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Brumbys Run [PDF / Epub] ★ Brumbys Run By Jennifer Scoullar – How do you choose between a long lost sister and the man who’s stolen your heart Set among the hauntingly beautiful ghost gums and wild horses of the high country Brumby’s Run is a heartfelt roman How do you choose between a long lost sister and the man who’s stolen your heart Set among the hauntingly beautiful ghost gums and wild horses of the high country Brumby’s Run is a heartfelt romantic novel about families and secrets love and envy and most especially the bonds of sisterhood Samantha Carmichael’s world is turned on its head when she learns that she’s adopted – and that she has a twin sister Charlie who is critically illWhile Charlie recovers in hospital Sam offers to look after Brumby’s Run her sister’s home high in the Victorian Alps Within days city girl Sam finds herself breaking brumbies and running cattle with the help of handsome neighbour Drew Chandler her sister’s erstwhile boyfriendA daunting challenge soon becomes a wholehearted tree change as Sam begins to fall in love with Brumby’s Run – and with Drew But what will happen when Charlie returns to claim what is rightfully hers.

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  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    With Summer only a week away Samantha Carmichael was pleased to have her eighteenth birthday and her year twelve exams behind her Sam's dad has been overseas for the last few years which gave Sam and her mum Faith plenty of time alone together although there were times when they didn't always get on with one anotherSam had just returned back home after taking her big and beautiful chestnut horse Pharaoh for a ride when she heard her mum Faith calling out to her Faith wanted Sam to get cleaned up and take her out for lunch as there was something she needed to talk to her about Sam could tell straight away that her mother had been crying and found this to be most unusual Over lunch Faith told Sam that she was adopted and Sam couldn't believe what she was hearing At the beginning she thought it must be a misunderstanding but if that news hadn't come as a big enough shock Sam then discovered that she was a twinHaving so much to process in a short amount of time leaves Sam with so many uestions but it doesn't stop there as she learns her twin Charlie is very sick in hospital With no time to waste Sam heads to the hospital and there she is met by not only her twin sister but her birth mother Mary as well After spending a few weeks at the hospital Sam decides the one thing she could do to help out Mary and Charlie was to spend time at their property at Brumby's Run Knowing they had been away for a while Sam knew there would be things that would need attending to It is here that Sam meets neighbor Drew Chandler Sam finds Drew to be a great help whilst she is finding her feet around the property Sam loves her time at Brumby's Run and being amongst the horses she feels right at home But of course this wasn't her home as such and depending on how well she gets along with Charlie it may or may not be a place she calls home I LOVED everything about this book Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar is a fabulous and very talented writer Her descriptions throughout this book is what makes this story actually come alive especially the description of the horses and the landscape Brumby's Run is a really enjoyable read which I have no hesitation in recommending highly to anyone who loves a good read

  2. MaryG2E MaryG2E says:

    25★sSamantha Sam Carmichael and Charlene Charlie Kelly are identical twins separated at birth As is so freuently observed in identical twins raised separately the girls develop similar interests independently Both are passionate about horses and become highly skilled horsewomen at an early ageMary Kelly the twins’ birth mother who keeps Charlie is an eccentric superannuated hippie a loose cannon owner of Brumby’s Run a decrepit farm located in Victoria's High Country which features tumbledown buildings and starving cattleThe twins are reunited at age 18 just after Sam finishes Year 12 when Charlie needs stem cell therapy to fight leukaemia Unlike Charlie Sam had no idea she was adopted nor that she had an identical twin sister The stem cell transfusion saves Charlie’s life and she stays on in Melbourne for some months with her mother to undergo chemotherapy With her adoptive parents travelling overseas Sam goes to Brumby's Run to look after things until her university course starts in the new year She meets dashing Drew the helpful neighbour a talented horseman and they are deeply attracted to each other However there are lingering issues as to whether Drew is really Charlie’s boyfriend Being so strongly identical Sam pretends to be Charlie with almost everyone creating some confusion and deepening a pattern of deliberate deceptionA love triangle develops Drew and Sam are attracted to each other but she believes he is still committed to Charlie Sam gets work with horseman Bushy at the local racetrack helping to break in brumbies and work the other horses he manages and markets She receives attention from the loathsome but talented rider Spike Morgan Drew convinces her to enter into a business arrangement with him to operate horse trail rides through the spectacular countryside they occupyThere is an elaborate sub plot throughout the book which relates to the issue of feral animals in particular cattle and brumbies ranging in the Alpine National Park and causing environmental damage The practice of culling brumbies is portrayed as cruel but necessary This allows Scoullar to introduce the theme of the virtues of brumbies as an Australian Heritage Breed with registered brumbies being sought after as stock horses and euestrian competitors instead of being killed for pet food By bringing in the character of Karl the park ranger she is also able to canvass issues about the environmental problems with introduced species in a sensitive ecology and to cover both the high country horse and cattlemen’s views and those of environmentalists This is a real issue for Victoria as various interest groups continue to engage in debate and lobby the State Parliament over the appropriate management of the Alpine National Park I liked the idea developed by the author that high end tourism could bring income to and reduce pressure on that sensitive area Brumby's Run is a totally conventional story competently written but lacking flair The writing style is pitched at a fairly low common denominator which makes it accessible to most and thus easy to read but sadly devoid of sparkle The plot did not offer much to engage me except when the environmental stuff and the heritage breed issues were canvassed It beggars belief that the key protagonists taking on so much work and financial responsibility as well as major decisions are all only 18 years old I wondered if the book was actually a Young Adult novel? Further there were some loose ends that were not tied up satisfactorily and some plot developments that did not uite gel such as the revelation about the identity of the twins' biological father?In conclusion I'm saying not bad but not great reading so 25★s is a reasonable score

