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Impossible Coming out Miracle [Reading] ➸ Impossible Coming out Miracle Author Danielle Steel – uando uma galerista e um famoso e excêntrico pintor sem nada em comum se apaixonam a história só pode tornar se impossível De facto Sasha ue desde a morte súbita do marido dedica toda a energia uando uma galerista e um famoso e excêntrico pintor sem nada em comum se apaixonam a história só pode tornar se impossível De facto Sasha ue desde a morte súbita do marido dedica toda a energia às duas galerias ue coordena uma em Paris outra em Nova York ao entrar no atelier de Liam não pode imaginar ue o seu mundo será definitivamente devastado O impossível vai acontecer Uma mulher de Impossible Coming ePUB ½ negócios e um boémio e extravagante pintor vão apaixonar se Mas Sasha não está preparada para assumir abertamente a relação com Liam Ele gosta de ser provocador e comporta se como um adolescente enuanto ela se preocupa sobretudo com as conveniências e as aparências e acima de tudo ela tem uase mais dez mais anos ue ele o ue em sua opinião é inaceitável Danielle Steel como é habitual conduz nos para uma bela história de amor no coração de Paris e de Nova York Impossível de Danielle Steel CRÍTICAS DE IMPRENSA «Os romances de Danielle Steel narram as coisas da vida É impossível saltar uma página acontece alguma coisa a cada vírgula Suspense angústia e lantejoulas alternam com o desespero e o conto de fadas» L’Événement du Jeudi «Há romance ue chegou para prender os leitores» Publishers Weekly «Uma comovente história de amor e perda» Booklist.

10 thoughts on “Impossible Coming out Miracle

  1. Robyn Robyn says:

    If I could have given this a lower rating I would have YawnNo date for finishing the book Cannot finish the book Take the date as when having abandoned the book I thought it might be good for a light holiday read but even bearing that in mind it's dreadfulAnyone want a cheap book?

  2. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Pretty good story though I didn’t warm up to Liam at all in this book I actually wish the last couple pages didn’t happen However I still love me some Danielle Steel books

  3. Ritika Chhabra Ritika Chhabra says:

    Follow Just A Girl High On Books for reviews We all need someone to love Life's just too damn hard to be aloneSometimes I feel like there are certain books that simply do not deserve to be rated Impossible was one certain book for me I picked it up when I found it in the library The fact that it was by Danielle Steel was an added bonus She is one of those writers whose books have received amazing reviews as far as I have heard But this is still the second book that I picked up and I have to admit that I yawned I literally yawned at the stupidity that this book is It took me almost 10 days to read it for this precise reasonTo begin let me just point out how ridiculous that guy Liam was I mean I get it Liam and Sasha were in love Makes sense But there is a point in one's life when one realizes that heshe is simply not compatible with the person This was uite evident in Liam and Sasha's relationship right from the start And no that is not because Liam was Sasha's son's best friend I mean throughout the course of the novel all people say is how ethical Liam is how committed he is and what a great guy he is But let's look at a few things he does shall we? He cheats on his wife stays away from his kids for over a year manipulates his best friend's mother in sleeping with him makes a fool out of her despite knowing how this could jeopardize her entire career acts unreasonable for no apparent reason every time she uses the word rules is a big man child and behaves like that dumps the friend's mother to go back to his first wife even after she is engaged and then dumps the ex wife to return to Sasha And Sasha? Well she is a sophisticated and successful woman So sophisticated note sarcasm that she agrees to sleeping with her artist on their first night out acts like an age obsessed person I mean uit repeating the same things over and over again will you? goes out with Liam again and again even after knowing the way he is going to end up acting fights with her daughter over him does nothing but cry when he leaves knowing fully well all the ways in which he harmed her and well just acts like a wimp In no way does she seem to be someone who has been described as the way she wasAnd I don't even want to talk about Xavier Which man is okay with his best friend sleeping with his mother? And I'm guessing they are best friends because he never mentions any other friend of hisWhat irritated me the most was the excessive repetition of their thoughts I mean had I even skipped a couple of pages and then read the book I would have just missed the repetition of the same dialogues and fights and the same thoughts only using different words So I guess what I'm trying to say is that Impossible uite suited the book because it is uite impossible to read this book without throwing it against a wall or even without a straight face

