The Power of a Praying® Woman Book of Prayers ePUB

The Power of a Praying® Woman Book of Prayers ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Power of a Praying® Woman Book of Prayers By Stormie Omartian ✐ – Bestselling author Stormie Omartian presents her mostloved prayers in four compact editions Small enough to keep in purse or pocket for quick conversations with God, lovely enough to give as a special Bestselling author Stormie Omartian presents of a Epub Þ her mostloved prayers in four compact editions Small enough to keep in purse or pocket for quick conversations with God, lovely enough to give as a special gift to encourage and draw the hearts of friends and loved ones to the Lord in prayer, these books will help unlock the power of praying More than a how to get what I want in prayer kind of book, this sweet gathering of prayers from a woman's heart will help readers seek the Father and be transformed in the The Power PDF/EPUB or process At His feet is the answer to a woman's every need; in His hands is hope and joy for her life.

10 thoughts on “The Power of a Praying® Woman Book of Prayers

  1. Melonie Tafirenyika Melonie Tafirenyika says:

    The Power of a Praying Woman is a book for women on their prayer life. Sometimes people wonder if God is really hearing our prayers. Or why it seems that God is so far away. This book was good to read because it helped with my walk with Christ. This book is divided up into several different sections. There are thirty different chapters in the book. The way the book is set up is to read a chapter a day. Sometimes when praying people have a difficult time as to where to start. This book is like a guide to a prayer life. The book shows who to pray for each day. Each chapter comes with a prayer at the end as well as a bible verse. The good thing about this book is the person can meditate all through the day about each chapter. People do not realize that prayer is the way to communicate with God. It is also an important part of your day. That is what this book is talking about. This book guides the reader on how to trust God with some of your concerns of your heart. This book also teachers the reader how to allow prayer to become an important factor in their life.

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    In need of motivation to pray for your husband? Need some sample prayers to get you started?

  3. Pamela Fernandes Pamela Fernandes says:

    Since its Lent, I would definitely recommend this book, especially for married women. Its an amazing book. There are so many editions of this, but the one I've read had these examples and instances and any Christian woman can relate. For others it would be nice, in the sense it gives you some perspective as to why and how to deal with members of the family and pray for them in whatever situation. Its an amazing book. I gave this to my mother and she shared it with my father. She hopes there will be a power of a praying man. My request to Stormie Omartian to write one for the men as well. Happy Lent.

  4. Perssis Namour Perssis Namour says:

    Powerful book based on God's word that establishes your faith. Mrs. Omartian looks intently at scripture and shines a new light on it. She honestly opens up her life and struggles and by the hand walks you through the scripture that helps you overcome. So many time I found myself pausing to think, and rethink, and think again about the scripture that she threw at me to conquer a fear I had been dealing with.

    So faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. Romans 10:17

  5. Alicia Alicia says:

    A great book if you don't know how or what to pray for

  6. Shauna Shauna says:

    I loved Power of a Praying Wife. I started this one, but I'm not sure I made it all the way through. I think I have the journal as well.

  7. Mrs.Kendra Radcliff Mrs.Kendra Radcliff says:

    One of my go-tos. Sometimes you just need help knowing what to pray!

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    A little hand book of prayers from the book The power of a praying woman. Very easy to carry around with you. Nice little prayer book.....good to have..

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    This book is excellent. It shares testimonies of trials and answered prayers. It has give me hope and a deeper understanding of prayer.

  10. Nadia Thomas Nadia Thomas says:

    I'm now praying from the heart not just reciting prayers learned growing up

    I'm not someone who can pray beautifully from the heart. This is one of her prayer books that I use daily and it encourages me to pray these prayers that cover various topics of prayer that I often forget when I pray on my own. A

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