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    The History of the Thirteen purports to be the story of a secret society but in actuality itsof study of society and various types of love First, a note on the general nature of Balzac s work Balzac was an author with wide ranging concerns Balzac is at his best when he s making observations about society and talking about Paris at large the strata of society, the types of people living in it, how they interacted with each other Some observations are very clever One great line is wh The History of the Thirteen purports to be the story of a secret society but in actuality itsof study of society and various typ...

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    The criminal as superman Balzac s fascination with crime as the obverse of society and because the criminal epitomizes the shapeshifting of modernism There s also a heavily gothic element to these stories Balzac distinguishes his novellas from traditional gothic because he is charting the physiognomy of Paris, his great subject As always, Balzac tends to over describe He is the epitome of thick description, sometimes to the narrative s detriment.I would give Girl with the Golden Eyes 5 st The c...

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    Thirteen powerful men are part of a secret society above and beyond the law This book is a collection of three short stories from La Comedie Humaine.

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    Bit too prolix to be top flight Balzac Inspired a classic movie by Rivette.

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    L occhio spietato di un grande reazionarioQuesto volume, piccolo tassello di quell opera mastodontica che la Com die humaine, raccoglie tre romanzi brevi o racconti lunghi, reperibili anche singolarmente in varie edizioni.Filo rosso che unisce i tre racconti sono i D vorants, sorta di setta segreta operaia che riunisce uomini in grado di tramare contr...

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    To give this book the credit it deserves, read and project yourself back to the time in which it was written And then, examine closely the statements that Balzac is making, many of which are so relevant today Just as the writing of Thoreau has today s young readers gob smacked at his relevance to present day thought, Balzac s stories are teeth grittingly reflective of today s world...

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    I read these very loosely connected stories in anticipation of watching Jacques Rivette s massive film Out one Apparently the film is somehow based on this collection and I wanted to have as much ammunition as I could as I delve into the 12 hour film My reaction to this volume is the same as my reaction to the other Balzac I have read sloppy writer,...

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    Girl with the Golden Eyes, 3.5, notes in reading progress.Ferragus, 4.0, the opening pages on Parisian streets and intermittent bits on the lobster like jointed monster of the city are up there with the zoological class strata passage at the start of Golden Eyes Where these novellas are only relatively weak in characterization and plot, they make up for it with some of B s most memorable long view descriptions of society If one were to cut and paste together an...

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    The Thirteen is a trilogy consisting of Ferragus, The Duchesse de Langeais and The Girl with the Golden Eyes The premise tying them together is the fact that there is a group of thirteen men who will aid each other...

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    Three stories involving members of a secret society Ferragus chief of the Companions of Duty, The Duchesse de Langais, and The Girl with the Golden Eyes Somewhat gothic, melodramatic Not one of my favorites Translated by Jerbert J Hunt I really need to read a biography of Balzac.

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Istoria celor treisprezece Included In This Volume Are Ferragus, Chief Of The Devorants And La Duchesse De Langeais.