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I Fucked the Invisible Man! (Monster Sex #6) When Cybil S Hotel Is Robbed By A Mystery Thief With Bandages And Sunglasses Covering His Face, She Figures Her Day Can T Get Any Worse But When Her Deadbeat Fiance Cancels Their Date, Her Fears Are Confirmed.That Night, An Invisible Lover Visits Her In Her Bed And She Assumes The Rumors Of Ghosts In Her Hotel Are True But Is The Mysterious Sex Fiend Man Than Myth This 3400 Word Story Contains Hidden Identities, Sneaky Seduction, And An Invisible Lover Who Will Make You Beg For

10 thoughts on “I Fucked the Invisible Man! (Monster Sex #6)

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    J allais vous faire un petit avis rapidopuis je m y rends compte qu il y a carr ment mati re faire un billet hein m me avec rien que ses petites 13 pages oui oui et nos 100 et quelques mails Je vous tiens au courant d s que je le publie EDIT Mon billet ici

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    First and foremost Thank you Ms Delilah Fawkes for this rerelease I was already thinking I wouldn t get to read this one.Secondly Great read Fun paranormal story with hot sex.

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    Que l homme invisible saute une femme au cerveau invisible ne me surprend m me pas Mais bon, c tait pas marrant u_u

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    Moins dr le que le premier, mais un super moment changer des mails avec les copines D Vivement le prochain

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