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    This is not a watered down version of one s life with depression Matt Shaw takes the reader inside his dark thoughts in a very honest, blunt way It s not pretty and it s not at all politically correct But it s real The blurb states that this is not a self help book and it s not It s his journey, and the hard road he had to travel and is likely still traveling to be who he is today He found an outlet with his writing A lot of authors say that writing is their therapy Matt Shaw proves that in a big way.Very rarely am I able to glimpse inside the mind of someone who has battled as this author has Kudos to him for not be...

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    If you follow me you know I m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Matt Shaw I m currently on a I can t read anything that isn t written by Matt Shaw binge so what better than a book about Matt by Matt Matt is much like his characters, complex He suffers from bouts of depression He tries to deal with it He s honest, some of the things he s tried didn t work and he probably wouldn t recommend Other things he s tried have worked temporarily but are also probably ill advised He s honest about who he is at his best of times and his worst of times It s not exactly the prettiest picture but at least he has the ability to see the humor in it If you re depressed looking for a cure this book is not it This book is about Matt for the most part, still dealing with depression, not a people person, has a wife and a cat, extremely funny sarcastic, can write better than an...

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    Matt Shaw is brutally honest open in this title Depression is something that seems to be still swept under the carpet a lot I have a lot of respect to Matt for opening up and his life being there for all to see Yet I kind of want to thank him My husband suffers from dep...

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    Very honest writing Not a self help book but definitely for me a book that tells people you are not alone Yes we are all unique and but I can see some thoughts like my own and I found it a very brave and reassuring look at depression.

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    This is a very well written, very honest look at depression As someone that suffers from it, reading about the author s struggles with this disease really did make me feel a little less alone It takes courage to share a story like this Thank you Matt for sharing this one with us.

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    On Not very descriptive,thought he sounded like a psycho than someone who is suffering with depression,and I thought that he s attempts at humour were to many and boring

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    This isn t a rah rah feel better now kind of book about depression This is the author s account of his own depression, from his childhood to the present If you weren t familiar with depression, you might be surprised at the tone of the book because it is quite funny The author is a good writer and tells his story with extreme honesty and humor.I definitely agree with him about medical professionals They are useless bloodsuckers I think they all just have a one of those flow diagrams, They ask a question, if you say a certain thing, they follow the line to the next box and ask you that question, and so on and so on Do any of them care I have no idea.The author says this isn t a self help book, but just his story of how he deals with depression From what I could tell, his way of dealing with it is to handle it himself He still has it, but his writing has allowed him to distract himself from feeling so horrible so much of the time This is what works for him I think he has it right There are times you can distract yourself from feeling...

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    I m Fine is an excellent memoir about Mr Shaw and his experiences with depression He talks about the highs and lows that one suffers from with depression and how he copes with every day life and with his relationships If you or anyone you know suffers from depression, I highly recommend this book If you suffer from depression, you will know that you are not alone and family members may better understand what someone is dealing with on a daily basis.Mr Shaw, thank you for yo...

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    so many people deal with depression in this world, and I know it had to be hard to write this book and put it all out there for everyone to read but sometime ithas to be done to help hour self move on

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Im Fine ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK GO TO DEPRESSION ALLIANCE The Memoirs Of An Author Living With Depression Let Me Take You On A Journey A Journey Where You Can Hear My Pain Well Read My Pain Anyway, Let Us Not Be Pedantic But It IS A Book And Not A Self Help CD Learn About All The Techniques I Ve Tried When Dealing With My Bouts Of Depression And Self Hatred Some Techniques Actively Encouraged By Professionals Across The World, Other Techniques Prostitutes, Drugs, Self Harm Pretty Much Frowned Upon The Spoilsports What Worked For Me And What Most Certainly Didn T Told With The Blackest Of Humour To Keep Things Fun Includes Illustrations By The Author And Previously Unpublished Short Stories

  • Kindle Edition
  • 75 pages
  • Im Fine
  • Matt Shaw
  • English
  • 05 December 2017

About the Author: Matt Shaw

BiographyMATT SHAW was born, quite by accident his mother tripped, he shot out September 30th 1980 in Winchester hospital where he was immediately placed on the baby ward and EBay Some twelve years later wandering the corridors of the hospital and playing with road kill when he was on day release , the listing closed and he remained unsold, he was booted out of the hospital to start his life a