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    This was an engaging read and one that was well supported with a plethora of quotes and a strong bibliography As non fiction books go this is a definite winner and one that will open your eye s to Man s Physical and Spiritual history It is a book that will entertain...

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    This is a very well written book a lot of research went into this book because of all the resources that are listed Even though it is controversial a lot of questions that I have had over the years did...

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    I bought this book for research purposes now I am really into itmakes total sensewas only going to read parts for my research but now I am finding myself reading it allwell writtenbut gives one the opportunity ...

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to others It is very well written and it shows that the author did his share of research Very Deep and thought provoking.

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    great book..made you think.

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    I thought it was thought provoking, enticing, surprising, and informative It was very well researched It caused us to re think many of the things we were led to believe More possibilities than we thought.Sometimes hard to read due to so much information, but we are glad we read it.Bob and Barb I

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What About God? Insightful And Controversial, What About God Is An Engaging Look Into One S Personal Understanding Of Faith And God In This Stirring Account Of Man S Spiritual And Physical History, G Creighton Bradshaw Unravels The Mysteries Of Man S Past And Reveals The Truths Surrounding Man S Relationship With God And Jesus Contained Within The Pages Of This Well Researched Text Are The Answers To Some Of The Most Perplexing Questions To Ever Befall Mankind Questions Such As Who And What Is God Is Satan Real And Are There Fallen Angels What Are Man S Origins Was Man Created In God S Image Does The Holy Bible Contain The True Word Of God Is Man Alone In The Universe What About God Is A Ground Breaking Piece Of Literature That Confronts The Very Tenets Of Human Religious Thought And Offers A Fascinating New Perspective On Man S Eternal Quest For Spiritual Enlightenment.