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Broken Colour Crazy In Love Isn T Always A Good Thing Frankie Black Lives And Works At The Isleta Resort And Casino In Albuquerque He Likes The Energy And Camaraderie At The Hotel, And They Don T Mind His Eccentric Behavior Frankie S Crazy, And He Knows It He Also Knows People Are Willing To Pay A Lot Of Money For The Paintings He Painstakingly Creates When He Notices A Handsome Hotel Guest Watching Him, Frankie Thinks The Man S Just Another Art Lover Observing The So Called Genius At Work Unfortunately, The Stranger S Dark Brown Gaze Reminds Frankie Of All He S Loved And Lost, And His Hold On Reality Starts To Unravel Clint Langley Is Mesmerized By The Funny Little Man In The Bright Colored Peasant Skirt Unaware Of Frankie S Impressive Resume, He Takes Time Out Of His Boring Insurance Seminars To Spend His Days Observing Frankie From Afar Eventually, He Steps Out Of His Comfort Zone And Reaches Out To The Painter, But When He Notices Changes In Frankie S Behavior, Clint Wonders If He S Strong Enough To Give Frankie The Unconditional Love It Will Take To Make A Relationship Work.

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    I m so sadI really wanted to love this book Frankie the eccentric tortured artist and the insurance suit Clint I don t mind the love at first sight or the soul mate troupe, but Frankie has a lot of very serious issues and had been in treatment for 15 years, and one week with Clint and the magic dick healed him or at least made a huge step in his recovery possible I m not saying that C...

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    For those readers who may complain that this story is too short..this is carol Lynne after all, most of her stories are short and this is not an exception.For me it was just perfect.

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    I wanted to love this I ve been waiting for it ever since I read the Coming Soon excerpt, but this was a little blah for Carol Lynne.Frankie and Clint s story has all the makings of a proper angst fest, past trauma, psychological issues, bad breakups, and yet, it s oddly uneventful.Clint checks into the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque, which apparently Ms Lynne has fond feelings for if anything is a Mary Sue in this book, it s the hotel sees Frankie dressed in his strange outfit of peasant skirt and Birkenstocks, and becomes unaccountably...

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    I think I was expecting something , so it was a little bit of a let down for me For starters, it was way way WAY too short I honestly feel that someone with such deep rooted problems as Frankie needs than a mere 50...

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    I was intrigued by the blurb but disappointed by the story Not only is it super quick insta love which only ever really works for me in paranormal shifter vamp stories but I also found their love relationship too much of an insta cure for a lifetime s worth of mental issues I did li...

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    You took my broken colors that lay scattered about the room With a kiss you made them wholeYou help me make it through Wesley HeskethFrankie Black in Broken Colors by Carol Lynne is a complicated person inside and out He s very talented his artwork is everything to this brilliant painter, but he s eccentric, even for an artist Frankie is also compulsive obsessive and riddled with Survivor s Guilt His panic attacks are off the scale and PTSS completely disables him at times Frankie is the quintessential Gordian knot and he knows it He holds little hope of ever untangling it which is what he needs to do in order to recover and be happy He needs someone to help free him from the bonds of his own making, which are slowly smothering him to death It s a tall order and will take a special person When he meets Clint, he s attracted to him, but he s also terrified Instinctively, Frankie knows that this is a turning point in his life and he s not sure he s ready to face it, but with Clint s persistence, he knows he is going to try.Clint Langley is bored...

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    Broken Colour is a sweet story by Carol Lynne about a romance between Frankie Black, a bright, but fragile young artist and Clint Langley, a slightly older insurance man Frankie is living at the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque when Clint spots him from the check in register The odd little guy dressed in a skirt and carrying a large painting immediately fascinates him.Frankie has some mental health issues stemming from his tragic past Lynne deals with these issues sensitively, making them an integral part of Broken Colour The give and take between Clint and Frankie as they try and find their way through the brambles of Frankie s past and the pitfalls of starting a new relationship are sweet to watch.Broken Colour is a short story, but it doesn t short change on the character development both Clint and Frankie are interesting men Frankie is colorful and engaging as he pursues his art in a hotel that he s called home for a year While Clint comes across as a...

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    Needed to be longer.

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    This story would have been brilliant if instead of taking place over a weekend it had taken place over years.