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    This was very well written, it s a shame that it isn t well known The first few pages actually didn t interest me all that much, I only kept reading because of the style of prose and the historical accuracy in the cadence of it It s rather hard to come by these days.The story s on the brink between cliche and original enough, but I think it pulled through until the end Yseult de Ludith runs away from her home when she believes that her husband has renewed his affair with her live in step mother But she gets caught up in a blitz and develops amnesia The story follows her from the time she wakes up, and we watch her get remarried, pregnant, widowed,and eventually return to her previous husband Something I especially appreciated was that the instant attraction between her and Nicholas her second husband didn t seem contrived or rushed Well when they confess their love to each other after four days, that does seem rushed Although not in writing, rather than the actual date If the writer had mentioned that it was two weeks later rather than four days I would ve been appeased And to be honest, the ending was...

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    It s and old fashion sexist gothic romance but these are the books I grew up on It s a better example of the genre with a story that holds together reasonable well, likeable characters and good atmosphere It has a moody husband, interfering relations and memory...

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    Lovely, rather simplistic for my taste And I ve always been a tad annoyed with the way she tidies up the characters past and makes it into a tragic love story But it s a very intriguing story Perhaps a ...

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    Another book I would never have called a Gothic It s really just a war time love story about a girl screwing up, losing her memory and getting a second chance.

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Happy Now I Go Strange Homecoming They Were Waiting To Welcome Her The Servant, Who Avoided Her Gaze But Could Not Mask A Bitter Hatred, The Beautiful Woman With Sugar Coated Venom On Her Tongue, And The Towering Figure Of The Master Of The Manor, So Powerful Yet So Tragically Flawed, His Brutal Manner In Such Contrast With The Secret Pain In His Eyes.She Had Come Home, Yet She Came As A Stranger, Remembering Nothing In Her Loneliness And Fear, She Knew Only One Thing From The Abyss Of The Past, Evil Was Reaching Out To Claim Her Again.