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At the Foot of the Snows [EPUB] ✼ At the Foot of the Snows Author David E. Watters – At the Foot of the Snows tells the inspiring story of an American family living among the virtually unknown Kham Magar of Nepal developing a deep bond of friendship that transcended their cultural div At the Foot of the Foot of PDF/EPUB Á Snows tells the inspiring story of an American family living among the virtually unknown Kham Magar of Nepal developing a deep bond of friendship that transcended their cultural divide Through years of study and hard work they translated Scripture into the Kham language igniting a spark of interest in the gospel that would fan to life through years of persecution Through it all David and Nancy Watters struggled to demonstrate that gospel to these people At the PDF/EPUB or who lived in the words of the Khams At the Foot of the Snows.

10 thoughts on “At the Foot of the Snows

  1. James Pool James Pool says:

    This is a very approachable and honest account of what Bible translation looks like in a tribal context I appreciated the honesty in the story He doesn't shy away from sharing the pressing uestions and uncertainty they had when trying to contextualize the translation It was also a great encouragement for my daily walk to see the doubts and uestions they had of God in the midst of suffering especially when they experienced demonic oppression that didn't seem to fit their biblical categories Their simple faith allowed them to keep pressing forward even though they never got clear answers for many of their uestions

  2. Christa Harrison Christa Harrison says:

    This book was so good His own personal story was shared with the lives and culture of Nepal woven into every detail The ending of the book was completed by his sons who gave a loving tribute to the work he did and I really loved that they did that Loved this autobiography

  3. Angela Angela says:

    Read this book a few years ago Still stands out in my mind

  4. J.M. Hochstetler J.M. Hochstetler says:

    Excellent inspirational story of a missionary family and their sometimes harrowing always fascinating lives travels and ministry among the Kham people of Nepal Working with one extraordinary Kham elder David Watters transcribed and created an extensive grammar of the Kham language while translating the Bible during a time when Christianity was highly restricted and conversion forbidden in Nepal Meanwhile his wife raised two young sons in this primitive and challenging environment while offering medical services to the Khams Highly recommended for its vivid descriptions of a stunningly beautiful and challenging land an isolated people a holy mission and the work of linguistics and language translation

  5. Colette Stine Colette Stine says:

    This is difficult to rate for a couple of reasons I'm pretty sure this is the first missionary biography I have ever read and I've read uite a few that has swearing in it And it's not just once Maybe eight or ten times throughout the book That was a bit of a shock The author also included a whole section on some of the lewd sayings of the people he worked with I understand that they are part of life in that particular part of the world but come on These are unsaved people saying appalling things and you feel the need to uote them verbatim in a book? They did not add in any way to the gist of the story and I think they would rightly make every Christian I know uncomfortable at best I almost put it down because of those two things the swearing and the details of disgusting conversations I'm not sure why I read on but I did and I'm glad I did The book chronicles the story of the Watters family who lived with an isolated unreached people group in the mountains of Nepal learning their language and their way of life and translating the Bible into their language I keep typing and then deletingI don't know how to sum this book up I don't recommend it for kids because of the things I mentioned above and I am not 100% sure where this guy is coming from theologically but I think this might be one of those books every Christian needs to read The story of the Watters family was interesting and held my attention but towards the end when it started talking about the Kham church their faith their suffering their testimony their faithfulness their joy that part was completely mesmerizing One of the final scenes we get to see is the moment when the Kham believers hold the Bible in their hands in their own language for the first time ever Unforgettable This uote from the book about sums it all upWe live at the foot of the snows they used to say and even our own king had never heard of us But the King of Kings knew us and one day He visited us

  6. Benjamin Boehm Benjamin Boehm says:

    This book was very interesting It provided insight into life in the remote regions of Nepal Within the first few chapters I was intrigued The level of detail in this book almost made it seem like you were really there which made it a little bit of a hard read sometimes The different experiences that David and his sons share in this book did not cease to amaze me 1010 Definitely read this book

  7. Podaire Podaire says:

    Great book on a families life to serve others in a very high altitude difficult lifestyle and culture Worth it in the end The author has a great way of sharing the story Thoughts on how culture and language of this people group was examined and explained like no other writer I have read Must read Inspiring

  8. Lori Zarichniak Lori Zarichniak says:

    Amazing book on what one man following the Lord can do This book inspired my faith and challenged me to live boldly I LOVE reading about those who view life in light of eternity and use each day to serve the King of kings The challenges faced by the Nepali Christians and how they overcame reads like a modern day book of Acts

  9. Becky Becky says:

    On par with or possibly even better than EE? Mantz I'll lend you my copy

  10. Adam Parker Adam Parker says:

    This story recommended to me by a man in a Nepali euivalent to a Tennessee meat three is one of pure inspiration suffering joy and hardship Who knew how much the lives of one small American family in the late 60's through the early 90's could change a part of the world in such a drastic way for the Kingdom? This story had me on the edge of my seat fighting back tears one moment and calling out to my wife the next in disbelief at what I was reading This family through the Holy Spirit brought light to the people of the Himalayas By the end I felt like I had walked much of this path with the Watters If you have any desire to travel into places unfamiliar for the purpose of Jesus then I highly recommend this book It is a raw depiction of what can and does happen and though scary and almost overwhelming at times you will walk away with a heart full of joy and readiness If they could do what they did in this book then surely I can do something too God is good God is still active in the world

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