  3. Brenda Brenda says:

    When eighteen year old Samantha Carmichael’s mother Faith uncharacteristically took Sam to lunch as she had “something to talk about” she was concerned Her mother was a very self centred stiff and proper woman a person who found it difficult to show love to her daughter; Sam’s life growing up had been a lonely one as an only child her father was hardly ever there and her mother was extremely strict So the total shock and incomprehension which hit Sam like a punch to the stomach when her mother told her she was adopted then added that she was also a twin had her reeling Learning that her twin sister Charlie was lying gravely ill in hospital and wanted to see her Sam had no idea what to do next Meeting Charlie and her birth mother Mary and learning all about their lives made Sam realize how very different the sisters were – but also how very alike they were as well The likeness was astounding after all they were identical During the weeks at the hospital it was decided that Sam would go to Brumby’s Run up in the Victorian Alps and look after the property until both Charlie and Mary could return The time they had been away meant Brumby’s Run was probably in need of some tender loving care; but Sam was shocked when she arrived and saw the dilapidated state of the house and yards Meeting up with Drew Chandler neighbour to Brumby’s Run made Sam realize her life was about to change once again As they headed up to the highlands on horseback searching for brumbies the exhilaration and excitement left her gasping The magnificent views the wildlife the stunning weather; all of it designed to make her realize there was nowhere else she’d rather be And of course the company of Drew added to the pleasure she felt But troubles seemed to be around every corner and Sam was unsure how to handle them Her worry about Charlie was paramount plus her attraction to Drew was accelerating What was going to happen to her? She had fallen in love with Brumby’s Run but it was Charlie’sI absolutely loved this book by Aussie author Jennifer Scoullar The richness of the scenery the diverse nature of the characters plus the fantastic story of the brumbies and the attempts to save them from death woven with the uniueness of family and in particular sisters made it a book I have no hesitation in highly recommending

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    💝FREE on today 92218💝BlurbHow do you choose between a long lost sister and the man who’s stolen your heart?Set among the hauntingly beautiful ghost gums and wild horses of the high country Brumby’s Run is a heartfelt romantic novel about families and secrets love and envy and most especially the bonds of sisterhoodSamantha Carmichael’s world is turned on its head when she learns that she’s adopted – and that she has a twin sister Charlie who is critically illWhile Charlie recovers in hospital Sam offers to look after Brumby’s Run her sister’s home high in the Victorian Alps Within days city girl Sam finds herself breaking brumbies and running cattle with the help of handsome neighbour Drew Chandler her sister’s erstwhile boyfriendA daunting challenge soon becomes a wholehearted tree change as Sam begins to fall in love with Brumby’s Run – and with Drew But what will happen when Charlie returns to claim what is rightfully hers?

