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    UGH I did not know that this was religious fiction, going into it By the time I figured it out which wasn t too long all the characters have the same language about God and Him and churchiness I wanted to know what happened in the end so I skimmed it For that I give it 2 stars I was so disappointed that it is as religious as it is I mean, why ruin a decent story It s one thing if religion is specific to a character If that s who they are, fine Details like that add to dimension and can make them seem real But if all the characters have the same viewpoint, then it feels like the author s opinion, not the characters Very distracting from the story And that is NOT the point of literature, in my view I want to escape, not be preached at I want the characters to appear lifelike, not puppets As for the writing, there was a lot of unnecessary dialogue didn t show character, move the story forward, or create tension The relationships were all so so, not very well drawn There weren t any characters that I enjoyed spending time with I just don t get why this book has such great reviews I suppose it s meant for Christians who want to read something that they know will be safe Iffy writing and heavy handed Christianity Not my cup of tea.

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    As a whole, this was a good story, I liked the characters especially in 1912 and I liked the concept of figuring out the history of the wedding dress but somewhere along the line, I think this book suffers from a little bit from identity crisis It cannot figure out if it wants to be a mystery, a contemporary romance, a historical romance, a Christian fiction, a supernatural fantasy, or commentary on social inequality It felt like too many cooks adding an ingredient to the pot and you turn out with something where the flavors do not mesh well.When the story begins, the reader has two primary characters present day bridal shop owner and a 1912 bride The narration point of view jumps between the two character I liked that part well enough, but then for we jump into the would be groom s point of view huh Where did that come from The one thing I didn t like was the reader learns the end of the 1912 story before the characters in 1912 learn the ending to their own story For me at least, that spoiled the ending of the book.

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    First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.I was blown away by this beautiful, awe inspiring tale of one dress that spans and impacts the lives of four special women The Wedding Dress revolves around Charlotte Malone and her discovery of the dress within an old, beaten trunk and the path down memory lane that it took her on.While Charlotte was the main character this story revolved around, there were a lot of other central characters as well And while one might think that this would get confusing, Rachel Hauck did an outstanding job in making each person unique and stand out to the reader I just loved the funny quirks some of them had Especially the Man in Purple character Put me in mind of all those sayings about angels in our midst I can t say who my favorite character was, or who I bonded with the most the entire cast was so memorable I ve never read anything by Hauck before, so wasn t sure what to expect from the author when beginning The Wedding Dress But she won me over almost instantly The way she transports her readers between historical and contemporary times was really neat, unique, and well done.The writing style was sharp and vivid, grabbing my attention from the first page There were several passionate kisses between characters, but Hauck keeps the details down, making The Wedding Dress a book to be recommended for both older and younger readers anyone who is a true romantic at heart will be heaving sighs and wiping tears by the end I highly recommend

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    Wow,this book was mystical,magical,sweet,sassy,spunky,redeeming and it felt like fairy dust was sprinkled within the pages I absolutely loved it

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    3.5 stars What if one wedding dress found its way to four different women over a hundred year period How would it get to them What kind of women would they be How would their love stories end Is it possible for the dress to fit them all Rachel Hauck provides a modern day Christian romance that made me believe in the magic of this story A totally endearing story from beginning to end.

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    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, this book This is officially one of my all time favorite books Full review here

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    While I did like this underlying premise of the book..any enjoyment was outweighed by the author s amazing ability to include two major race tropes while only haveing ONE character of color There is the whole magical negro trope represented by Taffy, the black dress maker She appears, makes this magical dress of which the entire novel is centered that transends time, and of course imparts her wisdom on Emily about the courage she is going to need to make the right decision as to which person to marry Then becasue apparently no novel set the south can be without this element there is the great white savior trope OF COURSE the author had to mention serveral times how Emily fought for the rights of the convict workers and how brave she was for being the first white women to wear a wedding dress made by a person of color, with no mention of the danger or sacrifice of Taffy Its always about how revoluntionary white people are when it comes to race issues sigh I laughed when i saw this novel classified as historial fiction By the time I read that Emily was arrested for breaking Jim Crow laws but Taffy got away without punishment in 1912, i had already made up my mind this book should stay firmly on the purely fiction shelf.

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    My own fault for buying this book without double checking the genre I have to be in the mood to read Christian romance Most of it doesn t float my boat at all This one was distracting with the asides to prayers and seeking out God It didn t feel organic to the story at all Coupled with two boring characters with the same voice I was not in the mood to continue the book.The characters I read were Charlotte present day character and Emily living in 1912 taking place in Birmingham I think that if the story had managed to flow between the present and past much better I could have stayed engaged Instead everytime the story shifted I felt like I was hitting a mental brick wall and it would take me forever to get back into the story I finally just gave up at page 72 and moved onto another book.

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    The Wedding Dress belongs in a league completely its own, with a tapestry of love stories that will, as the cover endorsement so perfectly stated leave you breathless I was easily impressed with this novel Four women Four generations Four love stories One dress The story has a tinge of the ethereal, but what s the point of fiction if you can t enjoy the chance to make a story capture the light of the impossible With four stories to weave into one, I thought parts of the plot would feel lacking, but quite the contrary I wanted to spend time with these characters, but not because I felt I needed to know them better, but because they become a close part of my life in such a short time I loved the little quirks of dialogue, character depth and portrayal and the seamless weaving of all these stories as though one large and gorgeous tapestry Being a hopeless romantic, the thought of one dress, always fitting the bride with no altering left me just a bit light in the chest But it was the stories of these woman that moved my heart I can t explain it much beyond that, because there was so much to love about this book But the story trumps all The Wedding Dress holds a promise, both the dress and the novel And one that will find a most fitting place on my keeper shelf No altering required This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers through Litfuse for my copy to review.

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    I blame myself for this one I jumped into this because I saw it was on sale for the Nook, checked Goodreads and the rating was fairly high, and thought the plot looked interesting If I had researched a bit , I would have probably discovered that this was VERY religious in nature and wasn t at all the historical fiction that I thought it was going to be This read like a Duggar wrote it and I don t mean that in a good way at all I m not against Christian novels when they are presented that way and when the plot stands on its own example I love the Mitford series , but this book was all about weak women trying to find the right guy Boo Well, got my worst book of the year taken care of early, I guess

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