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The New Guide to Cat Care (Practical Handbooks (Lorenz)) A Comprehensive And Expert Manual To Caring For Your Cat, With Step By Step Photographic Demonstrations On Everything From Grooming To Breeding This Book Includes Guidelines On Choosing The Right Cat For Your Home Environment, Routine Care, And Even Essential First Aid.

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    A few weeks ago I found a blissfully ignorant cat with a broken back leg and the other foot filled with blood, from overuse On a trip to visit him at the vet, I picked up this book to keep up Despite a lifetime of petting strays, I apparently knew very little about owning a catFor years, people thought domestic cats hailed from the European Wild Cat, which isn t friendly, when later studies show it has heritage with the African variety, which is This apparently explains why a cat which came from the desert manages water so well, although not so well as to avoid regular kidney problems if hand fed by man.Leopards are their own separate genus because they are the only ones who can roar This almost doesn t make sense Although I now understand why the growling leopard in Romania sounded so ominous Does the Bengal cat, a leopard cross, have the same sound Unlike dogs, which were domesticated 50,000 years ago, cats have only been domesticated 5,000 to 8,000 years ago, probably as pest control, for crops, became necessary On the death of a family cat, ancient Egyptian families would shave off their eyebrows This explains why L...

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