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The Abolitionist ❰Epub❯ ➟ The Abolitionist Author Elisabeth Allen – It is 1807 The British Slave Trade has just been abolished Anna Ashwell comes from a family line of abolitionists but her introduction into society brings with it uestions than answers The call to ste It is The British Slave Trade has just been abolished Anna Ashwell comes from a family line of abolitionists but her introduction into society brings with it uestions than answers The call to step beyond the confines of fashionable behaviour costs than she has bargained for and Anna's choices lead her to discover the reality of slavery and the truth about family secrets hidden motives and true love.

  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • The Abolitionist
  • Elisabeth Allen
  • English
  • 05 July 2016
  • 9781901917161

About the Author: Elisabeth Allen

I'm a scribbler who loves stories about ordinary girls and extraordinary hope I live in England where I dream stories up between moments of real life I'm the author of the Charity's Diary trilogy and a historical novel The Abolitionist I love fresh baked bread and long country walks and my favorite book is Persuasion by Jane Austen.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    From the Back Cover It is 1807 The British Slave Trade has just been abolished Anna Ashwell comes from a family line of abolitionists but her introduction into society brings with it uestions than answers The call to step beyond the confines of fashionable behavior costs than she has bargained for and Anna's choices lead her to discover the reality of slavery and the truth about family secrets hidden motives and true loveWhen Elisabeth Allen offered me to read her latest book I jumped at the chance I loved her Charity’s Diary series and was eager to read her newest work I was not disappointed If I was asked with weather the Charity’s Diary series or The Abolitionist was better I would be hard pressed to pick between themThe Abolitionist is written in the spirit of Jane Austen including mush letter writing endearing characters and the romance that warms our hearts without making us blush It’s historical aspects are also delightful Being an American sometimes British history learned through a distinctly American point of view This book offers a refreshing look at this time in historyI loved Anna Ashwell Like Charity she is very easy to relate to A girl with the best of intentions but has flaws and makes mistakes just like the rest of us Anna struggles with standing up for what she know is right because she is afraid of what people will say and think However she does the tight thing in the endThe other characters in the story were wonderful as well Anna’s brother Percy was my second favorite character for being such a wonderful older brother This story is populated with wonderful memorable characters whom I know you will love an enjoyI highly recommend this to girls who love Jane Austen liked the Charity’s Diary series andor are just looking for a great historical fiction book The Abolitionist is for you

  2. Gretchen Louise Gretchen Louise says:

    This piece of historical fiction intersperses with the chapters bits of correspondence between the characters Hearing their uniue voices in this way provide a delightful addition to the story And this friendly glimpse into the life of William Wilberforce is both informative and inspirational

