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    Starts to get repetitive after a time, but the main thesis was paradigm shifting in my reading of Luke Acts, as well as my hearing of the New Testament writings.

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    Interesting analysis of the text.

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The Way according to Luke Among The Classics Of Ancient Greek And Jewish Literature, The Story Of Luke Acts Has Few Rivals Yet We Moderns Miss Much Of The Meaning Of Luke S Two Part Drama Because We Read It Like Any Other Text And Not As It Would Have Been Heard By Ancient Listeners In Public Performance By A Skilled Storyteller The Way According To Luke Unlocks The Big Picture Of Jesus Mission By Attending To The Repetition, Patterns, And Other Clues Of Oral Narrative In This Single Volume Paul Borgman Lays Out A Holistic View Of The Organic Unity Between Luke And Acts While Demonstrating That The Meaning Of Luke Acts Is Uniquely Embedded In Its Narrative Borgman S Distinctive Work Makes Available Both The Satisfying Pleasure Of Reading The Bible As Great Literature And The Rewarding Insight Gained From Receiving Scripture As It Was Originally Delivered.