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    I m not one to complain that a novella or short story is too short After all, limited length is what one expects from those formats, and I m a big believer that trimming the literary fat can make for a engaging, tightly plotted and smoothly paced read Restless readers like I am are far less likely to tire of a well written, imagination stimulating novella than those unnecessarily bloated 400 page, ugh, this AGAIN We GET it already novels The thing is, this story felt like it was lacking not just in length, but in substance I didn t feel much of a connection with the characters or fully buy into their connection with each other There are some novellas that sell me instantly on the H and h having a bond and soulmate y chemistry particularly if they knew each other before the novella begins In this case, it felt like two characters who were in lust rather than in anything close to love,...

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    This novella by the always dependable Carlyle manages to pack full servings revenge and romance in half the normal length Our hero seeks revenge for his younger sister, who was seduced by a fortune hunter and killed herself This is how his path cross with a lovely, common sense young widow who is the fo...

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    Loved every minute of the book if only there were The book deserves to be longer than a short story and Christian and Elise really do make a great couple

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    A terrific novella everything you want expect in a longer romance great dialogue, sharp characters, plenty of conflict , and all done up with style.

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    2,5Estava gostando, mesmo com o insta love acho que meio requisito para o romance hist rico, geralmente tem , mas depois n o parecia tanto amor , mas sim lux ria E perto do final, foi uma confus o de pensamentos que me deixou um pouco se...

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    This originally was found in the anthology Tea for Two, so if you have already read that, no need to get this I realize that authors need to get paid, but I m usually irritated when purchasing what seems to be a new short story only to find out I already own it in the original anthology.

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    Nice little novella with good writing and a good story Christian is one those rakish heroes healed changed by a good woman Elise was lonely and needed the jolt he could give her live.

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    A novella originally part of

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    3,5 stars

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    A short but good read.

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Hunting Season In The Novella Hunting Season, Christian Villiers, The Marquis Of Grayston, Returns To England From A Life Of Exile On The Continent, Determined To Ruin The Man Responsible For His Beloved Sister S Suicide Seducing The Cad S Intended Bride Seems The Quickest Path To Revenge.But Enticing Elise, Lady Middleton, Into Sin Will Be Harder Than Greyston Realizes During An Elaborate Country House Party, Grayston Realizes He Has Met His Match In The Fiery And Passionate Elise, And Soon He Must Decide Whether A Moment Of Vengeance Is Worth Risking A Lifetime Of Love.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 165 pages
  • Hunting Season
  • Liz Carlyle
  • English
  • 05 October 2018

About the Author: Liz Carlyle

Dear Readers, The awful truth about novelists is that we are mostly dull, introverted homebodies who only write in order to live our fantasies vicariously I came to writing rather late in life, and I m still amazed I can get paid for doing something I love, and that I get to stay home while I do it My favorite comedian Steve Martin once said, I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and ca