  5. Bree T Bree T says:

    Samantha Carmichael is 18 when her world is rocked – her parents are not actually her biological parents she is adopted And on top of that Sam has a twin sister named Charlie who was not adopted out by their biological mother Before Sam can really process why only one of them was offered up for adoption she is also told that Charlie is sick a form of leukemia That is the only reason Sam is now being told because Charlie’s best chance of a full recovery is a bone marrow donation from a close genetic match As Sam and Charlie are identical twins the match doesn’t come closer than thatSam wastes no time meeting Charlie and offering to help her Having trouble relating to her adoptive mother now after the secrecy Sam chooses to spend some time helping out Charlie some by taking care of Charlie and their mother’s property Brumby’s Run while Charlie fully recovers from her operation and gets healthy again When she arrives the property is not as she pictured – Brumby’s Run is struggling tired and worn down and in need of some TLC Sam soon finds herself immersed in the lifestyle taking the job Charlie had lined up breaking brumbies The two girls may look identical and be very very different in their manner but it seems they have one thing in common a deep love and passion for horsesSoon Sam is falling in love with this beautiful countryside Brumby’s Run the wild brumbies and also Drew Chandler the son of a neighbouring farmer Drew has been around most days helping Sam fit in giving advice and generally just being there The two of them are enjoying a steadily burgeoning friendship and Sam sees herself becoming part of this scenery Back in Melbourne Charlie is feeling left out and restless ready to pick up the reins and take her life backEverything Sam has done has been to help Charlie but the two of them have yet to spend much time together They’ll have to negotiate a truce learn to be sisters and see if they can’t both find a way to make a living out of Brumby’s RunLike the author Jennifer Scoullar I grew up on a steady diet of Elyne Mitchell novels I had the entire Silver Brumby series as a pre teen and read and re read them probably dozens if not hundreds of times Thowra and Co instilled a love of horses in me that persists until this day even though I don’t own a horse nor have I ever been lucky enough to own one They’re a past time that I unfortunately cannot afford but I’ve managed to find other ways in which to be around them When I can’t do that books like this one hit the spotSam and Charlie are so different but Sam feels the loneliness of having been an only child keenly so she is than willing to help out Charlie and their biological mother Mary any way she can She’s also a bit at odds with her adoptive mother both for the secrecy and something that her adoptive mother does while Sam is spending time with Charlie at the hospital so it’s no hardship for her to agree to go to Brumby’s Run and try and keep it going while Charlie is recuperating I really liked Sam she was mature beyond her years – going to a remote property at 18 and attempting to run it wouldn’t be easy and I think she made an excellent go of it especially as her adoptive parents were uite wealthy and she was used to luxury Brumby’s Run is uite primitive with the sort of conditions that would’ve had a lot of city girls heading straight back for the bright lights But Sam doesn’t do that – she knuckles down and starts getting the place cleaned upHelping Sam find her feet is Drew Chandler son of the property owner next door Mistaking her for Charlie at first Drew is the only person who knows that Sam isn’t actually Charlie – Sam finds it easier not to have to explain her complicated family history to the locals most of whom don’t have much time for Mary and Charlie anyway Sam falls in love with the beautiful wild Australian brumbies and becomes personally invested in their fate Often considered to be pests to the natural habitat they are rounded up in order to attempt to tame them Other methods have in the past involved culling them from the air Sam wants to save all of them horrified when she learns that the ones the Brumby Rescue organisation don’t buy may end up as bronc horses for local rodeosAlthough at times I ueried the decision to make Sam so young and undertake so much in what is essentially her first summer of freedom after high school I think in the end it managed to work because of her youthful enthusiasm for everything Everything was a new experience for her and she threw herself into it wholeheartedly which was refreshing and charming in its honesty It also did work better to highlight the differences between Sam and Charlie – Charlie had not had anywhere near the privileged life that Sam had and her resentment and at times childish behaviour about it wouldn’t have sat well on an older characterBrumby’s Run is a lovely story of family and self discovery of love of the land and the wildlife that live on it I’d recommend it to any fans of the rural literature genre or anyone that has a love of horses and a sweet love story

