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  • ebook
  • 304 pages
  • Amos
  • J.D. Mason
  • English
  • 19 March 2019
  • 9781451617269

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    They were soul and funk, rhythm and blues, jazz and boogaloo all roll up into a sound that even the angels couldn t help dance to Is one of my favorite lines in this book I fell in love with Bernice s with the reading of Sugar And most of the time she hasn t disappoint...

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    I picked this up and I just couldn t put it down It was so good And having been written by three different wonderful ladies there was never a moment when the writing felt different it was seamless Reading this book touched on some personal father issues, but it was funny how true to life the ...

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    4 stars Oct 20, 2015 Reads much better now than previously3 stars Dec 9, 2012 Because this was written by 3 authors, I really wish I had the option of rating based on chapters and who wrote what While some characters were well developed, others weren t and that was disappointing.

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    Just a great read Enjoy every minute of it.

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    Finding Amos was truly a good read for me Amos put music before his own girls And he paid for that He became ill and lonely.but in the end his daughters forgave him I would recommend this book to readers.

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    Very thought provoking novel Truly the power of forgiveness was displayed and although there was a little hurt between Amos and his girls, healing really took place I really enjoyed this novel

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    The three authors complement each others stylethe story blends so smoothly you will not be able to tell who has written what part.

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    4.5 stars

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    This was a story of forgiveness, and always treating people how you would like to be treated You cannot treat people anyway and expect them to be there for you if you were never there for them.

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    The whole story line just went off the rails Not very exciting.

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Amos Three Bestselling Authors Join Talents In A Multi Dimensional Novel That Illustrates The Importance Of Love, Family, And Forgiveness.Three Daughters, Connected Only Through Their Relationship To Amos, A Now Elderly Ex Musician Struggling With Alzheimer S Disease, Find Their Lives Intertwining As A Car Accident Reunites Them At Amos S Bedside Bringing Some Long Buried Issues To Light.Cass Has Little Self Worth After Amos Left Her As A Child It Is Only Through Her Cake Decorating Business And Encouragement From Her Best Friend That She Begins To Reconstruct Her Life, Eventually Realizing She Has Enough Room In Her Heart To Forgive Him Love Starved Toya Doesn T Want To Emulate Others Failed Relationships As She Begins To Strengthen Her Morals And Stops Seducing Married Men She Is Surprised To Discover That She Shares Some Similarities With Amos Tomiko Is A Beautiful But Lonely Woman Despite Having A Successful Career In Writing, She Attempts To Keep Aspects Of Herself And Her Past Buried As A Coping Mechanism However, New Love Reawakens Her Faith In Both Herself And Men.As Cass, Toya, And Tomiko Reconcile Their Feelings Of Abandonment, Amos Reflects On His Life And The Decisions He Made And By Revisiting Their Painful Pasts, They All Find Ways To Reconnect With Each Other And Live With Compassion.

About the Author: J.D. Mason

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