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Sandry's Book ☉ Sandry's Book PDF / Epub ❤ Author Tamora Pierce – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 0590554085978 0 590 55408 4With her gift of weaving silk thread and creating light Sandry is brought to the Winding Circle community There she Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN With her gift of weaving silk thread and creating light Sandry is brought to the Winding Circle community There she meets Briar a former thief who has a way with plants; Daja an outcast gifted at metalcraft; and Tris whose connection with the weather unsettles everyone including herself At Winding Circle the four misfits are taught how to use their magic and to trust each other But then disaster strikes their new home Can Sandry weave together four kinds of magical power and save herself her friends and the one place they have ever been accepted.

About the Author: Tamora Pierce

Hey folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven't How do I know I haven't Because I haven't read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites know that I've written GoodReads to find out what's going onI return to my regularly scheduled profileThough I would love to join gro.

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  1. Nettle Nettle says:

    I've gone back to this book so many times over the years that my copy is actually starting to fall apart This is the book that got me started with fantasy and I still follow Tamora Pierce's blog and watch out for any new books by her over ten years laterThis is one of those books that definitely changed my life it's also one of those books I go back to when I need to read something easy to forget the world around me for a bit These books have gotten me through everything from trouble at school to deaths in the family and have their own shelf in the hallPersonally I rate these books on par with the Keladry series but higher than the Alanna or Diane sets and although it feels like they're aimed at a slightly younger audience that allows a good progression through all of Tamora's works Start off with the four Circle books as a younger reader after those read the Alanna four go back to the next circle books and then the Diane and Keladry sets before finishing with the final two Circle books With another coming some time this yearI'd recommend this to any young girl just getting interested in reading and maybe a few boys too

  2. Courtney Courtney says:

    So I love this series LOVE it I like everything Pierce has written to some extent haven't read the white tiger stuff yet but it's always been this series the Emelan universe above all others If I ever had to choose what one series to take to a desert island with nothing else to read for the rest of my life this would be the series Over Harry Potter Hunger Games whateverThis book especially is the one I've read the most over the years probably in part because the rest of the extended series was slowly being published and the one I always eventually went back to I don't even know how many times I've actually read it So I was super excited after coming across the Mark ReadsWatches site that he had read and like the Tortall books and was planning on reading the Emelan books as well If you're not familiar with his site it's similar to audio books I guess He reads the books out loud on Youtube only it's interspersed with his own reactions and thoughts as he reads and reacts to what he's reading He is very emotive which only makes it that much entertaining It's everything you usually wish for when introducing a friend to something you love and watching how they react hoping they love it too That's probably why it's so entertaining Plus there's the discussions and commentary by his fans on each chapter giving you a chance to discuss the series with other fans afterwards He read this book starting back in October despite my only listening to it now At the moment he's already reading Cold Fire from the Circle Opens as well as some of Pratchett's novels so there's several videos up to watch I'd suggest having a copy of the book at hand however so you can follow along as he reads the extra commentary might be confusing to some and he can read uickly at some points Yet another way to enjoy one of my all time favourite books

  3. Emma Emma says:

    A lovely story I would have loved this as a child and it was still endearing as a well seasoned adult

  4. Ashley Ashley says:

    Sandry’s Book is the first book of Tamora Pierce’s I’ve read that wasn’t set in Tortall and I enjoyed it very much It was a compact precise little book all about people coming together And you know magic and stuff Fair warning though My reading of the book probably suffered because it was my second book in the 24 Hour Readathon a couple of weeks ago I was highly buzzed on coffee for the first half of the book and during the second I was so hungry I thought I was going to fall over die and then my head would cave in I also read it much faster than I normally would have Sandry’s Book also known as Magic in the Weaving is the first book of the Circle of Magic series which follows four kids who live the fictional land of Emelan where magic is real Each book centers on one of the kids Obviously this time around it’s Sandry This book also introduces us not only to the world but to where the kids come from and how they all ended up at the Winding Circle temple a place where they can learn to use their magic It’s sort of a magic school novel in that way but Winding Circle isn’t as much a school as it is a retreat from the world Speaking of the kids they’re the best part of the book Sandry is actually Sandrilene fa Toren an orphaned noble whose parents died in a smallpox outbreak She discovered her magic while locked in a closet for days hiding from a mob–she spun light into yarn she was holding so she wouldn’t have to be in the dark She is taken to Winding Circle by a mysterious man named Nico soon after Briar a former thief with an affinity for plants Daja a Trader whose entire family was killed in a shipwreck and Tris whose moods manifest themselves in the weather and who can hear voices find themselves arriving at Winding Circle in a similar manner It seems all four have been brought there because their magic is different than traditional sorcery it’s practical and based in the real world weaving plants metals weather The author’s endnote states that Pierce was inspired by watching her sister and mother knit things and how the act of creating something beautiful with your hands is its own kind of magic I liked that the four of them weren’t friends right away or even most of the way through the novel They all had too many issues they had to work out on their own first And work they do But it’s a pleasure to watch the kids change and grow into being friends with one another Pierce as always makes her world feel ridiculously real by not ignoring issues of class or race or cultural differences All those things have a prominent place in the story I think this was geared towards a younger audience than I was expecting the kids are all around age eleven but I ended up liking it I do think all four of these books were mistitled The secondary titles are much better and not only because calling a book Sandry’s Book or Tris’s Book is boring but because this isn’t really Sandry’s book Sure there’s that thing that happens at the end but Briar and Tris and even Daja get play in this book than Sandry the title character does I’m definitely checking out the other books in this series I think I may even end up liking it better than some of the earlier Tortall books

