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    I ve been looking for a book like this for a while to satiate my curiosity about the diversity of language without resorting to Wikipedia There is nothing wrong with Wikipedia but I just prefer holding a book in my hands I didn t even realize it was a textbook until I was halfway through No prior knowledge of linguistics is assumed but it certainly is helpful if you don t want to use the glossary or look words up occasionally The first chapter introduces general concepts used throughout the book, which should be adequate for most readers Examples in English make it easy to understand the grammatical complexities of languages from various families In fact, if you are thinking of learning a new language on your own, this book is worth a skim as you may...

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    As someone who only took a single core class on Linguistics during her first year of university, I ve never been all too into the field but the idea of getting a glimpse into the insanely huge number of languages that are spoken across the globe had always interested me, so I decided to give this book a shot when my sister rec d it to me she s basically a pre Linguistics major, so the girl does know what she s talking about And my, this has been fun I d never read a book this informative and engaging on a subject that I had such little information on my knowledge of phonetics, morphology, syntax and so on from a theoretical point of view is slightly limited, but even though the book does focus on the technical aspects of each language family it never seemed to drag or bore me even if I didn t really understand what was goi...

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    The textbook itself was hard to read and kind of jumpy I would have been lost if I didn t go to class.

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    A challenging read for someone with only an introductory understanding of linguistics gleaned from independent study I found this book to be comprehensive and rewarding It is a textbook, an important fact to bear in mind as it s sprinkled with technical jargon throughout, but it reads well Admittedly, I glossed over some of the in depth explanations of syntax and construction and focused on the history of different linguistic theo...

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    Dom1 hawaii.rr.comI found Languages of the World very difficult to read and enjoy The author begins one family group and drags in other families and references authorities There was too much cross referencing.

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