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    Enjoyable, but the most important section that recommended what to do with individual plantings was much briefer than the designed pots that grouped multiple plants together Maybe it just doesn t seem as fun to me to follow a set recipe but as an inexperienced gardener, I could be missing out

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    I got some really good idea on how to get a little creative with working with potted plants and what I could do with that space Not just flowers and herbs, but vegetables too This was an easy read, lost of good ideas for different space allotments, I wished there were a ...

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    Normally, I wouldn t even put a book like this one here, but I actually read this entire thingand it is really very helpful I am in an apartment, and want to grow my own veggies on my patio, and this book gave me a lot of ideas and tips on how to do that I may even buy the bo...

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    This book is incredibly helpful and easy to use I m so excited it s finally spring and I can put the lessons I ve learned to use

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    Some great project ideas for small spaces.

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    Really pretty ideas for growing edibles in pots Must remember to try zucchini nasturtiums borage and red leaf lettuce with yellow bush beans Spectacular

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Small is Bountiful Small Is Bountiful Shows You How To Use The Latest Practices Of High Density Patio Gardening To Grow Beautiful Crops, Herbs And Flowers In Containers, Window Boxes, And Hanging Baskets.Imagine The Satisfaction Of Diving Into A Plate Full Of Food That You Grew Yourself Stepping Out Onto Your Patio And Picking Fresh Ingredients For A Meal Is A Special Experience That Is Possible Almost All Year Long Small Is Bountiful Shows You How To Use The Latest Practices Of High Density Patio Gardening To Grow A Cornucopia Of Mouthwatering Fruits, Delectable Vegetables, And Fresh Herbs In Large And Small Plant Containers, Window Boxes, And Hanging Baskets This Beautifully Illustrated Book Covers It All Inside You Ll Find 35 Illustrated, Easy To Follow Projects Instructions On How To Grow 30 Crops That Look As Good As They Taste Detailed Advice On What To Grow And Advice On How To Store And Preserve Your Bounty Recipes To Make From Your Fresh Ingredients Such As Carrot Soup, Quick Pesto, And Strawberry SorbetThe Best Strategies For Watering, Composting, Propagation, And Fertilizing In Small Spaces Suggestions For Flowers To Pair With Your Crops For A Patio Garden That Is As Beautiful As It Is BountifulThere Are Few Things Rewarding Than Picking Your Own Homegrown Ingredients, And The Fresh Flavor Of Newly Harvested Produce Goes Way Beyond What You Ll Find In A Supermarket And You Don T Need A Farm To Do It Whether You Want To Learn How To Grow Lemon Trees In Pots Or To Create Your Very Own Salsa Window Box With Chilies, Dwarf Tomatoes, Scallions, And Coriander Small Is Bountiful Will Show How