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  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    Bloom County represents for me the absolute apex of twentieth century art and letters There is no better source for information on western culture and history in the 1980s but its appeal just goes so far beyond that Actually this is a rare topic on which words do fail me I simply cannot express how much I love Bloom CountryThis particular book was in my backpack when it was stolen one afternoon my freshman year at Berkeley High School The sad part about this was that I was headed to Cody's after school to attend god like idol Berke Breathed's book signing Because this collection had been snatched I was left to purchase Breathed's new children's book either the Xmas story A Wish for Wings that Work or The Last Basselope whichever one came out second and have him sign thatI was star struck when I got to his table and muttered something about my little brothers really liking the previous kids' book he'd written I then spent the rest of that day and every other day in the fourteen years since kicking myself for having said this instead of just keeping uiet which would have been betterBerkeley Breathed must have thought I was some dumb ass teenager too young to have read Bloom County who'd happened upon his recent projects and taken him for just another childrens book writer and illustratorWhat a humiliating and horrendous catastropheIf only there were some way to go back to make him understand Mr Breathed if you show me the beginning of virtually any anthologized Bloom County strip from its many years in syndication I can descibe from memory exactly what happens in the final panel the punchline and the expressions on every character's face Without your work I would never have learned a single thing about the Falklands heavy metal the moral majority or any other event from an era I lived through but was too young to pay attention to at the time Reagan's administration would still be a complete mystery to me without your enlightening books Moreover I would always have doubted that my favorite aspects of art cynical humor social criticism idealism poetry beauty romance satire good politics and absolute silliness could ever be synthesized perfectly in one place I still can't really look at classic era Bloom County without falling apart a little bit because it is so sublimely perfect to me It's hard even to think about I was literally in love with this strip It's ridiculous I can't even talk about it ThhptOne day maybe I can express my abiding gratitude to Berkeley Breathed perhaps by naming my firstborn either Opus or Ronald Ann

  2. Marsha Altman Marsha Altman says:

    This was a weird revisit The original strips in this collection were from the late 80's and having been born in 81 I probably read them in the early 90's when I was too young to understand some of the political references and to be honest to this day I have no idea who Jean Kirpatrick is though now I do know about the Iran Contra Affair who Tammy Fay who and can understand why alarmists would be afraid of Sandanistas I loved the comics anyway as a kid and they hold up surprisingly well despite the aging material Unlike other cartoonists Breathed hasn't come to look sexist andor racist by today's standards He also is an incredible artist on his own despite doopy looking Opus I will say that ending of the strip where Trump's brain in Bill the Cat's body buys out the strip and fires everybody was always profoundly sad to me but it has an extra mean kick now that Trump is President

  3. Mike Mike says:

    Good stuff This collection is from the last years of the Bloom County syndicated comic strip selected story lines and strips from its mid 80s peak right up to the last panel created for Bloom CountyI bought a copy of this book in 1991 I loved Bloom County and thought it was one of the bestfreshest and most entertaining comic strips I had ever read I still have the book and reread it every year or so and I can honestly say I still enjoy it as much as the first time I ever picked it up True some of the references are terribly dated and don't have the same punch they once did but the same thing could be said about a lot of usI recommend Bloom County this edition or any other for anyone who likes irreverent and silly humor

  4. SebastianDangerfield SebastianDangerfield says:

    Final Bloom County collection in oversized trade paperback Much of the first half of this volume was seen before in the previous trades We start though with stuff never reprinted in uite some time The college strip Academia Waltz Steve Dallas and Cutter John in their nascent forms Two pages of sketches Then we drop in on the midlate 80's Penguin Lust Suing Santa Claus Anxiety closet Alien abduction reversing Dallas' personality Gearing up for the '88 Election BB discovers Krazy Kat Spuds McKenzie comes out Ronald Ann debuts What is Oliver doing to Bill? Opus busts down Mary Kay in search of Mom And Bill the Cat has been kidnapped and had his brain switched with Donald Trump He hasn't changed a bit The very idea of Trump's fictional voice coming from the mouth of beloved Bill ShudderMetaphysical rumbling and rambling Naked Came I the autobiography of P Opus Trump The Strip the firing of the cast everyone finds new work in old strips except Opus who exits with Ronald Ann into Outland the successor to Bloom County and out GoodbyeIf I remember correctly with this book I broke a tradition and did not purchase for many years I was mad at Breathed for ending the strip I understood why he did it but that didn't mean I had to like it

