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The Horse Road Kallisto Loves Her Horses She Is An Excellent Horsewoman, As She Has Been Taught All Her Equestrian Skills By Her Nomad Mother One Day She Is Returning From Racing Her Horses When She Sees From A Mountain Pass That The Chinese Army Is Approaching Her City Clearly Planning To Steal Their Horses She Races Back Home To Find A Deserted City And Her Favourite Horse, Swan, Taken By The Chinese, Along With All The Other Horses Kallisto Is Determined To Get The Horses Back For Her City, Including Her Beloved Swan She Bravely Approaches The Chinese General And Challenges His Best Horseman To A Duel Of Horsemanship And Skill If She Wins, She Will Get Swan Back Kallisto Loses She Is Only 13 But The General Is So Impressed By Her Audacity And Bravery That He Gives Her Swan Anyway, On Condition That She Sends Him A Foal Every Year Set In Ferghana, Central Asia, In 102 BC, This Is A Thrilling Tale That Weaves In Real Events The Chinese Did Invade And Besiege Towns To Acquire The Famed And Beautiful Akhal Teke Horses Which Led Eventually To Horses Being Traded For Silk And The Silk Route Being Formed A Fascinating Taste Of Another Culture And Another Time, Couched In A Richly Descriptive And Very Pacy Narrative.

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    A YA or middle grade novel set in Central Asia in the 1stC BC.It s a good horse story and the research about food, clothes, customs etc has been thorough The writer s style though is a little rough and bare Still it s a book horsy youngsters would enjoy with the determined female MC and he...

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    I was pleased with this book From what I can tell, the author took some liberties in her portrayal of women s roles, but I thought she balanced Kalli s proclivities and responsibilities quite well Kalli and Batu s friendship is well handled, leaving this book appealing to a ...

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    This is one of my favourite books I wish that the author had written some horse books.

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    Friends Make Everything BetterDoes Kallisto have to marry the rich man to secure her future Her city bred father thinks so, her mountain tribe mother thinks not.Her mother has been teaching her to train horses, a valued skill in the mountains, but not suitable for flowing gown, flowing hair styles of the city When the city is attacked, Kallisto is out of town, and her fiance helps himself to her entire herd of horses including her special god favored white horse This is legal only in the sense that he can shout loudly at the servants while no one is in charge, and they therefore obey him And its war time, who s going to complain Kallisto complains But she does it in her tribal mountain clothing, not her city clothing, and everyone ignores her.She s going to have to wear her nice clothes to be taken seriously in the city luckily she has a friend who can help her She finds out that she can swa...

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    The horse road by Troon Harison, is a historical fiction book, about a girl who is an excellent horse women The girl Kallisto is the protagonist and she s also a great heroine strong and capable, with just enough humility to make her accessible to the reader and enough determination to get the job done The way the author is telling the story is very interesting, he often hints ideas and facts whithout actually really writing them, so this book made me really think In my opinion this book is worth reading, because it s a great story with quite a lot of hystoric background The friendship between the protagonist and her friend also plays a very important role in this story, since Kalli and Batu s friendship is well handled, leaving this book appealing to a wide age range A good strong heroine in a very difficult situation with some amazing horses.I w...

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    If you enjoy historical fiction, this is a fascinating look at the origin of the silk road and a snapshot of ancient Persia Kali is a great heroine strong and capable, with just enough humility to make her accessible to the reader and enough determination to get the job done And if you like horses, you re in for a treat I m not sure that it would be historically accurate to have a girl d...

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    Troon Harrison s The Horse Road is one of my all time favourite books I loved reading this book and was very happy I found it Although it was short, it was jam packed full of fun and adventure around every turn I enjoyed the history element about Asia The detail of the tribes and the way they were described meant...

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    I love horses but I hate those kitschy, sappy girl horse and a boy stories So, this is none of them It s a serious story about a girl and her horses A story where Kallisto has to fight for her love, everything her life consists of She s a strong character and she would easily pas...

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    I really enjoyed this unique horse story that is a historical fiction More at

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