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The Day It Rained Forever PDF Epub The Day It Rained Forever By Ray Bradbury Federicoscridel.eu A The Day It Rained Forever 1959 Is A Collection Of Short Stories By Ray Bradbury It Was Previously Released In The US As Medicine For Melancholy With A Slightly Different List Of Stories The Day It Rained Forever In A Season Of Calm Weather The Dragon The End Of The Beginning The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Fever Dream Referent The Marriage Mender The Town Where No One Got Off Icarus Montgolfier Wright Almost At The End Of The World Dark They Were And Golden Eyed The Smile Here There Be Tygers The Headpiece Perchance To Dream The Time Of Going Away The Gift The Little Mice The Sunset Harp A Scent Of Sarsaparilla And The Rock Cried Out The Strawberry Window

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    I hadn t before thought of Ray Bradbury as such a good writer a good ideas person, but I hadn t thought of his stories as well crafted, tight, polished things These ones definitely are they held me spellbound I read them all at once There s the magic of the ordinary and the everydayness of technology that is almost like magic he does all this very well I cared less for some of the stories, but all of them kept me reading, and most of them kept me wondering Wonder...

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    Ok, this is the last one I m reviewing, but the actual story The Day it Rained Forver is amazing You will feel like you are crying on another planet.

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    Each story is shaking me with the depth of imagination and surprising sci fi ingredients poured into them Each story can be remembered as if you have read a whole book and digested it Especialy notable one is Fever Dream for example, with some references to the Metamorphosis My favourite yet, In a Season of Calm Weather tells the story of George Smith, a P...

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    When young read a lot of Bradbury, and now re visiting him decades later am even impressed with his imagination, future visions, and clear flowing story telling that mostly predicted a positive space age that opened the cosmos to adventure Underpinning m...

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    Loved it Don t know why it s not popular.

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    I read this a long time ago in an earlier edition before the 2014 one pictured I was a big Bradbury fan back in the late 60s and early 70s RB had a poetic style of writing which over time grew tiresome He later published a book of poetry that I found unreadable I enjoyed RB s early, dark stories best, DARK CARNIVAL for sure With later books it struck me that RB essentially writes with the voice of an old man He attempts some tales from a child s viewpoint but for me they never work I always get the idea that RB n...

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    Ok so this book was really good I read it in 1 day and it did not take me that long It was a fantastic read Highly Recommended P

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    I remember once, when I lived in the Capital for a month and bought the paper fresh each day, I went wild with love, anger, irritation, frustration all of the passions boiled in me I was young I exploded at everything I saw But then I saw what I was doing I was believing what I read Have you noticed You believe a paper printed on the very day you buy it This has happened but only an hour ago, you think It must be true He shook his head So I learned to stand back away and let the paper age and mellow Back here, in Colonia, I saw the headlines diminish to nothing The week old paper why, you can spit on it if you wish It is like a woman you once loved, but you now see, a few days later, she is not quite what you thought She has rather a plain face She is no deeper than a cup of water The End Of The Beginning sees a husband and wife as they await their one and only child set off to the space station in a sole occupied rocket The anxious mother doesn t recognize the importance while the father understands the further continuation of human development, life as a whole or perhaps something bigger than that Story about space exploration and continuous improvement In the Referent a boy genius is modeled and primed for a future where the goal is to be the opposite of your parents In this world parents have little presence in their children s lives in order to prohibit negative psychological impact The children are essentially property of the s...

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    Some really great gems in here

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    Bradbury is officially in my Top 5 favorite authors Another great book by a word artist.

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