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  1. Melissasfandomworld Melissasfandomworld says:

    I've wanted to read a story with Pegasus present for ages now and my hubby bought me this one for Christmas it was on my wishlist It didn't take me long to pick it up and I had it finished within 15 days This was such a fun and fast paced read and I'm glad I can share this book and review with you guys A young girl a winged horse and a war of epic proportions make for an adventurous start to an exciting new trilogy When Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm Emily’s life changes forever Suddenly allied with a winged horse she’d always thought was mythical Emily is thrust into the center of a fierce battle between the Roman gods and a terrifying race of multiarmed stone warriors called the Nirads Emily must team up with a thief named Paelen the goddess Diana and a boy named Joel in order to return Pegasus to Olympus and rescue the gods from a certain death Along the way Emily and her companions will fight monsters run from a government agency that is prepared to dissect Pegasus and even fly above the Manhattan skyline—all as part of a uest to save Olympus before time runs out We follow two main characters; Emily a human girl and Paelen an Olympian thief Both were truly fun to read about seeing they were completely different characters I love how strong minded Emily is and how she went above and beyond to keep Pegasus safe and how she tries to keep the Nyriads from destroying the world It's really you isn't it? Emily whispered softly as she stroked the soft muzzle You're Pegasus aren't you? The stallionnudged her hand inviting another stroke In that one rain drenched instant Emily felt her world changing Forever Paelen was uite interesting because at first he isn't your typical good guy he's uiet selfish really which isn't a particular attractive trait haha but still I liked him He was uite the character and uite funny from time to time And through Paelen we learn so much about Olympus along the way which was something I was really curious about beforehand so I gobbled everything up so fast and truly couldn't get enough of it He flies because he has wingsI would have thought even you could figure that out for yourself Paelen Pegasus was the main reason why I wanted to read this book in the first place because helloooo who doesn't think Pegasus is awesome? Well I do anyway haha And I was not disappointed by his presence I think the author did a great job at portraying this majestic creature the way she did On his own he was a truly interesting 'character' and then there's also the forming bondfriendship with Emily that's developing throughout the book which was nicely written downI Truly cannot wait to see what adventures these two are going to experience thankfully book 2 and 3 are on its way as we speak so I'm able to continue their story very soon So yeah conclusion It's been a while since I've last read a Middle Grade book and I was thoroughly surprised by how entertaining The Flame of Olympus turned out to be Sure in all honesty I'm always honest btw but you know it's just a phrase haha you just can't expect the story to have as much depth compared to most YA and adult fantasy book you know? Keep in mind it's written as a middle grade book and when I look at it that way the only way you should really look at it because it IS a middle grade book I'm definitely of an opinion that it has uite some depth present which I wasn't expecting to be honest It's just a really great first book in this new to me series and I'm so excited to find out what adventures there'll come for Pegasus and his friends and how the entirety of the series will grow as well with each new installment that follows after this oneI'd definitely and highly recommend this one to anyone who likes a fantasyRoman mythology inspired story that'll sweep you off your feet almost uite literally even thanks to Pegasus ; An enchanting thrilling and entertaining action packed read is guaranteed when you pick up this book whether you're 9 years old or 90 years old A winning mix of modern adventure and classic fantasy Rick Riordan Thanks for reading

  2. Wonderlandreviews30 Wonderlandreviews30 says:

    Searching my way through the Barnes and noble book shelves I didn't expect to find Pegasus The flame of Olympus I was intrigued by the beautiful cover art and what I read from the inside flap Another thing that caught my attention was the praise from bestseller Rick Rick Riordian Now I never been fond of authors giving praises to another author but for some reason I trusted Rick Riordian's praise because I am such a huge fan of his books series and I love Greek and Roman mythology Now straight to the book review I can't express how much I enjoyed this book Pegasus the flame of Olympus focuses on two main characters Emily and Paelen I loved Emily from start to finish Emily was a go getter type of girl She spoke her mind and even through a broken leg Emily wanted to fight Emily did what she had to do to save Pegasus and keep the Nirads from destroying the world Now Paelen I didn't care for at the beginning Paelen was selfish and only thought of his own needs But as I kept reading Paelen started to grow on me Paelen realized his faults and what wrong he did He also made me laugh a few times as he was being interrogated by Agent J I also loved Emily's friend Joel but I won't go too much into himI will not discuss the plot because I want people to read this book All I will say is not once was I disappointed and when the book ended my heart fell out of my chest I didn't want this great adventure that I got locked into to end I will gladly say there will be two books coming out and I can't wait

