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All Work and No Play ✴ All Work and No Play Epub ✷ Author Lincoln Peirce – Big Nate is big news Big Nate books have sold than 45 million copies and been on the New York Times best seller list for than a yearEnjoy than two years of Sunday cartoons portraying the colorful lif Big Nate is big and No Kindle Ï news Big Nate books have sold than million copies and been on the New York Times best seller list for than a yearEnjoy than two years of Sunday cartoons portraying the colorful life of Nate Wright This spunky eleven year All Work PDF/EPUB ² old holds the school record for detentions and is in little chance of losing that distinction but that doesn't stop him from dreaming bigHe's a self described genius a sixth grade renaissance man and a full fledged believer in his future as a cartoonist Euipped Work and No Epub Ù with a No pencil and the unshakable belief that he is No Nate fights a daily battle against overzealous teachers undercooked cafeteria food and all around conventionality.

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • All Work and No Play
  • Lincoln Peirce
  • English
  • 01 December 2016
  • 9781449425678

About the Author: Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce is a and No Kindle Ï cartoon artist from Portland Maine He lives with his wife and two children and occasionally gives lectures to students about cartoon creating Peirce writes the comic strip Big Nate Peirce's comic strip Big Nate is featured as an island on All Work PDF/EPUB ² the famous children's website Poptropica Big Nate appears as the first cartoon on The Maine Sunday Telegram in the comics section.

10 thoughts on “All Work and No Play

  1. Adriana Adriana says:

    Very hit and miss when it comes to the comic elements but I admit I came in expecting something with Calvin Hobbes like humor and this is nothing like thatI did laugh a couple of times and the art works well with the type of comic strip it tells so it might just be that it's not my thing

  2. Raina Raina says:

    I was aware of this franchise well before I read one of the books Kids in my library were reading them voraciously at least for a season And I still get asked for them regularlyAnd yeah I definitely had a bias against them in my head a copycat of the DOAWK phenom popular with the kids but generally eye rolley This is a collection of 3 row full color Sunday strips They don't have a steady narrative or anything they're just slices of Big Nate's lifeHappily I was surprised at the poignancy of some of these anecdotesThe one that compelled me to grab a sticky note and mark it was page 96 where Big Nate handles Mother's Day in a single dad householdThis reminds me of Jimmy Gownley's stuff as far as the depiction of single parent households goes I also like the drawing as empowerment elements Good things So yeah I'm fairly won over

  3. Annice22 Annice22 says:

    I love reading all the comic strips This was really funny Nate just can't seem to stay out of trouble either at school or at home

  4. Danny Figenshu Danny Figenshu says:

    GoodGood good good goooooood h g d s a w R f r f f R d f t g

  5. Mia Del Turco Mia Del Turco says:

    So funny I love reading big nate comics in my spare time

  6. Gary Vassallo Gary Vassallo says:

    A funny and at times hilarious collection of Big Nate comic strips A uick enjoyable read Highly recommended

  7. Jaime Ramos Jaime Ramos says:

    its a great book and what i want to tell the author is that to make for big nate books

  8. steve stack steve stack says:

    Amazing bookAmazing comics with lots of laughs It is not a story but has lots of comics Great for ages 8 12

  9. Pun Pun says:

    Great book Absolutely Hilarious with jokes all the way A great way for me to relax after all those big heavy book P

  10. Slow Man Slow Man says:

    This format of a book is hard to hold therefore the reading experience has been affected And I don't really fancy the black and white hand drawn comic strips within the coloured strip Other than that he's still got it

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