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Valerie (Orchard Valley #1) Love Is Just A Waste Of Time Claims Valerie, A Successful Company Executive Always Cool And Collected, She Even Acts Calm At The News Of Her Father S Critical Illness However Her Father S Physician Colby Sees Through Valerie S Cold Exterior To Discover A Tender Loneliness He Becomes Attracted To The Tough Acting Yet Frail Valerie One Day, Seeing Her Weeping Quietly, He Embraces Her And Comforts Her With A Kiss Valerie Don T Have To Hold Back Her Tears When She Is In Front Of Colby While Desiring Each Other Deeply, An Invisible Wall Continues To Divide The Career Orientated Valerie, And Colby, Who Longs For A Traditional Woman Will Their Love Eventually Break Through This Wall

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    Handsome doctor

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    Re read.This was a fun light read The heroine Valerie was cold an ice princess and prioritize her work but in truth she was just trying to act tough while she is worried sick inside Valerie has an attitude, she was stubborn and passionate The H in my opinion was weak the way he pushes Valerie He was looking for reasons a relationship with Valerie won t work when she was willing to compromise and make things work It was sad since I really like him at the beginning when he gave Valerie a shoulder to cry on, how he supported her and teach her that it was okay to let go and show emotions BUT I hated how he pushed her away to the point of making her breakdown.On the other hand I like Valerie s s...

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    Randomly borrowed this from my library s Overdrive collection I was immediately intrigued when I discovered this was an adaptation of Debbie Macomber s work Rating this is difficult because while I didnt care for the flow of the story or characters, I like reading manga because I can read one in as little as an hour which on occasion is the only amount of time I have to sit, relax, and get lost in anot...

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    A graphic novel adaptation of a book from Debbie Macomber s Orchard Valley Brides series A little melodramatic, but in my experience, that isn t surprising compared to other romance manga graphic novels I have read A light read, and I would like to continue reading the other gn s in the series.

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    This one was better than the other perhaps because it was all new Going through a story that happens simultaneously and having to relive some of it in the new story just didn t suit for me I really do like her stuff, other things I ve read, but not these two.

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    I liked the heroine I didn t quite like the hero.

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    These manga are such a guilty pleasure Not as good as some of the others, but still a fun read And quick.