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  1. David David says:

    Warning This is a non review review If you are one of those priggish scolds who demands actual review reviews pass this one by I'm just not in the mood right now for one of those 'How dare you review a book without reading it' lectures It's a free galaxy so go ahead and buzz off Who am I kidding? Nobody will notice the irrelevance of this review because nobody will notice this bookI am David Kowalski No not that David Kowalski—the world renowned Australian gynecologist who writes alternate history books about the Titanic on the sly—when he isn't elbow deep in Australian pussy I realize that the word 'pussy' is considered offensive distasteful or absurd by many but no other ready to hand vaginal epithet had the proper rhythm for that sentence I am also not the David Kowalski who is a Grammy and Emmy nominated audio engineer and who also owns the davidkowalskicom domain name One day when I become insanely famous this latter David Kowalski will become a obstacle and will be dealt with accordingly Legally I must remain vague but you are free to read between the lines as you wish Between the line readings are generally not admissable in courtIt's difficult being David Kowalski for countless reasons some of which those of you who know me can well imagine But even those who haven't enjoyed my friendship will probably confirm that Kowalski is a ridiculous name lacking both euphony and dignity It's become something of a punchline as a matter of fact For instance its clumsy ethnic suggestivity is used as a gag in the I Accuse My Parents episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Consider these other emphatically tongue in cheek or unflattering uses of the name in popular culture1 Baby Kowalski was essentially a hairy overweight criminal knucklehead on Ren and Stimpy His appearance is no doubt inspired by the big lug stereotypes of the early 20th century crime movies and certainly also indebted to actual physical bearings of countless of Polish American males across this country My paternal grandfather was not fat or particularly hairy but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't something about Baby Kowalski that inspired a generalized nostalgia2 Kowalski I've heard is a penguin from the animated film Madagascar Now why would a penguin be named Kowalski except for humorous effect? The incongruity of a waddling Arctic bird and a usually lower middle class Polish American is certainly an attempt at humor—whether it succeeds or not is up to the viewer3 Roxanne Kowalski is the title character in the 1980s Steve Martin Daryl Hannah comedy Roxanne In the 1980s Daryl Hannah was considered a beauty An epitomal beauty almost Although I think she was much exciting decades later as Elle Driver in the Kill Bill movies Saddling this pretty young woman with such an ugly name is an Alanis Morissette style attempt at comic irony Get it? She's pretty but her name isn't? Ha4 Recently Clint Eastwood's character Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino made use of other latent implications of the name You see Polish Americans especially of the 'Greatest Generation' and the Baby Boom generation are somewhat notorious for being bigoted assholes who watch over their well tended lawns with the violent blood thirsty malice of barbarian chieftains I realize that this statement would have a lot of broad minded Polacks hot under the collar but—sorry—it's true I live in a Midwestern city with a disproportionately high population of Polish Americans and they hate 'coloreds' and 'Mexicans' like Richard Simmons hates sleeves Of course the urban trend nowadays is that blacks and Hispanics are 'encroaching' their perspective on old Polish neighborhoods and ruining them—making them unsafe and polluted More to the point the darkies don't take care of their lawns Again I am citing the argument not endorsing it Gran Torino captures this dynamic with documentarian accuracy—except with gooks in this case If you scratch the surface of at least three uarters of elderly Polish Americans you'll find a hardcore bigot These aren't the kind of people who will use the word 'nigger' or offer up their narrow mindedness to just anyone—they are a suirrelly lot—but it's there Trust me It's thereOthers5 'Kowalski' is a song by Primal Scream6 Kowalski is the criminal remorseless driver in the 1970s cult film Vanishing Point This is far from reality Most Polish Americans prefer to drive ten miles under the speed limit Traffic laws are too liberal for them7 Kowalski is a Top Gun like pilot in the parody Hot Shots 8 Leon Kowalski is a character in Blade Runner9 And of course the ever boorish Stanley Kowalski from Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire was probably at one time the most famous Kowalski of all But general illiteracy and cultural ignorance have taken care of that I could probably count the number of Stanley Kowalski mentions I've had in my life on one hand—outnumbered now by references to Walt Kowalski and that damned penguinThere are of course but I'm bored with this You probably are too But maybe now you realize how difficult it is for us gynecologists audio engineers and office bound automatons to be David Kowalskis It just lacks the poetic vitality of other names like Heath Ironsteel or Wade Theodore St Cloud III and the neutral simplicity of still other names like John Jones or Dan Dean The ironic thing is that Kowalski is literally the Smith of Polish names In that country it's probably tediously unremarkable But here it's a punchline A stereotype An ugly bit of sound Which is why I'm changing my name to Rodney Lowenstein before I get rich and famous So remember that name Lowenstein Lowenstein

