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  • Paperback
  • 303 pages
  • Blue Diary
  • Alice Hoffman
  • 10 November 2019
  • 9780099437758

About the Author: Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The World That We Knew, The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston.

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    Ethan Ford a handyman, kids baseball coach, and volunteer fireman is a town hero After 13 years of marriage he s still deeply in love with his wife Jorie and a good dad to his son Collie Then one morning Ethan is arrested for the rape and murder of a young girl fifteen years ago Jorie and Collie are devastated and the townsfolk can hardly take it in, believing a terrible mistake has occurred However Ethan pleads guilty to the crime, asserting that he s a different man now In one way he is, having acquired a new identity Collie is distraught and becomes completely withdrawn while Jorie torments herself trying to figure out how Ethan could have done such a thing In flashbacks we learn that Ethan was a truly despicable youth who after he committed the murder instantaneously transformed himself into a good, caring man Other characters in the novel include Jorie s best friend Charlotte, who is suffering from cancer Jorie s mother and sister who try to support her in this time of crisis and Kat an insightful young friend of Collie s There are also lawyers who advise defend Ethan, and townspeople who form an Ethan support group to raise money for his defense This g...

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    I read the Kindle edition of this book, and there were so many typos misprints that I almost didn t finish reading it Overall, though, the story itself was pretty good This was my first Alice Hoffman book but definitely not my last

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    I didn t finish this book Ms Hoffman failed to make me care enough about the characters, with the possible exception of Kat, to want to continue past page 116 Yes, I gave it a few extra pages beyond my 100 page limit because I wanted to like this book Alice Hoffman is an author highly recommended by many friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed another of her novels, The Probable Future This novel, though, irritated the fluff out of me with the 3rd person omniscient POV written in the present tense I much preferred the 1st person narrative through Kat s eyes Sadly, there was too much the curtain wafts in the gentle breeze Ethan looks at his wife in the sunlight and marvels at her beauty and not enough Kat When the style of narrative annoys the fire out of me, it s a sure sign t...

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    Can someone commit a terrible crime and then completely change themselves for the better If that person has changed and now lives an exemplary life, are they still responsible for that crime even though they are no longer the same person This is the question posed in Blue Diary Ethan Ford is THE perfect husband and father or is he The secret he has kept from his wife for 15 years comes back to haunt him and the whole town is drawn into the ensuing chaos I thought the premis...

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    I didn t hate it but I did skim most of it and couldn t wait to finish and move onbut at least I finished it The characters are too perfect or either too perfectly flawed They are boring and unbelievable than endearing and sympathetic The author takes too much time making everything perfecteven the dang strawberries grown by Jorie are the best and sweetest in the world Give me a break The story is about Ethan Ford the most perfect man on earth through the first 30 pages who is accused of committing a horrific crime 15 years ago He now has a perfect wife and perfect son who know nothing a...

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    Unrealistic plot..Rapist Murderer turns into Perfect Husband Father Fireman Hero..no explanation as to why or how this occurred Disjointed characters briefly interact as they come to terms with their disillusion I kept waiting for someone to get to the heart of the matterto know about Ethan and how why he transformed himself, but instead got inner dialogue of his devastated wife, teen...

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    Alice Hoffman s books can be kind of depressing, but you almost don t mind because they re so beautifully written The first chapter describes the idyllic perfection of the life Ethan and Jorie Ford lead along with their son Collie Everything is wonderful, Ethan is a perfect, gorgeous, hardworking man and Jorie is a perfect, gorgeous, lovely wife Collie is perfect, gorgeous, and happy They live in a small, Massachusetts town and everybody loves them Then, everything falls apart Ethan is accused of a murder committed 15 years prior when he was a different person The family and the townspeople have to decide whether to stand by Ethan or turn their backs on him Those who love him most may be the ones who feel most betrayed I found it difficult to believe that the kind of man who would commit the crime that was described could possibly have changed so much as to become who Ethan was at the beginning of the book, which, frankly, is what the other characters are having a hard time believing as well However, I still don t buy how that kind of act can hold up for such a long period of time without reversion to past behaviors Unfortunately, Ethan himself does not play a large part in the book We are not really privy to how he was able to make these changes It seems he just woke up one day wanting to be a better man and then he was This is not a story of redemption, it s about forgiveness and whether one can find that in him or h...

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    I like Alice Hoffman, but this wasn t my favorite And it wasn t really a great listen I feel like this is a story that I could have told while gossiping at the train station getting my cup of coffee So, did you hear about the Fords Well, apparently Ethan and that s not even his real name murdered and raped a girl 15 years ago in Maryland And you ll never guess who turned them in The next door neighbor s girl Kat, who is best friend s with the Ford s son I know So, now Ethan, or whatever his real name is, has been arrested and his wife barely comes to visit him and the son doesn t want to talk to him Well, the town is rallying in support because Ethan has done such good deeds around here Yea, I guess he was trying to turn over a new leaf by changing his name and not raping and killing people any You know how it ...

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    This was a good book, not the quality book that is life altering or really touches your soul, but a good solid book nonetheless The book centers around earth shattering truths revealed to a woman about her husband Its a bit unsettling to think about how quickly life can change Equally as upsetting is how little you may know someone you think you know and love Imagine you found out your husband had committed a horrible crime, onl...

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    Hoffman s novel Blue Diary takes place in a small rural village where life seems perfect at least for one family A wife whose beauty is envied by angels themselves, with a husband that all women secretly glance at when they think he s not paying attention and lastly, a cherubic son who creates an entire new meaning for the word innocence But due to the hands of fate, their life shatters like broken glass when the husband, Ethan Ford s past life is exposed The skill with which Alice Hoffman brought the characters to life in front of my very eyes is evident and deserves great respect I, as a reader, could not put down the book.This read does not come with flaws however, and one of them is the unanswered questions left floating, lost in my head Usually, one inquires for information about another s past, especially if they are in a relationship However, with Jorie completely surprised and devastated about the news of Ethan s past, it s safe to assume she had limited to no prior knowledge The reason for that, though, is not addressed in the book.What interested me the most was figuring out if Ethan truly threw away his past life for a new one, or if he was merely playing Jorie like all the other women Details such as here it was at last, in the place where he d least expected to find itTrue love had appeared in front of him Blue Diary, 71 ascertains my convictions of his love for Jorie, yet the actions he commits later on propels me back into the fog of doubt.Overall, Blue Di...

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