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Seven Habits of Highly Fulfilled People Presenting Simple Processes That Bring Lasting Fulfillment In All Aspects Of Life, This Book Underscores The Vital Difference Between Success And Significance Drawing Upon The Time Tested Principles Of Wisdom Traditions From All Over The World, The Gifts Presented In This Book Are Devoted To Leaving Something Behind In Order To Enrich One S Existence Illustrating That Where Success Is External, Significance Is Internal, And Where Success Aims To Acquire External Objects, Significance Aims To Harness Inner Qualities, This Book Teaches That Replacing Self Centeredness With Other Centeredness Increases A Person S Contentment In The Community, The Workplace, The Family, And Ultimately The Self Through Stories, Anecdotes, And Powerful Quotes, The Guide Shows That The Key To Abiding Fulfillment Lies In Changing Engrained Mental Models Rather Than Fixing The Outer Environment.

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    Mainly just a re hash of several popular themes and theories regarding self improvement The author tends to fill space with famous quotes and anecdotes, without offering any unique insight into them It would be a decent starter book for those individuals just beginning the road to self awareness.

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