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Give Them Christ Much Preaching Today Begins With The Hearer S Felt Needs And Then Moves To How Christianity Can Solve Those Problems But This Approach Often Results In Trite Christologies That Merely Use Jesus As A Means To An End Or A Vehicle For Self Improvement While Preachers Might Not Dispense With Christ Altogether, Other Things Subtly Take Center Stage And Become Important Than Christ Himself.Pastoral Theologian Stephen Seamands Issues A Stirring Call To Rediscover The Centrality Of Christ In Preaching Deftly Blending Doctrine And Praxis, He Revitalizes Preaching By Focusing On Five Key Dimensions Of Jesus Work His Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension And Return Seamands Highlights How Preaching Christ Crucified And Risen Speaks Profoundly To The Deepest Dimensions Of Human Existence Addressing Both The What And The So What, This Exposition Helps Church Leaders Declare Afresh That Christ Alone Is Supremely Sufficient For Christian Faith And Practice.Pastors And Preachers Will Find Here Significant Resources For Their Churches Worship, Life Together And Mission In The World Become Captivated Once Again By The Glory Of Christ, And Find Yourself Compelled To Proclaim His Work Anew.

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    Seamands title comes from his contention that the diet of preaching in so many churches is addressed to felt needs and solving problems and week in what fundamentally makes one Christian that is Christ Himself And so Seamands sets himself to exploring how the Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, and Return of Jesus bear on the lived experience of Christians And so he not only exposits these doctrines but explores the implications of these truths for our lives I most appreciated his discussion of the resurrection and ascension, which went far beyond the Jesus lives and so shall we nostrums we typically hear He explores how the resurrection in fact means the renewal of all creation, the Lordship of Jesus over all this creation, and the vindication of his righteousness He also, in the chapter on the ascension, explores the widespread use of Psalm 110 1 in the New Testament, that Christ has been exalted to God s right hand, that we are raised up even now with him, and that it is the Incarnate Christ who is at this right hand, ever interceding for us as true Son of God and Man.Seamands concludes with a challenge related to his thou...

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    Loved this book

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    In my observation, much of preaching today either focuses on digging into a certain passage in order to communicate what that passage was saying, and now says to us today, or topical preaching designed to give helpful hints to people on how to live their lives as a believer in God and a follower of Jesus Lately, preachers have rejected a rich tradition of theological preaching Give Them Christ is a corrective to this error, calling pastors to a kerygmatic model of preaching.As I was reading at this book, I was also teaching through the Heidelberg Catechism The Heidelberg, like many other Reformed Catechisms, makes an effort to teach through the Apostle s Creed Thus, as I read this book I found insight on not just what the Apostle s Creed was saying, but how to preach what is happening in the Apostle s Creed to a congregation who needs theological depth I plan on resourcing this book next year during the Advent Christmas Epiphany cycle and the Lent Easter Ascension Pentecost cycle of the Christian year It will remind me of insights I have gained, and will infuse my preaching with theological depth.For those seeking something technical, this is not it What Seamands does offer in this book is some time tested ways of commun...

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    Excellent resource For my full review, go to

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    Not exactly what I had in mind but it was good.

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    Great call to the importance of preaching Christ He is still the answerfor the world todY.