  3. Chantel Chantel says:

    “I intend to give my life”Anna Ashwell is a young English girl who was born into the heart of England’s struggle for the abolition of slavery Though she comes from a family who has been part of the Abolition movement for generations the choice to embrace it to make the cause of the slaves her own cause was a choice that Anna had to make for herself It was a choice that would be a defining moment for her the beginning of a journey that would last her entire lifeSometimes Anna thought that it might be easier to turn away and try to live as if none of this was happening Her family didn’t own slaves and didn’t take part in the cruel practices then common in the slave trade; why should it matter to her what others did since she couldn’t really change it anyway?Fresh from the press Elisabeth Allen’s latest title The Abolitionist chronicles Anna’s journey as she ultimately makes a choice to embrace the Abolition movement as her own It tells a story of bravery and courage and of the sometimes high price that Anna paid for bothAnna faced the pressure of fashionable society which often looked down on Abolitionists as well as the scorn of her cousins — not to mention the struggles of her own heart with the desire to fit in just a little bit Her decision not to fit in cost Anna a great deal than she counted on It is as true now as it was then it isn’t easy to go against the flowElisabeth Allen tells Anna’s story in a warm touching and yet realistic way that makes you feel as if you really know Anna She may sometimes be a heroine but Anna is also an ordinary girl She has three brothers whom she loves dearly She was raised to be a proper young lady in her era She is sweet and gentle and has a loving nature but she is not perfect She makes mistakes and says things she regrets but she learns and growsI’m glad that Anna isn’t perfect because it would make her story much less powerful if she was Instead showing how she overcame her faults and mistakes gives courage to other girls that they too can make a difference After all God doesn’t ask for perfect people to stand for a cause just for a heart that is willing to go and do and serve however He asksPart of Anna’s story is told in letters giving you an inside glimpse into the heart of the heroine and her family in a way that could not be otherwise Through the letters you can trace the stories of friendships of experiences and of loveThe Abolitionist is than just a thought provoking new work of historical fiction It is a beautiful story that was written to inspire the girls and women of today to put their influence behind a cause to “give their life” for the thing that God calls them to doSlavery is still alive and well in many parts of the world True human rights that we take for granted in our lives are denied to men and women like us around the world every day Human life is not valued as it should be There are many causes worth living for perhaps even worth dying for Anna’s story is meant to remind us that what God calls us to He will than enable us to stand behind even if the costs seem to be too great It is meant to encourage us that one man or woman can make a difference And that one woman could be you or meThe book itself is as beautiful as the story including so many interesting little glimpses into life in the 1800′s From the cover timeline and maps to the layout and paper this book looks like an old friend waiting for an evening to be spent catching up Each chapter and section features uotes from numerous authors always the perfect introduction to that part of the storyIf you loved Charity in Elisabeth Allen’s previous books you are sure to love Anna as well The Abolitionist is now available online through or Book Depository free international shipping

  4. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    Plot Interesting There was nothing surprising but it was a solid plotCharacters The main character was fairly well rounded though her constant skittishness about standing up for what she believes was rather frustrating She kept making up her mind to stand up for slaves but then backed down whenever she was given the opportunity to do so Also the secondary characters kind of ran together I had a hard time keeping the other girls straightWriting This is definitely written to sound like Jane Austen and she does a good job The writing style was very Victorian and I enjoyed the sweetness of itNarrative Unfortunately this is why I had to give the book a three star rating I do not enjoy books where half of the narrative is written in the form of letters Having to stop and read who the letter is written to and from as well as pay attention to the dates was jarring I was reading the first section rather uickly until I reached the first massive bunch of letters Then my reading ground to a halt and it took me forever to pick the book up again That happened again at the end I wish the author would have chosen one character's POV and written the story through that POV instead of relying on letters written to and from numerous charactersOverall it was a good book that was dragged out by the decision to include letters I would have enjoyed it a lot without those letters

  5. Bekah Bekah says:

    I read this book in late January I believe and I loved it It deals with a very sensitive subject slavery The book is set in England in the early to mid 1800's I think Elisabeth Allen did a wonderful amazing job with this book I really liked her uniue idea to incorporate letters into the story; I thought it was very cleverThe characters were all very well developed and I really liked Anna Percy and Captain Dancey One of the things I really liked was Captain Dancey's and Anna's friendship Captain Dancey was a wonderful friend to Anna but was never afraid to state what he believedI think the element I liked most about this book was the lesson that we all need to stand up unashamed for what we believe No matter how much we are ridiculed or scorned by others I liked how Miss Allen showed that Anna was not perfect she made mistakes and Anna was grieved over that but Anna persevered to stand up for what was right even though it was highly unpopular She resisted the temptation to remain silent when injustice was in useAgain this book was amazing and it was one of my favorites By the time I finished it I felt as if the characters were my friends I didn't want the story to end Miss Allen did a fabulous job with it Age Appropriate for 12

  6. Leah Good Leah Good says:

    This book is one of those rare historical stories that speaks just as elouently to contemporary issues as those of yesteryear As I read I found myself encouraged to stand up for what is right no matter what society says is politically correct The story itself is delightful I had never before read a novel about slavery in England and found The Abolitionist to be a wonderful introduction The book also contains a sweet love story which should not bother even the most sensitive of readers I am looking forward to loaning this book to my friendsDisclosure I received this book through a giveaway hosted on Homeschool Authors I am not a personal friend of the authors and all opinions expressed in this review are my own

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