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  1. Rose Rose says:

    Summertime Blues is the second book in the popular Lou series by Julien Neel This was a wonderful story that had Lou and her mother traveling to Memaw's place to spend the summer away from the city Both Lou and her mother aren't too happy about it since it's in the countryside and supposed to be one of the most boring towns ever But while staying in Memaw's house Lou's Mom keeps in touch with Patrick while Lou is down in the dumps from only getting a single undesirable postcard from her crush Tristan Luckily she finds friendship with another boy named Paul in town and that gives Lou some incredible experiences for the summer that are sweet and humorousSummertime Blues has some of the same laugh out loud humor as the first book and I loved the development of the relationship between the characters It was great to see some of the recurring characters Mina Patrick Tristan Memaw the cat whose name changes every week along with some of the newer characters Paul Memaw's next door neighboor etc The artwork is colorful and vibrant and I love the design of the characters I think this is a wonderful series for kidsteens to pick up and something that I think adults can enjoy as well Wonderfully illustrated and narrated Lou is definitely an awesome teen for new readers to followOverall score 55Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Learner Publishing GroupGraphic Universe

  2. Sadie-jane (Say-dee-Jane) Nunis Sadie-jane (Say-dee-Jane) Nunis says:

    I do uite like this series No idea age group spot on remark by another reviewer who felt the same

  3. Richard Joya Richard Joya says:

    Much like other reviewers it is hard to figure out which age group this series is aimed at I feel like it people the mothers age can connect with it rather than Lou who I believe is ten I was expecting the grandmother to be the villain of the series I was happy to see that this was not the case The mother grandmother and Lou may not see eye to eye deep down they do care for each other They even have a tearful hug it out session The grandmother soon became my favorite character and I loved how she ended up supporting the mother

  4. Lena Lena says:

    This book is super cute funny and real I liked it even better than book 1 Lou is a wonderful funny strong heroine Her friendship with Brian was my favorite thing about this book He's such a dreamer the perfect friend for practical Lou Her mom is as always a flake And time with Memaw still the best character such a grump but with a heart of gold

  5. Naomi Ruth Naomi Ruth says:

    This was fun I had lost track of this series I read the first one ages ago but now I want to see if there are of them and get caught up

  6. Ella Ella says:

    I enjoyed it I loved the book as a difference to the first one I liked how they added Paul

  7. Jo Jo says:

    More of the same but this time Lou and her mom are missing there boyfriends Louis still zany and cute her mom is still emotional and childlike They are at Lou's grumpy grandmothers for the summer So there is plenty of Mom and daughter argumentsOh Lou meets this boy Paul Who is obsessed with Polynesia He wears a Lava Lava plays the Uke and paints Polynesian themed paintings Ha ha Yea uick little read again great for middle graders

  8. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Summertime Blues the second book in the Lou series picks up right where Secret Diary left off Abandoned by their respective love interests Lou and her mother pack up and head to the country to stay with Memaw Memaw is difficult as always but they make the best of their situation While her mother reconnects with a high school classmate Lou befriends a ukulele strumming “boy in a skirt” named PaulWhile I don’t think Summertime Blues is as strong as Secret Diary both books share a lot of positive ualities The relationship between Lou and her mom continues to be one of the best I’ve read in tween fiction Lou’s mom is a flawed human being through and through which makes her not just endearing but also true to life She doesn’t have all the answers but like Lorelei Gil on The Gil Girls a TV series of which I was freuently reminded as I read this book she would do anything for her daughter I also liked the tension introduced by a whole summer at Memaw’s house The conflicts between Lou’s mother and Memaw and between Lou and her own mother provided lots of great opportunities for character development and plenty of laughs as wellI also enjoyed the character of Paul He’s definitely a uniue personality and very different from the typical crushes introduced in other tween fiction I love that he plays the ukulele and that he and Lou bond over music I also thought Lou’s progression toward getting over Tristan’s abrupt departure at the end of book one was well executed She doesn’t snap out of it too uickly but also learns that wallowing alone in her grandmother’s house isn’t the most productive way to liveThis series is great for reluctant readers The books are short and funny and kids will undoubtedly see much of their own lives reflected in Lou’s trials and tribulations This second book develops further many of the plot lines introduced in book one and the reader gets to learn even about the characters’ histories and personalities

  9. Holly Letson Holly Letson says:

    With this second volume we are welcomed back into the life of the wonderfully easy to relate to child Lou and her mother In this volume they are both heartbroken since the objects of their affections are far from them and bummed since they have to spend the Summer at the evil MeMaw's house MeMaw is everything a child could possibly hate especially having brussel sprout as part of each and every meal She's also everything a grown woman and mother could hate especially having your mother try to fix you up with that dork that hated you in high school and teased you incessantly But Lou and her mother find ways to deal Lou becomes friends with a new boy Paul who dreams of island life and is always singing Hawaiian songs Her mother drowns herself in alcohol Funny thing about the mother's alcohol addiction is that she comes home one night going on and on about how much she loves her mother MeMaw joins in saying she loves her as well and soon they are happy and hugging The next day before they leave MeMaw tells her how much she likes that talk about how they all love each other and apologizes for always being so mean

  10. Courtney Courtney says:

    The further adventures of Lou view spoiler First after a whole year of dancing around each other Richard finally tells Lou's Mom that he loves her over the phone This is of course right after he leaves to work at a summer camp that will keep them separated for the entire summer hide spoiler

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