  3. Brenna Brenna says:

    I was really excited about this book Like really excited But as I am beginning to realize Pegasus or unicorns as the case may be does not guarantee a good book As a side note I once was really excited for a book about killer unicorns that turned out to be really lameThis book totally killed its potential let’s see right about the time I read the sentence starting with a dependent clause Eye twitch No actually I kinda lost interest with the prologue Like Ranger’s Apprentice this one tried to start out all badass and stuff like “Oh no there’s war in Olympus and the gods simply can’t win on their own” Which sometimes happens even to godsexcept this time the focus was on some nobody who wanted to steal Pegasus in the midst of the fighting These things also happen but uh there’s already a perfectly good thieftrickster god in the Roman pantheon name of Mercury and oh shit it seems that the author has conveniently killed him off so people like me can’t put up their hands and say “But but” Already annoyed by thatThen and I uote “Somehow” the gods are capable not only of being wounded but dying as well while their enemies are conveniently untouchable—except for this one time when Diana uses her dead brother’s spear to wound one of them but that was just a fluke ya’ll I HATE “somehow” explanations The gods can die Fine that’s shaking things up a little But don’t put me off with “somehows” because that’s just the author’s excuse for not figuring her shit out ahead of time “Somehow the gods are dying Not sure how yet but I’ll figure it out eventually Don’t worry your pretty little head Reader”In fact there are so many “somehows” in this book that by the time I was 100 pages in I was no longer entirely sure that the author knew what her characters were doing AT ALL “Somehow” the main character knows what Pegasus is thinking Well great How? Mind meld? The eyes are the windows of the soul? Pegasus can project his thoughts? No it’s “somehow” againSo I said “somehow” I’ll just have to live on without knowing how this book ends

  4. Kelsi Kelsi says:

    Better review to come this book deserves itAlso are you a Pegasus fan? This is the group for youThe Pegasus Series FanclubAnyone who loves Pegasus may join Also please sign this petition so the Pegasus Series can be made into a movie

  5. Amy Amy says:

    Okaythis is a children's book It is for people 8 and up It is not complex It is not deep It is not adult fiction It isn't even YA fiction It is not as complicated nor as deep as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson It is perfect for the 3rd 4th 5th 6th grade set With that being said I am an adult and I read it after my 9 year old daughter I wanted to see what was in it I don't read many of her books but this one held my attention and I wanted to know what happened I will read the next three books not yet released in USI am awaiting a set from UK Ebay and my daughter can't wait to get them I can see where as an adult I could find fault with some of the characters some of the bad guys and some of the conclusions Neil Gaiman Neverwhere is a little MY style and so is The Veil of Gold by Kim Wilkins Remember it is children's literature and is listed as 8 and up If you have a young daughterchild who isn't ready for Percy like Harry Potter Percy increases in difficulty and situation she will love this book Boys will enjoy it too if they are not hung up on the female lead She has a male side kick and another main character Paelen is male It is a great introduction into the Roman Gods The lead of Pegasus is wonderful I will be interested to see how if there is any difference in the US published version from the UK version I do have to admitthe publisher needs a better proof reader

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    So um every child should read thisevery teen should read thisevery PERSON SHOULD READ THISAt the time I was an innocent child who hadn't been introduced to smexy hot romance booksWhat did my small mind latch on to because I didn't know that romance existed??MythologySo if you're a geek like me who loves all that gods and Hades and Persephone story shit this is the one for youHere comes this small girl Emily I know not much of a fetus compared to me but you gotta realize that this girl is AWESOMEAnd thenthe horse of every child's dreamspresentingTHE UNICORN WITHOUT A HORNcough Umyeah it's just Pegasusta da And this amazing duo create a wonderful story that my mind has already forgotten since I'm an old fart compared to this girl but those are the details This book was amazing and will leave you crazy for the second so definitely try it out

  7. skippity_doo skippity_doo says:

