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    From the outset, the authors, investigator Walter Bosley and historian Richard B Spence, warn readers against the expectation of answers In Empire of the Wheel, they begin with a series of deaths in San Bernardino, some murders, one apparent suicide, back in 1915, completely forgotten today, even by residents of that once important city From there, the authors expand into Hindu and German espionage before the Great War, spiritualism and occult workings, ley lines and telluric currents in Southern California, Disneyland and carousels, the travels of English magician Aleister Crowley, and the activities of the Zodiac Killer a half century later The connections they make between these disparate subjects lead to conjectures that boggle the mind and make you question the nature of reality Whether or not these outr suggestions are true, the reader is left with the feeling that he has been afforded a brief glimpse behind the scenes of reality, a look at the hidden clockwork of the world.If you are also a fan of Bosley s fiction as am I many of the places and people will resonate with you In I Will See You in Time, he transfers many of the historical personages to a fictional milieu where he can further explore his speculations and theories, but without the limitations automatically imposed by the passage of time Any investigation of events which powers and principalities want to remain hidden is difficult, but that is especially true when the investigators are separat...

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    Pointlessly wide margins, but fast delivery from print on demand co., Lulu, just down the highway from me and a good company well run Love the story, the connecting of dots, and Walter is a solid writer and a bla...

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    In Empire Of The Wheel An Occult Investigation Of Occult Espionage And Murder Walter Bosley Richard Spence take us on a fascinating, and yet disturbing examination of the occult happenings of 20th Century Southern California.From the get go the authors begin to paint the picture of what the environment was like, and what was taking place when each of the unfortunate victims were slain.A very detailed and extensive inspection is done of the facts, as well as various theories that might shed light into what possibly took place during those murky times The word might is used because it s up to the reader to decide whether or not these murders that s what my gut says were random , or if they had a deeper meaning an esoteric one perhaps.The authors caution against expecting answers outright, as definitive answers are one of the things that are hard to pinpoint with such an abstruse case that has facts missing and is about a century old.The book is part Unsolved Mysteries and part X Files of the esoteric type Sprinkle in the author s unique perspectives and they elucidate a picture a rather astounding one at that that is being painted of such astonishing magnitude that it would shock the average mind.As mentioned in the book, this mystery is nigh forgotten if not outright unknow...

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    I dug it I m not too sure how much of the telluric ley line stuff I buy, but some very interesting information on a cluster of deaths in 1915 that seemed, to me, to pretty undeniably have at least some sort of connection Also has some good information on the German intelligence community of the era.

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    Despite the terrible format of the eBook and the authors underestimation that a reader can connect dots on their own, I found myself turning the pages of this book If you have an interest in the occult, ley lines and the Zodiac killer then this a book to...

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    Is very Intriguing read mystery, occult and espionage behind the seven murders in1915 San Bernandino,Southern,Southern California The authors follow leads and clues and makes a connection between these 1915 murders and the Zodiac murders in late 1960 s and early 1970 s.

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    Rock bottom.

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Empire of the Wheel Seven Questionable And Long Forgotten Deaths In Historical San Bernardino, California, Offer Clues To A Shocking Possibility That Occult Serial Murder Went Undetected As Such For Nearly A Century Through An Esoteric Based Analysis Of The Odd Facts And Unanswered Questions Of The Case, In Order To Determine A Possible Pattern In The Mind Of A Killer, There Is Revealed An Unexpected Yet Specific Connection Between All The Known Attacks By The Legendary Zodiac Killer A Half Century Later Presented For The First Time Here With Figures Like Aleister Crowley And Harry Houdini Moving About The Periphery And Through The Middle Of The Mystery, Nothing May Have Been What It Seems, And Someone Appears To Have Wanted It That Way