  2. Daniel Daniel says:

    THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD is an alternate history novel that centers around the sinking of the Titanic At the start a time traveler named Wells attempts to stop the well known disaster from occurring He doesn't succeed but he does delay the event by three hours This small change creates massive ramifications that drastically alter the future America is no longer United Hitler is a famous artist and most of the globe is under the rule of either the Japanese or German empires A young man named Joseph Kennedy ancestor of our famous assassinated president having glimpsed the even greater horrors that await this refurbished timeline goes on a uest back in time to fix the rift in history and bring the world back to normalAccording to the acknowledgments it took first time author Kowalski nearly fifteen years to write this novel and it shows The alternate history he constructed is so intricate that it was astonishing I started the novel with giddy amazement ever impressed as I turned the pages I couldn't begin to imagine the detail the thought the mind bending effort it must have taken not just to plot the book but also to establish it firmly in a completely new and believable world I tip my hat to Mr KowalskiSo why the two stars?I read this book on my Kindle and I didn't bother reading any reviews before I bought it The product description alone was enough for me Because Kindles don't list page numbers exactly I didn't know that this book was in its printed form 751 pages long That doesn't really matter to me; if a book is good enough I'll read a thousand pages and gladly Unfortunately the middle five hundred pages or so are a convoluted mess that serve only to delay the entire story Almost nothing important or meaningful occurs in this section Instead Kowalski sets up pointless obstacle after pointless obstacle dragging the plot out until I was tearing my hair out in frustration The cast list also grew and bloated for no good reason One character a gruff n grumpy man named Hardas I assume the name with its missing 's' is meant to be cheekily symbolic actually uestioned his own involvement in the adventure When Hardas argued that he brought nothing helpful to the group's uest he was right Kennedy instead assured him that every group needs its malcontentWhat? No it doesn't Pacing and plotting are critical in a book where characters say things like I need to know what you did with the time machine Plotting this book has in spades but the pacing is perhaps some of the worst I've ever read Every time I thought the story was finally going to go somewhere whoops here's another complication to slow the plot wa a a a a a ay down Great I thought at one point with relief They're finally at the time machine NOW it gets good Nope Let's have another hundred pages where they try to fix the darn thing or fight off sinister outside forces or simply bicker about the rightness of what they're doingI wanted SO MUCH to love this book as it had wowed me so incredibly right out of the gate Kowalski obviously spent an amazing amount of time energy and thought into the research and writing of this story and I respect that deeply But by the time the characters managed to actually do what they'd spent five hundred pages talking about doing I was sick of it all My guess is that Kowalski having spent fifteen years on the book was loathe to chop out even one scene to shorten it down to a semi reasonable length To that I uote Faulker kill your darlings If it's not important if it doesn't move the story along then get rid of it No matter how beautiful your writing is and Kowalski's prose is pretty good if not a little overwritten ahem if you use that writing to meticulously describe a falling row of dominoes that's a hundred miles long you're going to lose a whole lot of readersYou lost me this time Kowalski but based on the talent I saw glimmering underneath that massively constructed iceberg of words I'll still give your next book a try

  3. Christine Christine says:

    It is the maiden voyage of the Titanic and one man aboard knows exactly what is about to happen As he hands the man on watch a pair of unusual binoculars he tells him to keep a close eye out for anything As the warning whistles blow the ship avoids a collision with an iceberg only to hit another one three hours later Three hours which were enough time to change the list of survivors and thereby change the course of historyI really really wanted to like this book The premise of the story sounded so wonderful and some parts of the book were indeed wonderful The rest of the story went into GREAT detail explaining how history had changed and explained the military and political reasons behind the change in eually GREAT detail uite frankly not being up to snuff on mid 20th century American politics this book just lost me in the details I am sure it will appeal to some but left me dry I was tempted to give up on this book many times but just as I was going to put it away the story started to get interesting again I am not put off by books with lots of pages but if I could have had the first 150 pages about 100 in the middle and then the last 100 or so pages I would have enjoyed it much

