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Catmas Carols Book and Audiotape Learn How To Make The Best Use Of This Versatile And Exciting Figure Creation Package, Whether You Are Using Version 3, 4, The Pro Pack Or The Version 5 Upgrade This Is An In Depth Guide That Explains Each Aspect Of The Process Of Creating A Figure With The Curious Labs Poser It Begins With Simple Projects, Such As Creating Morphs Or Conforming Clothing For Existing Figures, And Takes You Through To The Advanced Options Such As Geometry Swapping, Joint Parameters, The Design Of The Mesh And How That Will Affect The Working Of Your Figure Each Section Begins With The Theory Behind Each Step, Giving An Abstracted Base Knowledge Of The Task At Hand Then There Is A Practical Section, In Which The Concepts Are Put To Use In Examples, Code Snippets And Tutorial Examples, Which You Can Follow By Using The Free Files On The CD ROM Finally, In Each Section There Is A Trouble Shooting Guide For Any Problems And Or Bugs That May Occur In Each Stage So You Are Fully Equipped To Use This Package Professionally If You Want To Know, Not Only What Steps To Follow, But How To Design The Figure For Optimal Performance And Why Things Work The Way They Do, Then This Book Should Help.

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