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Paw Tracks in the Moonlight A Snowy January Night A Cat That Beat The Odds A Man Whose Life Would Be Forever Changed This Is The Remarkable Story Of Toby Jug, The Extraordinary Cat Who Thought He Was Human Paw Prints In The Moonlight Is The Truly Special Tale Of One Kind Man And The Cat That Changed His Life Set In The Rural Splendor Of Northumberland, England, This Heartwarming And Classic Book Will Be Cherished By People Of All Ages.When Denis O Connor Rescues A Three Week Old Kitten From Certain Death During A Snowstorm, Little Does He Know How This Tiny Creature Will Change His Life Forever Against All Odds The Kitten Whom He Names Toby Jug Survives And Turns Out To Be A Wondrous Maine Coon Cat Extraordinaire Life With Toby Is Never Dull, And Denis And Toby Embark On A Series Of Sometimes Comical, Sometimes Poignant Adventures That Bring Them Ever Closer Together From The Massive Invasion Of Bees At Owl Cottage To The Mysterious Case Of The Disappearing Tomatoes, Denis And Toby Form An Extraordinary Bond, And The Cat That No One Thought Would Live Through The Night Ends Up Altering The Lives Of Everyone He Meets.With Spectacular Watercolor Illustrations Depicting Toby S Many Hijinks, This Timeless Story About The Power Of Pets Will Captivate Readers Of Dewey The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World, Marley Me Life And Love With The World S Worst Dog, And Oogy The Dog Only A Family Could Love

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Paw Tracks in the Moonlight
  • Denis O'Connor
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780312668297

About the Author: Denis O'Connor

Denis O Connor trained as a psychologist and teacher Throughout his career he taught in schools and lectured in colleges and universities He is retired and lives with his wife Catherine and his two Maine Coon cats in a remote country cottage in Northumberland.

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    This book is featured on Throwback Thursday first noticed this book after my friend Leila was reading it on Goodreads and then I noticed that Luis Carlos Montalvan had rated it highly and reviewed it as well I got online and ordered a copy and was pleasantly surprised to obtain a signed copy I m so happy to have found this gem of a book It s one of the best cat stories I ve read.This book is the true story of Toby Jug, a Maine Coone kitten rescued at the age of three weeks old from the barren winter by the author, Denis O Connor The book highlights the author s experience with trying to save Toby Jug with limited resources and knowledge Denis O Connor shares the story of the relationship they build together over the course of a year and beyond.Toby Jug proved to be a unique cat who was both curious and adventurous but remained loyal to Denis throughout his life I loved reading about their adventures together, including car rides and walks through the garden It reminded me of my own cats and th...

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    For me personally, this is one of the most moving books I have read in a long time, though I feel it isn t for everyone It is autobiographical in content Lovers of the countryside, animals and cats in particular are the most likely readers of this book The author has written a gentle,genuine, detailed and intimate portrait covering a portion of his life It is a true story Set in Northumberland in the North of England quite close to where I livethe author shares his life with a tiny Maine Coon kitten he rescues from near death in the depths of winter His descriptions of the rural surroundings throughout the seasons are beautiful His tender relationship with his beloved cat throughout the book is something really special I took my time reading this exquisite story as there was so much to appreciate The cover of the book attracted me too I smiled, laughed and shed tears while reading this book I will for sure read it again and also will read ...

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    Paw Tracks in the Moonlight will tug at your heart and paw at your soul Toby Jug and Denis share a love that is otherworldly and yet so close to home.

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    I don t often cry at books, but I wept at this one And then I went and hugged my own cat It s definitely worth reading though Toby Jug was a special cat and like all cats would relish his story being told who brought a lot of happiness into the world That s what made it...

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    I really loved this delightful tale about Dennis and Toby Jug Who would think that a book with very little else happening apart from the relationship between a slightly eccentric character and his cat would be so interesting A very gentle paced story that I really looked forward to picking up, and losing myself, to find out what was happening It very much reminded me whilst reading of Noodle We, as a family, were living in Saudi Arabia for a 4 year posting with my husbands job Sneak was a semi ferile female cat living on our compound who had litter after litter and was looking awful, scabby, skinny and very Ill Sneak would parade her kittens along the streets for the residents to see as she knew we would bring out food and water and milk for her and the kittens She appeared friendly until you got too close to the kittens and then she d attack We all knew the rules and stuck by them if we wanted to see them The PAWS representative on the compound couldn t catch her in time between pregnancies to have her spayed for her own health and benefit so it was decided to catch her when she d had her latest litter She was caught but 2 of the kittens had been moved and could not be found We had one of the 3 found At the time he was only 4 weeks old and we had to prepare ourselves for the possibility that he wouldn t make it I had to sleep with him snuggled into my neck and hair and wake up to ...

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    I liked this book because there s nothing tacky about it and there s no bad language or sex in it It is a good, clean read It has given me hope that creative writing without sex or swearing in it is still published The book is a bit slow in parts however The style of writing is clear, but a little dry and boring in parts Nevertheless there were some quirky bits and what I loved most is Denis O Conor s tenderness for his pet, and it reveals how people long for something to fill emotionally sterile gaps in their life as he put it.The only thing I found puzzling was the author s spirituality which seemed mixed up The author obviously had a spiritual side to his personality, but it seemed to flit from omens, pagan talk to the...

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    I first saw this book on GoodReads as a giveaway I did not win one When my local library got it, my name was the first on the list As a lifelong cat lover as well as other animals I could not wait to read If you have ever had a deep bond with a cat, then you must read this book AS I read the first page, I knew I was in trouble I knew I could not put down until finished and I didn t Toby Jug and Denis O Connor will melt your heart and put great big smiles on your face Then along the way and as Toby Jug grows up, he finds many, many adventures, some will make your pulse race and feel as if your heart is in your throat Sadly, as we all know no one lives forever and the last chapter will have tears running down your cheeks and...

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