  4. Rachael Rodgers Rachael Rodgers says:

    This is the best book I’ve read in a long long timeThe premise behind this book lies in the theory of chaos This theory describes how a seemingly inconseuential event can change the way subseuent events evolve In regards to the weather it describes how the flapping of a single butterfly’s wing produces a tiny change to the state the atmosphere causing the atmosphere to diverge from what it would have done otherwise The net effect being that markedly different weather conditions can eventually evolveThe “flutter of butterfly wings” in this book is the presence of a pair of binoculars aboard the Titanic Meticulously researched to ensure each detail is historically correct the ocean liner steams its way towards the iceberg However one character seeks to avert the disaster we know as the sinking of the Titanic with all of its catastrophic loss of life By handing these binoculars to the lookout aboard the Titanic this character causes the world to diverge from its previous path evolving into a world that we would not recognize todayI loved this book True it’s a big read with a complex plot but as you work your way through its 744 pages you come to understand the characters and you appreciate why Kowalski has won numerous awards for his work including the prestigious Golden Aurelus award He seduces you with the sheer beauty of his writing then ruthlessly ties you to the pages with the adventures he relaysI highly recommend this book

  5. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    This is it appears a first novel by a medical doctor I'm not sure that the doctor part comes across in the book but some of the inexperience does As it stands this book has promise It also has terrible pacing and needs fully developed characters to take advantage of the admittedly intriguing ideas he's throwing out there In summary it's unevenNote The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  6. Joanne Joanne says:

    I like playing with the idea of alternative histories like Fatherland In this case the uery is what would have happened if the Titanic hadn't gone down? Or if it had gone down and different people had survived? That's the way the book opens and it's fairly good though the main character uses the F word so much that one of the contemporary passengers asks why he's being so crude but then the book cuts to the present where the Confederacy is still around and the Japanese occupy New York and there it took me until about page 160 to figure out what was going on and then it just devolved into jet fighting and gun battles and double crossing chases all to get people back to some time traveling opportunity and I skipped ahead until the last 100 pages or so in order to pick up the Titanic thread again The book could easily have been about 450 pages shorter

  7. Marleen Marleen says:

    I actually rated this book 45 stars but decided to round it up since it is a fascinating readIt is April 1912 and Jonathan Wells is travelling on the Titanic towards New York Armed with knowledge that he shouldn’t be able to have he is on a mission to save the ship from the Iceberg that would make the ships maiden voyage also her last His action will have shocking results for the world results Wells couldn’t have foreseen and doesn’t live to experienceIn April 2012 a newly build copy of the Titanic is finishing its anniversary voyage to New York under captain Lightholler a descendant of two passengers on the original ship His ship is sailing through a world in which America never entered World War I and is split along a newly established Mason Dickson line and the whole world is divided up between two empires ruled by Japan from the east and Germany from the west In this version of America Joseph Kennedy grand nephew to John F Kennedy is on a mission to restore history to what it should have been Armed with Wells’ journal and the same means of travelling through time Kennedy is determined to save the world from the faith that awaits it as a result of Wells’ well meant but disastrous interventionWhile Kennedy is assembling the team he needs to accomplish his goal he is being pursuit by his military superiors represented by Agent Patricia Malcolm a woman he has a history with With the world on the brink of a massive conflict and nuclear weapons being available to the armies for the first time Kennedy and his team have to stay alive and ahead of their pursuers for long enough to be able to get back to the Titanic and save the world from certain destruction in a uest that may well end up killing Kennedy if not all of themThis is an ambitious and fascinating book David Kowalski has gone all out in creating an alternative world for us and created a place that we can still recognise yet different enough from our reality to make you wonder what if What if America really hadn’t entered World War I what if Hitler had never come to power what if America had not remained the United States what if There are too many what ifs to list them all here and all of them are plausible enough to make you shudderIt takes a while before the reader has a real idea of what is going on in the story Kowalski takes his time introducing the characters and even longer revealing their motivation and with a few characters I still wasn’t sure exactly what they were up to by the time the book had endedThis is a book that is hard to categorize A lot of different genres are integrated into one narrative whole This is an alternative history story with elements that are pure science fiction We find ourselves in the middle of a strategic war story as well as a fast paced thriller with conspiracies thrown in and some romance for good measure The reader is taken from the Titanic to Roswell and back to the Titanic in a story that opens their eyes to the fragility of history The big uestion in this book is whether history develops according to a certain path or whether it is all a matter of chance a uestion I will be pondering for a while yetFor me there were one or two downsides to this novel The military strategizing was way over my head and I found I couldn’t uite visualise the battle scenes I’m convinced though that this is probably a result of my mind set rather than any failing on the author’s part There was one story line that I still couldn’t make complete sense of even after I finished the book one character whose motivation and ultimate goal never became completely clear to meI also feel that Kowalski’s emphasis on action came at the cost of good characterisation Although I did get some feeling for the various personalities in this book there wasn’t a whole lot of depth to themOverall though I have to conclude that this is an original fascinating and almost impossible to put down book While I thoroughly enjoyed this reading experience I think anybody who loves science fiction andor time travel andor alternative histories will adore this book