  5. Sebastien Castell Sebastien Castell says:

    Like so many readers I adored Tamora Pierce's Alanna books Strangely I've never been able to get into her other series of which there are many that are beloved by readers everywhere The first Circle of Magic book was alas no exceptionThe book opens with us meeting the four different kids who find themselves rejected by their respective societies and will ultimately be brought together by the enigmatic mage Niko It's an engaging opening and there's lots to appreciate about these characters What comes later however never uite jelled for meIt's worth mentioning that this series is meant for younger readers which in no way deters adults from enjoying them but does mean that you shouldn't pay too much attention to adults who don't It's not the job of this book to speak to me—especially if doing so takes away from it being enjoyed by young readers for whom its intendedThat said I found the narrative point of view a bit jarring with Pierce jumping from one character's head to another inside the same scenes Maybe I'm too use to the modern close point of view style but I often lost track of who was thinking what I also never uite got a strong sense of what the story was really about until uite late in the book when the big threat appears—from what I could tell out of nowhere—and is then uickly dispatched This was very much a coming together book in which the four go from strangers to fast friends so perhaps those who continue with the series will be rewarded with a larger story that engages them Despite my tremendous admiration for Tamora Pierce I don't think I'll be one of them with this series Fortunately however with all her other series on offer I'm keen to go find one that resonates with me

  6. Arielle Arielle says:

    Sandry was never my favourite of the four young mages in this series thread magic simply never seemed that interesting to a ten year old surrounded constantly by craft and textiles Metal and plants seemed far intriuguing perhaps because I respectively didn't have much experience ofhad no skill with either Plus there was the whole blond wealthy noble thing I just didn't relate to herWell the irony is that I now have a largely textile based practice and am obsessed with fibres and threads and fabrics of all kinds Sandry's magic is looking pretty tantalising right about nowI think this first uartet is aimed at a slightly younger audience than Tamora's other series but that doesn't mean it isn't just as excellent The full cast audio production is fantastic I've become a little addicted to be honest and don't uite know what I'll do when I've made my way through all the Circle of Magic Circle Opens and Wild Magic audiobooks It seems Full Cast Audio productions have ceased which is hugely disappointing

  7. Kuzu Kuzu says:

    I hadn't reread these books since 2013 or 2014 apparently but before that I used to read them yearly It's amazing how my reactions to things keep changing as I read the books over and over again even though they're so deeply familiar My reactions to Briar and his trauma symptoms are much stronger now than they used to be; I caught myself tearing up at the way he reacts to Rosethorn the first time he goes in her garden expecting her to hit him I used to think I was most like Sandry out of the four but I'm most certainly closer to Briar now even gender wise haha I find myself reading ueer coding that isn't there or most likely isn't intended into things too just because it's my habit to look for that or invent it for myself now I didn't used to but now every time a character asserts some strong connection to a gender role or gender signification I'm like what if trans which has made me imagine both Briar and Tris as trans this time around I wish but I suppose it's up to me to write that story I see flaws in the books now than I used to I'm aware of problems with the way that TPierce describes characters from Arab analogue cultures and how fat characters aside from Tris are largely limited to the role of unpleasant person or Dedicate Gorse this one surprised me I would have expected her to be careful about that I don't think these books are ever going to stop being deeply important to me though In a way picking them apart and seeing and problems every time I reread is what MAKES them important I've been rereading these freuently since I was about twelve years old In a lot of ways they're what taught me to write both by showing me what I like and showing me what I don't what I think works and what I think doesn't

  8. Ai Miller Ai Miller says:

    This book is SUCH a good book for our current pandemic times; I said somewhere that Tamora Pierce books are 50% learning meditation 50% crafting and I stand by that but it's clearly deliberate with this series in particular Just so soft and soothing to read even the dramatic parts And the character are fun even if they don't really feel super fleshed out in this space and the relationships with mentors are so good I'll definitely be rereading the rest of the series but this was so good in this moment so if you need something short and soft check it out

