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And Having Writ... In This Alternate History Novel, The Tunguska Event Was Caused By An Alien Spaceship Crashing The Crew Manage To Land Safely And Then Spend The Next Few Decades Changing History As A Side Effect Of Encouraging The Creation Of Technology That Can Repair Their Ship.

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    If you don t look or think about it too hard, this book is pretty basic. aliens crash land near San Francisco in early 1908, and the world changes The unique part is that it s told entirely from the point of view of one of the aliens, and never changes even though the aliens are spectators in the story than anything else.They try to get Earth s tech to advance, and utterly fail, only to have their mere presence have massive unintended consequences It s hard to go into any details without spoilers, but while it was a fun, unique book, there were a couple problems.Really, this should have been a short story a good 1 2 the book was spend on the aliens European tour , when probably 10 pages would have done. they did the same exact thing 3 times vising the three major European monarchs , with almost no variance The other was that it was just to...

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    It lacks verisimilitude, but is a quick, entertaining, charming, and easy read May hold an overly optimistic view of mankind, but I don t really mind that.

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    Reread June 1980.Read May 1979.

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