    Overall I felt a bit frustrated by this book I really wanted to LOVE it and while I did enjoy it in parts I kept feeling like it needed MORE Even by the end I couldn't uite work out uite what age it was supposed to be pitched at the language was a little juvenile for it to be YA but the premise the age of the protagonist and the interrogationtorture scenes whilst not being overly grim made me feel like it was a little old for 9 12sI couldn't really get a handle on the writing style at first the prologue had me wincing all the way through but as the plot started to grab me I began to notice it less Or perhaps it got smoother I'm not entirely sureI also found some of the dialogue a little wordy not Diana who would use a formal register but once or twice Joel's speech jumped out at me I also found the Pegs nickname extremely irritating but I can see a 13 year old coming up with a nickname along those lines so I tried to let it slide I found the ending a little problematic in that Emily's rebirth healed her leg injury I was thinking that a protagonist with war wounds pitched to young girls was a really interesting choice but then we hit the reset button The main character Emily was sweet and likeable enough and seemed to have a good sensible head on her shoulders going to fetch Joel for help suggesting the glue instead of stitching and executing the hair dye disguise etc The plot moved at a good pace despite being utterly predictable but I enjoyed the small detours around New York City like the carriage horses scene I enjoyed the way in which the characters began to slowly form a team and start to trust one another I felt like the setup was good but would have preferred a little time on Mount Olympus the ending felt a bit rushedIn conclusion I wish the author had a smoother style and had been brave enough to go off the beaten path in terms of the setupconflictresolutions which happened I will probably read the seuels anyway and hope for the best

  8. Liviania Liviania says:

    Percy Jackson fans will be happy to learn that there's a new set of Olympians in town Originally published in the UK Kate O'Hearn's Pegasus trilogy is coming to the US Released just last month was the first book THE FLAME OF OLYMPUSWritten in the third point of view the narration flips back and forth between Paelen a thief god and Emily a young New Yorker Paelen attempted to steal Pegasus' bridle during a battle between the Olympians and Nirads and ended up zapped to present time Emily found Pegasus injured on her roof and a group of men in black found Paelen with the bridle But both Pegasus and the bridle are needed to save OlympusNo adventure is complete if the ragtag band of heroes isn't likeable Emily and her classmate Joel are resourceful children willing to work hard to protect their friends Joel may need to learn to control his temper but Emily is already skilled at doing the right thing even when its hard Paelen could take a few lessons from her He begins the story a coward but begins to change as he figures out what truly gets you respect On the thief scale of one to Eugenides he's certainly no Eugenides but he grows on you All considered it's easy to root for their victory over the Nirads and cruel secret agent goonsTHE FLAME OF OLYMPUS might be inappropriate for some younger readers due to the number of deaths at least one of which is fairly gruesome and brief scenes of torture It's nothing I didn't read at that age but I try to note these things for those with sensitive childrenYoung mythology fans will enjoy THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS and eagerly wait for the rest of the series to be released stateside And it does not fall into my series pet peeve THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS tells a complete story although there are threads left dangling to be addressed in the next book

  9. ☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė ☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė says:

    I read this book a while ago and it was pretty good

  10. Thenamenerd Thenamenerd says:

    EDIT Review hereI came into this book expecting it to be either mediocre or bad It's somewhere in between the twoThis is yet another mediocre Percy Jackson cash in series involving Roman mythology Sorry to rain on your parade Kate O'Hearn but Uncle Rick beat you to it with The Heroes of Olympus series Oh wait This book doesn't even deserve to be compared to the epicness that is Heroes of OlympusLet's start with charactersEmily Emily is our protagonist Her main personality trait is sadness about her mother's death but that goes away after the action starts And I'm not really sure if that's even a trait I guess she'sdetermined? The point is she's pretty bland view spoilerI spotted the Daughter of Vesta twist near immediately and when the reveal finally happened they never explained anything Is she a demigod? Was their a previous Flame of Olympus before she was born? How does this work with her mom? hide spoiler

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Pegasus and the Flame ❴Download❵ ➵ Pegasus and the Flame Author Kate O'Hearn – A young girl a winged horse and an Olympian war make for an adventurous start to an exciting trilogyWhen Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm thirteen year old Emily’s life A young girl a winged horse and an Olympian war make for an adventurous start to an exciting trilogyWhen Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm thirteen year old Emily’s life changes forever Suddenly allied with a winged horse she’d always thought was mythical Emily is thrust into the center of a fierce battle between the Roman gods and a terrifying race of multiarmed stone warriors called the Nirads Emily must team up with a thief named Paelen the goddess Diana Pegasus and ePUB ½ and a mortal boy named Joel in order to return Pegasus to Olympus and rescue the gods from a certain death Along the way Emily and her companions will fight monsters run from a government agency that is prepared to dissect Pegasus and even fly above the Manhattan skyline—all as part of a uest to save Olympus before the Olympic flame burns out.

  • ebook
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  • Pegasus and the Flame
  • Kate O'Hearn
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  • 08 July 2014
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Kate O'Hearn was born in Toronto Canada but raised in the heart of New York City and has lived in many places throughout her life These days she calls the south coast of England home She has brothers no sisters and is passionate about animals and their causes and has many animal friends PetsOver the course of her life she has had several careers before finding her real love writing chil.