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What About God? WHAT ABOUT GOD Insightful And Controversial, What About God Is An Engaging Look Into One S Personal Understanding Of Faith And God.In This Stirring Account Of Man S Spiritual And Physical History, G Creighton Bradshaw Unravels The Mysteries Of Man S Past And Reveals The Truths Surrounding Man S Relationship With God And Jesus Contained Within The Pages Of This Well Researched Text Are The Answers To Some Of The Most Perplexing Questions To Ever Befall Mankind Questions Such As Who And What Is God Is Satan Real And Are There Fallen Angels What Are Man S Origins Was Man Created In God S Image Does The Holy Bible Contain The True Word Of God Is Man Alone In The Universe What About God Is A Ground Breaking Piece Of Literature That Confronts The Very Tenants Of Human Religious Thought And Offers A Fascinating New Perspective On Man S Eternal Quest For Spiritual Enlightenment.

About the Author: G. Creighton Bradshaw

G Creighton Bradshaw will be a guest on Late Night in the Midlands Friday May 4th at 9 30PM Eastern Standard Time Go to and click on a link to listen G Creighton Bradshaw was recently interviewed on Coast to Coast AM withGeorge Noory The 3 hour interview and call in show had an overwhelmingpositive review and was entitled, God, Hell Souls.You can listen to this interview by clicking on the following link t forget to visit his website sign up andbecome an Astronaut Born and raised in the Stampede City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, G Creighton Bradshaw is a proud Canadian who is as passionate about his football as he is about his country He attended the University of Calgary in the 1980 s and attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History as well as a Bachelor s degree in Education His quest for spiritual enlightenment began at a very young age and extended throughout his teens into adulthood Around the time that he began his professional teaching career he came upon the writings of James E Padgett Padgett s writings proved to be an epiphany, for they provided him with acomprehensible and expansive picture of Man s spiritual realm The added insight that he attained from Padgett s writings enabled him to formulate a credible and engaging perspective on Man s physical and spiritual history Taking this vision to its fullest extent, G Creighton Bradshaw took it upon himself to write a groundbreaking piece of literature that boldly confronts the very tenets of human religious thought In writing What About God G Creighton Bradshaw has penned an insightful and controversial text that offers the reader a fascinating new perspective on Man s eternal quest for spiritual enlightenment.

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