  4. Wendy Wendy says:

    Probably one of the stupidest books I've ever read The characters Sasha and Liam didn't click at all She was snobby he was an immature ass and they broke up like five different times throughout the book Once because she wouldn't baby his stupid behavior again because he wanted her to choose between him and her daughter really? Who the hell makes someone choose between a love interest and their CHILDREN? and AGAIN later when he decided to leave her to go back to his ex wife This book was a roller coaster of idiocy Anyone with a SCRAP of intelligence or dignity would have ended the ridiculous affair as they continually called it after the first ludicrous breakup But in just the two of Steel's books I've read I've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as intelligent characters in her books I've never wanted to fucking punch fictional characters this badly before I have no tolerance for stupid people in real life or in fiction Don't waste your fucking time

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    There are some Danielle Steel books that i love Zoya Palomino Granny Dan Malice This one was awful It was boring and lacked any real passion in the characters It was like she had an idea but had too much else going on in her life or was being pushed to a deadline and just wrote words She kept repeated herself and it was so irritating The main character couldn't get over her same issue through the entire book so they just kept breaking up and I actually started thinking he should just leave her for good because she just got so annoying I was hesitant to ever read another Danielle Steel again but I read a different one after that and it turns out it was just this book I do not recommend it

  6. Lorraine Cobcroft Lorraine Cobcroft says:

    I read this because I'd acuired it somehow no idea how and I thought it was worth reading just to see what it was about Danielle Steel that made her so successful Well I guess it's just being a prolific writer How does anyone write that many books? Even if you don't care much about writing uality and it appears she doesn't getting that many words on paper must be hard work I got through it Found the story line highly unlikely yeah probably impossible in fact The name was appropriate The characters weren't particularly believable Sasha was too good to be true and I struggled to believe a talented beautiful highly successful extremely rich globe trotting diva would behave as she did particularly the constant crying and wasting away with grief Liam was so ethical and committed that he took up with his mate's mother slept with his wife's sister embarrassed the hell out of his conservative much older lady friend behaving like a juvenile delinuent ignored his kids for a year went back to his wife after she got engaged to someone else and then returned to Sasha after having dumped her for his ex wife Yeah definitely ethical and committed The writing irritated because Ms Steel kept ranting on at length stating the very obvious and repeating herself She demonstrated graphically to budding writers how to ''show'' then tell tell tell and tell again Presumably she thinks her readers lack the intelligence to interpret the action scenes and deduce what is happening or even to remember what she's told them from one page to the nextThe other thing that really grated was the use of the word ''as'' Often there were three clauses in the same sentence beginning with as As she did this as he did that as that was happening over there Many sentences were grammatically incorrect and I can tolerate that just but the overuse of clauses starting with ''as'' really bugged me

  7. Beth Beth says:

    Sasha is a famous gallery owner who lost her husband unexpectedly Liam walls himself a wacky artist The two meet and gradually begin an affair but soon their strong personalities get in the way of their blossoming relationship As conservative Sasha tries to keep the affair hidden from her grown children and her snobby clients Liam is working hard to draw Sasha out of that world and into his Eventually the differences become too much for them to handle and the lovers clash break upcome together again in a romantic finale

  8. Deb Deb says:

    Absolutely the worst book I've bothered to finish in a very long time It was like a train wreck You want to look away aka stop reading but justCAN'T I guess I was hoping got would get better but it didn't I can't believe anyone would ever think a relationship like the one between Liam and Sasha could possibly last Years ago I was in a similar relationship but knew better than to 'take him back' the first time I can't believe she took him back not oncenot twiceTHREE times I'm a forgiving person but when it comes to someone with his level of immaturityno Just no

  9. Serena Serena says:

    It must be impossible that a book is that badUnfortunately it's not

  10. Olivia McMullan Olivia McMullan says:

    I Loved it it was amazing the thing however that bothered me and at times annoyed me was the love that the two people has shared and the fact that it was an on off relationship why couldn't it have just stayed the as a full relationship and there was less leaving and coming back to each other every couple of month Other than that it was a tremendous story which I thoroughly enjoyed regardless

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