  6. Jenn J McLeod Jenn J McLeod says:

    My first comment Brumby’s Run is so much than the cover and back cover blurb I can understand the publisher’s desire to take advantage to the increasingly popular farm litru ro rural romance genre but it’s a shame that by categorising Brumby’s Run it may limit readership with many missing out on a damn good Aussie tale of family friendship and country life I am a fussy pot when it comes to reading I don’t like wasting time on bad books The first chapter has to hook me and keep me hooked I admit to almost putting Brumby’s Run down Not because the writing wasn’t good or because it didn’t hook me It did This book managed to do both brilliantly My problem was that the main characters were so young while I I am so not Could I relate? Did I want to read about young love and typical teenage angst? Did I mention I dislike predictable characters too Told you I was a fussy pot Then I met Mary Everyone’s allowed a favourite aren’t they? And while I loved the way the author handled all the characters the mothers were my favourite — and not a stereotype in sight So to my absolute delight I not only found I couldn’t stop reading Brumby’s Run I actually felt 18 again What a bonus This is a terrific read as well as thought provoking I can see why they might want to promote it as ru ro but it would sit just as comfortably on both Young Adult and Australian Fiction shelves in fact I am recommending this to every mother I know who has teenager girls In the end I loved all the characters the clever plotting although the author apparently doesn’t plot out her stories – amazing and the subtle environmental messages some less subtle than others but it did not detract from the reading This is clearly the author’s platform and if you are going to push a barrow the environment is the best one I know Jennifer Scoullar’s love of the bush books brumbies Blyton and Banjo who she does give credit to for inspiring her as well as the environment really makes this book stand out from the mob But the best thing about Brumby’s Run is ANYONE – 16 or 60 – will enjoy the ride

  7. Jane Jane says:

    Samantha Carmichael and Charlene Kelly are identical twins that were separated at birth when their birth mother made the difficult decision to keep one girl and give the other up for adoptionSam and Charlie meet in a hospital when Charlie needs a stem cell transplant to save her life; she has cancer Brumby's Run is an emotion filled story based on Sam going to Charlie and Mary's home ranch while Charlie recovers and gains her strength backTangled love affair being mistaken for Charlie and setting the farm to rights keep Sam busy and confused as to her place in the world Both young women love horses the rugged mountains and environment and each other I loved the final revelation and how it impacts the girls as they stick together to face new challenges

  8. Karen Karen says:

    I won this copy of Brumby's Run via Jennifer Scoullar's blog SPOILER ALERT I have uoted a favourite part of Brumby's Run at the end of my reviewWhat a wonderful read Jennifer Scoullar has done a superb job capturing the essence of the Australian outback and it's varied characters A love story mixed with family secrets and environmental issues Brumby's Run is a roller coaster of emotions The characters both human and euine are truly amazing I found myself deeply engrossed in their lives and enjoyed every second of ifHe felt them before he heard them A certain low vibration travelling through Clancy's body into his own alerting them both In the distance the faint cries of men and the drumming of hoofs Ch 17 pg 123An avalanche of horses in full flight flanked either side by riders was headed straight for the trap There was Chiuita in the lead And Jarrang bringing up the rear galloping dangerously close to the lower hessian fence Dust plumed in their wake and their hammering hoofs dislodged rocks that rattled and rolled down the mountainside Ch 17 pg 123Jennifer's descriptive writing puts you right into the action I could smell the earth hear the horses hoofs and the rocks flying It brought to mind scenes of The Man From Snowy River I want to pack my bags and head for the bush put on some comfy clothes and hit the trails for a fabulous horse trekThank you Jennifer

  9. Anne Anne says:

    Totally loved this book the fact it had the wild brumby as its centre point just added to its appeal being a horse lover from way back nothing beats a brumby in the wild As testament to my great love of them is all our cars have brumby pin striping so this really was a book made for meI love the twins Sam and Charlie separated at birth and then finding their way back to each other in a time of great needI appreciated the accuracy of the small town country atmosphere which if you grew up or lived in a country town is spot on usually I loved all the characters especially Drew and Spike who where good old country boys and the others who were well rounded and easy to relate to I loved the visual pictures the books presented in my minds eye of the environment and I especially liked the way it was aware of conservation issues not only for the wild brumby but the greater environment It is a book I would highly recommend to anyone interested in horses country life or just a great easy read I loved it which is why I bought the other 2 in the set while I was out shopping

  10. Emma Emma says:

    i found this book very enjoyablei loved how it was set in the high country and reminded me so much of a place called corryong and the of the man from snowy river bush festival also if you like the diamond spirit series you will i think you will enjoy this book it reminded me so much of Brumby mountain #5 in the diamond spirit series Can't wait for Jennifer Scoullar's new book to come out

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