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In the Autumn of the Unfortunates Experience A New Twist In The Tale Of Jack The Ripper, As Seen Through The Eyes Of Renowned Artist Walter Sickert Though Sickert Was Not A Suspect In The Crimes During That Time Period, In Modern Times He Has Been Identified As A Person Of InterestSet Fifteen Years After The Original Murders, This Story Begins When Sickert S Apprentice, Robert Wood, Is Accused Of Murdering A Prostitute In Camden Town And Comes To Sickert For Help Believing Wood To Be Innocent, Sickert Agrees To Assist Him, But His Investigation Reveals An Uncanny Similarity To The Ripper S Crimes Years Before Soon He Must Face A Horrible Possibility Jack The Ripper May Have Returned Or, All The Likely The Ripper Never Left To Save His Friend, Sickert Must Uncover The True Villain Behind The Original Killings, Following An Unsolved Case Than A Decade Cold His Search Will Lead Him Down An Ever Twisting Path Toward A Truth Far Terrible Than Anyone Could Ever Suspect Or Believe