compassionate and kind way in order to build friendships and communities A key element of this book is the notion to let our actions rather than only our words to speak for us.

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    Not sure of his point overall living for God in all aspects of life , but some good thoughts on interacting with culture, good illustrations, and a good way to learn about Jim Daly.

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    This book is written by Jim Daly who is with Focus on the Family In his writing he is trying to get across our responsibility as Christians to show the love of Christ to those around us His approach is one of looking at Christ and following His example to those who disagreed with Him or who were not people most around Him would associate with.I gave this book 4 5 stars Overall this was an average book and I thought his writing came across a little too preachy I did not agree with all he said and did put the book down and do some Bible searching of my own to compare his notes with what I read That said I did like parts of the book There were some great examples and thoughtful paragraphs that if you really study them could help you in yo...

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    Daly makes a stark contrast between the Focus on the Family of James Dobson and the Focus on the Family of today, breaking away from his predecessor s combative relationship with the culture.Instead, he humbly examines his own attitudes and motives without compromising his convictions And he concludes that Christians must influence our broken society through an emphasis on actually living and loving our neighbors as Jesus would.I can t say I agree with everything he says Daly still gives too much leg...

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    An interesting look at engaging with society while maintaining our beliefs and witness for God We must reconcile the temporal with the eternal Written by the current President of Focus on the Family, there are some strong statements on politically charged issues that I m not sure I agree with how it s presented, but there are also some real gems I believe we re commanded to respond kindly and respectfully to people with whom we disagree If we are truly interested i...

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    The author, Jim Daly, is the new president of Focus on the Family If, like me, you think Focus on the Family got way too political and James Dobson went off the cliff to the right, then you need to read this book and be assured that Focus on the Family is back in good hands I don t know the inner workings of the organization, but it seems they have made a good choice in hiring Jim Daly.If you have consistently loved Focus on the Family and have kept moving farther and farther to the right with Dobson, then you need to read this book to get back some perspective.Our Sunday School class read this for a book study The writing is pretty simplistic, but the mes...

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    This book was just the thing I needed to read at this time The author took my fears and settled many of them with common sense, Bible verses, and history.

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    This is the best book I ve read this year If every Christian read it we would have a Revival of Love for the world truly being set apart, making a real impact for Christ in our daily lives.

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ReFocus Written By Jim Daly, The Compassionate Leader Of Focus On The Family, ReFocus Inspires And Motivates Christians To Transcend Political Agendas And Partisan Battles And Instead Interact With Others In A Way That Will Consistently Reveal The Heart Of God To A Desperately Hurting World Our Culture Has Become Painfully Polarized, Often Hindering Relationships With Neighbors, Colleagues, And The Very People Who Need To Discover The Love Of Jesus Christ Remembering That We Are Foremost Citizens Of Heaven Serving A Loving Father, We Who Call Ourselves Followers Of Christ Can Once Again Be Known By Our Love But How In What Context And Through What Means How Can We Tear Down The Walls That Divide Our Culture, Our Neighborhoods And Workplaces And Families, In This Increasingly Contentious World Drawing On A Rich Variety Of True Stories And Sources Both Historical And Contemporary From Behind The Scenes In Today S Halls Of Power, To Moving Accounts From Church History, To Powerful Breakthrough S In Daly S Own Life And Ministry Daly Challenges Us To Reclaim Our Responsibility, And Our Privilege, As God S Sons And Daughters As Followers Of Jesus With His Humility And Compassion As Our Model, ReFocus Living A Life That Reflects God S Heart Demonstrates How Christians Can Show The World An Inexplicable Taste Of Grace With No Agenda Other Than To Reveal The Heart Of God As The Loving Abba Father He Is.