  8. Christine Christine says:

    At times I found this book a gripping and encompassing read and then other times I just wanted Kowalski to get on with itThe idea of what would happen if the history of the Titantic changed is interesting and I liked the plays with history ideas The pacing could have been slightly better and the sole female character better drawn not been the object of lust for so many men

  9. Stephen Arvidson Stephen Arvidson says:

    We’ve all heard of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ a metaphor in chaos theory wherein a butterfly flaps its wings in Central Park resulting in a devastating hurricane in China—a tiny seemingly inconseuential change in a nonlinear system leading to immense even catastrophic changes of a future state This theory largely drives the debate concerning time travel and provides the stimulus for a great many science fiction stories including The Company of the DeadThe fluttering butterfly wings of this massive tome is a pair of binoculars aboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912 Meticulously researched to ensure historical accuracy debut author David J Kowalski deftly depicts the famous ocean liner as it races toward an ill fated iceberg However a mysterious man from the future seeks to avert the unimaginable disaster by merely handing these binoculars—an artifact from the distant future—to a stationed lookout unaware that this simple action would drastically alter the world as we know it today The Company of the Dead presents an America that is no longer United where WWII never occurred and most of the globe is ruled by either the German or Japanese imperial empires Major Joseph R Kennedy ancestor of President JFK having glimpsed the cataclysmic horrors that await this refurbished timeline embarks on a mission back in time to right the wrong to repair the rift in history and return the world to its rightful timelineKowalski constructs an alternate history so convoluted that David Lynch would take a look at it and be like Dude what the f? It’s no surprise that it took Kowalski fifteen years to write this book With two cups of military sci fi a dash of historical fiction and a sprinkle of romance this multi genre thriller is epic in scope and rich in its ensemble cast of well rounded characters—genuinely likeable for the most part though the larger than life Maj Joseph Kennedy seemed overly sanctimonious at times and so wholly bent on martyrdom that it was disconcerting My favorite characters by far were Darren Morgan and Jonathan Wells and not just because each of them made a hopeless attempt to save a tiny cat whilst aboard the sinking steamship Albeit dense with perhaps a few too many subplots Kowalski's first effort is still uite enjoyable The incredibly short chapters made the book easy to put down at any given moment and resume later The compelling character dialogue is better than most movie scripts and goes a long way to maintaining the reader's interest Would I recommend this title? Sure just so long as you’re not daunted by the book's 750 page thickness and you're willing to commit to it with the understanding that the payoff is almost entirely tucked away in the final 120 or so pages Indeed the pacing is somewhat slow and some middle portions of the book probably could’ve been excisedbut then again it makes reaching the end all the rewarding In short it’s a pretty good yarn Laced with conspiracies and political intrigue profound world building historical figures time travel paradoxes and high octane battles both on the ground and in the air—there’s something in this book for everyone

  10. Nathaniel Gritsman Nathaniel Gritsman says:

    Loved this book to bits It's scope is truly huge As an historical fiction it's both fascinating in its exploration of an alternative and fascinating 20th century as well as presenting the most realized world I've yet to exploreFrom there it segways seamlessly into an amazing thriller with wild action seuences and an exploration of paradox which you'll never see coming at least I didn'tThe book is excellently written brilliantly plotted and I read a blog somewhere that stated the alternate timeline was constructed with the help of a noted 20th century historian which should tell you all you need to know about how interesting this world Company of the Dead drops you into The author manages to sink you into the world exploring it thoroughly without ever resorting to jarring info dumps I read it and it instantly went into my top 10 I'll leave it at that

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The Company of the Dead [Download] ✤ The Company of the Dead By David Kowalski – He could feel it The flutter of butterfly wings that would herald a brighter better world He looked out to the flat calm ocean the moonless night Beyond the ship's illumination the dark waters rose up He could of the MOBI ò feel it The flutter of butterfly wings that would herald a brighter better world He looked out to the flat calm ocean the moonless night Beyond the ship's illumination the dark waters rose up so that he felt as if he and the ship lay at the centre of a vast opaue bowl Then at a distance under the starlight's dim flicker he saw it First a jagged edge then two irregular peaks riding black against the black night The Company PDF \ skyConspiracies linking events as disparate as the sinking of the Titanic and the assassination of JFK have played themselves out in dark and unforeseen waysThe Cold War between Greater Germany and Imperial Japan is drawing to a closeAmerica divided and scarred will be the final battleground in a world distinctly different yet disturbingly familiar to our ownSix people have the means to avert the apocalypseWelcome to the secret history of the th Century.

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