  5. Alan Lampe Alan Lampe says:

    What a fun riot this book is We get to see some of Berkeley's early cartoons and remanence with old friends like Opus Bill the Cat Milo Binkley Steve Dallas Hodge Podge and Although not the entire scope of the story is told we get to relive Death Tongue's downward spiral to Billy and Boingers We recall Opus's marriage to Lola Granola Donald Trump's brain in Bill the Cat's body Steve being abducted by aliens Oliver cat sweat experiment and so much In no time you'll remember how good pickled herring is and want your own salad shooter or thirty thousand Really is a fun read to get your mind off of complex things Enjoy it

  6. Barbi Faye (The Book Fae) Barbi Faye (The Book Fae) says:

    A truly massive book full of funky funnies from the funny penguin of Bloom County A walk down memory lane in full color and black and white the comic strip made loads of commentary on political and social change I slammed it shut when I found the one on D Trump ugh shudder But other than that is about 250 pages of chuckles so you are sure to find something funny as you look back on the late eighties

  7. spike marlin spike marlin says:

    This book is a classic A survey of most of Bloom County comic found in other books with some new content added it showcases some of the best of Bloom County This was one comic that I enjoyed the most Too bad it is no longer published

  8. Donnell Donnell says:

    Did not uite finish this book Got past the half way mark then did some skimming Tried to read all the Donald Trump cartoons though Very intense given current events Donald Trump circa 1989 gets stuck in Bill the Cat's body Most powerful is a Sunday panel on page 211 Trump as Bill is telling Ronald Ann a six year old African American girl how great this country is Trump enumerates several of the things he has like a mansion and a yacht and his dreams of making a financial killing while Ronald Ann dreams of dinner TrumpBill closes with saying this country is so great because folks like you haven't strung up folks like me by their intestines Ominously though this is not the last panel In the last panel Ronald Ann's doll adds the word yetA sad thing about reading political commentary from the 1980's which seeps through much of this collection is that you see the recognition of the corruption those in power getting away with crimes people becoming heartless and you know that things did not improve in fact got MUCH worse Bottom line sadly it seems it is the way of humanity to continue to devolve no matter how cleverly problems are named Interesting to note that according to Internet searches Harper Lee author of To Kill a Mockingbird was a big Bloom County fan She sent Berke Breathed a fan letter asking him not to end the strip Breathed was touched by and proud of Lee's attention Still the strip ended How sad to have been a devoted follower of the denizens of Bloom County back in 1989 only to watch then vanish into the sunset

  9. Orion Orion says:

    This volume is a collection of the newspaper comic strip Bloom County from 1986 1989 including pages of four black and white daily four panel entries and pages of two full color 6 panel Sunday entries If you are a fan this book provides additionally an introduction called Last Word containing some biographical information Breathed's first cartoon penned in the 10th grade his one 1977 political cartoon for the Austin American Statesman newspaper and 16 strips from his Academia Waltz submissions to the University of Texas' Daily Texan college newspaper in 1978 79 The fan who enjoys this volume may also want to read Berkeley Breathed's Outland The Complete Collection which picks up where Bloom County leaves off in 1989 and contains all the Sunday color strips for Outland through it's end in 1995

  10. Jimyanni Jimyanni says:

    This is an entertaining collection of strips from the old Bloom County series; it covers a pretty wide variety of the strips from that period 1986 1989 If you already have all of the books that this selects strips from there may not be any new material here but if you don't there's a good chance that you'll find something new In any case it's as highly amusing as one would expect of a Bloom County collection

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Classics of Western Literature Bloom County 1986 1989 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Classics of Western Literature Bloom County 1986 1989 ✩ Author Berkeley Breathed – A retrospective of the Bloom County comic strip from 1986 until its conclusion in 1989 One of the most beloved and avidly read comic strips of all time Bloom County not only became a part of but helpe Western Literature Kindle Ó A retrospective of the Bloom County comic strip from until its conclusion in One of the most beloved and avidly read comic strips of all time Bloom County not only became a part of but helped define the popular culture of a decade This collection is destined to become a classic.

  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • Classics of Western Literature Bloom County 1986 1989
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  • 17 August 2016
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About the Author: Berkeley Breathed

Western Literature Kindle Ó Guy Berkeley Berke Breathed is an American cartoonist children's book authorillustrator director and screenwriter best known for Bloom County a s cartoon comic strip which dealt with socio political issues as seen through the eyes of highly exaggerated characters eg Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin and humorous analogies.