  9. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    Sandry hides from a smallpox epidemic in a cupboard only to find that she's trapped inside When her candle runs out she is comforted by a glow in her embroideryDaja survives a shipwreck by willing a supply box toward herA petty thief Briar is thrown in jail and tends to the moss he finds thereTris is tormented at school but her bullies find themselves threatened by wild windsNone of them have traditional forms of magic but Niko Goldeneye believes they might have hidden powers He hopes to teach them to harness their gifts before their uncontrolled power leads to tragedy But though the children are thrilled to be taught they're wary of associating with each other I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book The characters' personalities come across in a ham handed way and their hidden fears and powers are hardly subtle But I think that's mostly because this is YA for a younger crowd under 15 than I'm used to The magic is wonderfully described No matter how exciting the action or weird the magic I was always clear on what was happening I've heard this mocked as having weather for a villain but that was actually a positive point for me The climax is just the children view spoilertrying to survive being buried in an avalanche hide spoiler

  10. Nicko Moknu Nicko Moknu says:

    Some things remain constant in life It happens to me occasionally and my dislike for this series is one such occasion May contain spoilers Read at your own risk Wait a minute I don't think this review even has spoilers because there is NOTHING TO SPOILWhen it comes to the Circle of Magic series I thought I would give it another shot and read it in English this time since I was not at all impressed by how it was in Romanian Turns out I was not impressed with the English Version either And if you just bear with me for a moment I will explain why But first let me go through my ordinary review seuenceWhen it comes to the setting this world is really flimsy in terms of world building There are a whole lot of cultures here thrown on the page and we as the readers have to accept them No thanks I do not have to accept this mish mash that is supposed to be an attempt at writing a believable world The world is far from believable and for God's sake we don't even have a map In a fantasy world if there is no map in order to actually pinpoint where said places are I am lost I know many people don't like using maps but no one can deny their practicality in such situations The atmosphere except for the eventual Hogwarts y type of atmosphere is really pissing me off and i mean it's almost non existantThe plot is one of the things that the book almost completely lacks Some characters make a hint to the existence of some sort of threat but my god man 60 % in the first book the characters have barely met each other and are doing chores because hey they're kids why not So 60 % in the novel there there are no clear signs of a plot anywhereI have to address the cast The main and secondary characters are so dull Aside from having no sort of chemistry between themselves the main characters Daja Sandry Tris and Briar they seem to make it their life mission to not have interaction of the natural sort with any of the secondary characters either Daja is this lone silent type of character with a lot of hardship behind her and she also seems to be the most mature of the four youngsters and her powers show the most potential Tris is a rejectee and cannot control her emotions that directly influence the weather around her Of all the characters she is my least favoriteBriar is a thief and has a secret interest in plants Of all the characters I find him the most endearing though he can be mean spirited and a total prick sometimes with no real and palpable reason I say that he's the most endearing because he seems to be the most fleshed out of all the characters and he does seem to have a easy to grasp backstory and most of the other charactersEven though this book is named after her Sandry does not appear all that much the main focus is instead on Briar and Daja most of the times She is the stuck up cloudcoocoolander bossy type of charcter that likes the idea of befriending people and not giving a rat's ass what other people say Of all the characters I find her backstory to be the least understandable and even though I read it twice I still dunno how she got herself into that situation that she had to be taken out of by Master Niko Master Niko? Really? This guy has my freaking name and he's a mage He's supposed to be this sort of mentor figure to the four of them but I get the impression that none of them actually look up to him The other characters are really one dimensional Lark and Rosethorn I cannot distinguish between the two of them and rest is down the drainWhen it comes to the writing I just have to say that it is not engaging not humorous not enthralling and while it is a children's book primarily see page count it's 10 times smaller than A Dance with Dragons I don't think I would've been captivated with it even if I were the same age as the book is meant to be Because I can't connect with the characters And the use of third person limited is so jarring that after the main character eventually do come together the 3rd person limited tends to still be used instead of shifting to omniscient And the vocabulary used does tend to be rather juvenile at times I mean instead of proper swear words of at least using something that resembles a palpable swear the terms used are along the lines of donkey dung and cat dirt I am not kiddingLet's Rate This 22 10Setting and Atmosphere 2Plot 3Main Characters 4Secondary Characters 1Antagonists 1 Writing 3Enjoyability 2So yeah i don't think I'll continue the series because hey why would I waste time reading something I don't like nd I'll probably take it out of my reading list too Ok back to Mistborn DMy other reviews D

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