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Oil and Water The Incredible True Story Of Lanier Phillips, The Sole African American Sailor Aboard The USS Truxton, Who Finds An Unexpected Home When A 1944 Shipwreck Grounds Him On The Coast Of Newfoundland A Tale Of Two Cultures, Oil And Water Is A Hopeful And Haunting Legend That Resonates Deeply.

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    25 Oil and Water by Robert ChafeThis play is based on an incident that took place during World War II, when a U.S Navy ship ran aground on the coast of Newfoundland The few black sailors on the segregated ship, the USS Truxton, were servants Only one, Lanier Phillips, survived He was rescued and taken in by a Newfoundland family who had never seen a black man The play is done with two times frames, the incident itself, and the years of the Boston bussing of black children Lanier Phillips daughter, Vonzia, is having a hard time with white kids He shows her his story so that she will not hate all white people The addition of...

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    I can t believe I forgot to review this last year I read it in one sitting, and the friend at whose home I did the reading can attest to the fact that I cried a lot during that sitting And I certainly didn t forget it in fact, I was looking it up here because I m probably going to base one of my courses major projects around it Being both sick and busy at present, I m not going to give this the full review it deserves yet , but I ll copy in the blurb I wrote for a 30 Day Reading Challenge on Facebook, because it covers the basics of how I feel about this poignant piece of dramatic literature Oil and Water is a recent and incredibly beautiful work by a key figure among modern Newfoundland writers Chafe dramatizes the true story of Lanier Phillips, one of the only survivors of a 1942 shipwreck on the Burin Peninsula Phillips was the first black man ever encountered by the locals who rescued him A review of the show from 2012 summarizes how this story brings out the humanity in a small Newfoundland town the selflessness and tolerance shown by the residents of St Lawrence But one can t reduce any of this play to black and white pun intended, I guess we catch a glimpse of the difficult, dangerous lives of St Lawrence miners we hear Phillips, much later and living to the U.S., trying to communicate their example of kindness to his daughter, a victim of hate crime I m not doing it any kind of justice, so yo...

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