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    In Shetland in the Shed, Mandy s family must take care of a little girl named Polly However, after Polly s mother died in a terrible horse riding accident, Polly has become terrified of horses Even an adorable little Shetland pony Mandy must slowly help Poll...

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    great story about perseverance and animals perfect for young readers who enjoy animals Especially horses Recommend any of the Animal Ark series, read in one sitting.

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    Mandy,a young girl,and her family own a veterinary clinic named Animal Mark Mandy Hope helps her parents with all kinds of animals but mainly farm animals such as,horses,pigs,etc.If Mandy sees an abandoned animal outside of the animal clinic she wants to pick it up and help the animal in any kind of way The family takes care of Polly and the Shetland pony too The pony is beautiful and gentle, but Polly refuses to accept him She is a afraid of them ever since her mom died from ...

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    the first lucy daniels and animal ark book i read and loved and always have loved it, also one of the first actual books i read that wasnt fairy tales lol i basically grow up reading this book over and over again really love it sooo much xxxx

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    This book was a little disappointing for a horse book It wasn t what I was expecting I don t know why the little girl didn t like horses what girl doesn t like horses Anyways she did eventually, but I don t know it just wasn t what I tonight it would be.

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    polly didn t like ponies then one day she started to like them then she rode one one day she went riding all by herself her pony new the bridge was going to break so she stopped her auryn 7 years

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    JEAR3 Bag

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    Mandy helps Polly overcome her fear of horses.

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    I really enjoyed this whole series as a child Back then I d devour each of the books as soon as I could get my hands on them.

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    I was completely obsessed with this series of books when I was a child and my aim was to read every single book They are a really good children s series.

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Shetland in the Shed Mandy Is Delighted To Help Her Parents Care For Polly, A Friend S Daughter, And The Girl S Beautiful Shetland Pony At Animal Ark She S Surprised, However, To Find That Polly Has A Deep Rooted Fear Of Horses The Pony Is Gentle And Beautiful, But Polly Refuses To Have Anything To Do With It Can Mandy And James Help Polly Learn To Love Her Pony

  • Library Binding
  • 130 pages
  • Shetland in the Shed
  • Ben M. Baglio
  • English
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9780613330527

About the Author: Ben M. Baglio

Lucy Daniels Each ghostwriter is named with a Special Thanks on the copyright page.Using his real name he also wrote the book series The Pet Finders Club, featuring a group of three children who search for peoples lost pets.