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As três vidas ➿ As três vidas Free ➶ Author João Tordo – As Três Vidas é uma viagem de autodescoberta através do «outro» Cruzando a história sangrenta do século XX com a história destas personagens este romance é também sobre a paixão do narrador As Três Vidas é uma viagem de autodescoberta através do «outro» Cruzando a história sangrenta do século XX com a história destas personagens este romance é também sobre a paixão do As três ePUB ½ narrador por Camila a neta mais velha de Millhouse Pascal e sobre a procura pelo destino secreto ue a aguarda João Tordo nasceu em Lisboa em Formou se em Filosofia e estudou Jornalismo e Escrita Criativa em Londres e em Nova Iorue Trabalha como guionista depois de ter passado pelo jornalismo tendo publicado entre outros n’O Independente Sabádo Jornal de Letras ELLE e a revista Egoísta Escreveu em parceria o guião para a longa metragem Amália a Voz do Povo Foi vencedor do prémio Jovens Criadores em Publicou dois romances O Livro dos Homens Sem Luz e Hotel Memória ambos bem recebidos pela crítica.

  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • As três vidas
  • João Tordo
  • Portuguese
  • 27 December 2016

About the Author: João Tordo

João Tordo was born in Lisbon in In he won the prestigious José Saramago Literary Prize with the novel As Três Vidas also shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Prize in As três ePUB ½ Brazil He was shortlisted four times for the prestigious Fernando Namora Literary Prize and twice for Best Novel at the Portuguese Author's Society and He was also shortlisted for.

10 thoughts on “As três vidas

  1. Mady Mady says:

    What an unbelievable story However told in such a way that I couldn't stop reading it João Tordo's writing is so easy to read I really want to read all of his books And so far this is probably my favourite one

  2. Marina Marina says:

    Good storytelling with a spice of mysticism few learning points for me since it goes through some historical facts and characters and what I loved about the entire book is that it creates a very imaginable atmosphere So well written I could describe this book with a colour The main character is well defined and I could feel what he was going through and understand his acts I would love to read another book by this young author just to see if he just got lucky with the theme or does he really have it in him to depict other themes like a painting

  3. Marta Marta says:

    First half of the book was mesmerising It was an excellent dramamistery and one could live in it I would give it 5 star review Later on it wasn't like that and an ending was too mild but it still counts like a very good book

  4. Stan Stan says:

    Maybe it's just me According to blurbs attached to digital editions of this book this book was a prize winner It is a pleasant enough read but hardly stands out to me A fictional autobiography biography encapsulation of some mid 20th century history love story I found it hard to take it seriously it is in the final analysis a novel but just seems to bounce back and forth and have no plot to drive it Since I don't like to include spoilers I won't be specific but there is one cheap shot near the end of the book that I guess is supposed to move us but since I just didn't feel engaged by any of the characters much less the narratorautobiographer it just fell flatA UESTION IN CASE ANYONE ELSE HAS READ THIS BOOK in the Portuguese ebook edition aside from the author it says translated by I found this strange Translated from what to what? The damn book was written in Portuguese to start with I wrote and asked about it but was told it definitely wasn't a translation I then email them a copy of the title page showing the name of the translator but this time they ignored me It is not a one time mistake In the back of the book there is another reference to the translator What the heck is that about? Anyway as I said a pleasant enough read but otherwise a kind of pretentious attempt at writing something meaningful

  5. Nelson Rafael Nelson Rafael says:

    355 StarsThis book was recomended by someone very special to me it deals with lost and discoveryIt wasn't bad and i was never bored i dont usually read Portuguese authors but his writting was easy i would recomend although its long its a fast read

  6. Rita Pires Rita Pires says:

    Interesting book from a new Portuguese author But a story that is maybe too long with some non credible facts which disturbe the reading rhythm

  7. Cat Cat says:

    Thrilling exciting and fabulous writing Exceptional book

  8. Lara Filipa Lara Filipa says:

    The best book I've read in a long time Tordo is officially my favorite writer Always above my high expectations

  9. Andrea Marinho Phillips Andrea Marinho Phillips says:

    I really disliked this book I just bought because the author was supposedly considered to be like a new Saramago Not for me Not at all

  10. Catarina Rua Catarina Rua says:

    Very engaging book Very well written Just gave 4 stars because I was expecting a different end a little bit of historic facts when it is revealed the work being carried out in Milhouse Pascal’s house

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