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ueen of Abaddon The Chosen Soul #3 ❰Epub❯ ➛ ueen of Abaddon The Chosen Soul #3 Author Heather Killough-Walden – Thomashillier.co.uk Raven shoved herself to her feet pulling from willpower she didn’t know she had to scramble to the railing that overlooked the remainder of the library seven floors below Drake of Tanith stood at th Raven shoved herself Abaddon The MOBI õ to her feet pulling from willpower she didn’t know she had to scramble to the railing that overlooked the remainder of ueen of ePUB ½ the library seven floors below Drake of Tanith stood at the base of the stairs looking up The gray marble flooring at his feet appeared of Abaddon The PDF ↠ to have been scorched; a black scar of searing evidence radiated out from his boots in a star pattern The smell of smoke filled the of Abaddon The Chosen Soul Kindle - air An angry magic formed wind ripped through his hair and tore through his cloak and yet he remained unmoving a statue of absolutely beautiful darkness with glowing eyes Those eyes imprisoned hers Time stopped In that new stillness he held her fast and slowly began to climb the stairs a predator stalking skittish prey The rest of Abaddon The Chosen Soul Kindle - of the world fell away and they were alone “Raven” he said His voice was that of the king of Abaddon now and echoed with the power of his title It was the embodiment of promise and need that duo that tore down a strong person’s last defenses to lay them out for the slaughter His glowing eyes flashed his gaze intensifying as stark shadows claimed his face and his look became hungry “I know you think you have to run from me” Another step smooth and slow “You believe there to be no other way” 'There isn’t' she thought 'I have to I have to do something' “But some things were meant to be” She could almost feel him upon her his heat his strength She could smell the leather of his armor and the scent of smoke was stronger now And something else – magic It was the aroma of dark magic like black diamonds crushed into wine So close There was the faintest hint of a smile curling the corners of his sensuous lips “You can’t change fate” He shook his head just once “And fate decided on us long long ago”.

10 thoughts on “ueen of Abaddon The Chosen Soul #3

  1. Amy Amy says:

    October is too far away for a release date Not cool

  2. Belkis Belkis says:

    Great ending to an awesome trilogy HKW never disappoints and this last book for The Chosen Soul was excruciatingly awaited but it was worth the wait

  3. Marjolijn Marjolijn says:

    seriously awesome Finnish of a really cool series love all of Heather 's work it has all the good parts romance fun and witty action packed all and all really awesome

  4. Christina Michelle Cary Christina Michelle Cary says:

    Loved the devil of a seriesI loved this entire series The twists and turns in the story of Raven and Drake kept me coming back for All of the characters grew into their own in these books

  5. Jeannine Widing Jeannine Widing says:

    Messmerizing A favorite series for me Every chapter was total captive entertainment Loved the feel good ending When characters start out as what seems just ordinary regular people but develop into so much is heart lifting

  6. Slyist1 Slyist1 says:

    Dark but i still enjoyed it

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    I love this genre and Heather's writing style has always been appealing to me I think I've read most of her workI enjoyed the feel of the last in this trilogy the changing between locations using the portals; the depth of feeling that Raven can't deny for Drake He's a powerful chapDevil But then again so is Raven which is what we get of in this book I liked getting in her head a bit We get her struggles and her turmoil and see her interaction with fellow characters and the effect of that on her tooI was a bit 'will shewon't she' with the finale but I was pleased with the eventual outcome and there was a bit of 'oh yeah' going on thereI think I might just go back and re read the trilogy again You know just so I get the flow of all three ;Ms Killough Walden you've done it again Thank you very much

  8. Nereid Nereid says:

    I have been a huge fan of Heather's book for what seems like forever and I enjoyed the conclusion to this series I did re read the first two books to refresh my memory as it had been awhile since they were released Was it exactly what I thought it would be well no as there were times that it was a bit slow and drawn out but then the pace uickened and I was engaged once again Raven and Drake were a captivating pair and obviously opposites do attract and sometimes the chemistry between them seemed like such a tangible thing Despite the pitfalls of being the Chosen Soul Raven was instantly drawn to Drake who only looked out for himself before but she turned out to be his Kryptonite There were a few surprises along the way and Raven made the only choice that she could live with Although the ending was no real surprise I was still happy that it ended the way it did

  9. Angarad Angarad says:

    I have been waiting for this book forever and I am a bit turned I enjoyed finally getting the end of this epic story but I guess I was expecting as you always do when you wait a long time for a seuel In this last installment Raven finally fulfills her destiny and saves the world and her king This book was of and an adventure and a uest than the first two book less story action which I guess is why I didn't like it as much Drake is the Lord of Hell evil than he feared and willing to do anything to get his ueen back This is a race against time and against one another And what a spectacular ending Totally worth the wait

  10. Anita Brunson Anita Brunson says:

    The Best Book in the seriesI love Heather Kilough Walden Books I love the fact their is always a strong female and strong male characters This series to me is about lovemagicpassionfriendsfamilyand good and evil This series draws you in and then hold you there before letting you back up for air while pulling you back in for another round of the sameHeather Kilough Walden's writing is so imaginative that when you are reading her words you can see her characters play out in your mind If you have not read this series yetyou are missing out on the wonderful world that comes from an excellent author

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