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Loch ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Loch Author Paul Zindel – Loch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father's boss Anthony Cavenger a ruthless publishing mogul is determined to prove that the legends are Loch and his sister are with their father on a scientific expedition to track lake monsters Their father's boss Anthony Cavenger a ruthless publishing mogul is determined to prove that the legends are fact Until now it has been a fruitless exercise But suddenly on a routine exploration a hideous water beast explodes out of the water and a photographer hoping to get the picture of a lifetime loses his life instead The plesiosaurs terrorize the secluded lake community but Loch encounters a baby plesiosaur and realizes that the monsters only attack when threatened So he risks his life and the lives of his family and friends to save the prehistoric creatures from destruction uick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers ALA books for the Teen Age NY Public Library.

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  1. Katie Ipfritsch Katie Ipfritsch says:

    It took me awhile to find this book Read this as a kid and to this day I am pissed he named the damn lochness monster 'Wee Beastie' Also the kid is like 13 and goes hang gliding alone wtf

  2. Jordan Larsen Jordan Larsen says:

    I was lucky to find this book on Audible After listening to it I couldn’t help but feel like I’d just seen a really great movie because that’s what it feels like when you’re listening to it It’s an engaging and suspenseful tale of terror fantasy adventure and intrigue in Paul Zindel’s 1995 horrorthriller “Loch” Ironically as you’d expect the story takes place on the banks of the most famous lake in the world Loch Ness Scotland Here we are introduced to our young and adventurous hero Loch whose inuisitive nature leads him to discover one night something terrifying and mysterious lurking in the depths as a herd of sheep becomes prey for a ravenous Plesiosaur As the years pass Loch matures into a 15 year old who is being dragged along for the ride as his Biologist father Sam sets up shop in Vermont not far from Lake Champlain Drawn to mysterious creatures long believed extinct known as cryptics he can’t shake the belief that there’s to his lakeside home than meets the eye Fate is about to prove his suspicions right as a series of mysterious and disturbing occurrences on the water sends the small lakeside community into a panic and the scientific community scrambling for answers as an aggressive expedition is launched with Loch’s father and his antagonistic boss at the helm They uickly get than they bargain for as a family of Plesiosaurs stirs up trouble with a malevolent alpha male known as a “Rogue” putting lives in mortal danger Interestingly enough Loch is kept at arms length from the expedition’s activities and its leader’s true intentions While he continues to explore of his enchanting surroundings he happens upon a baby Plesiosaur who has wandered away from its herd and the pair forges a uniue relationship The only other humans that know of the creature’s existence are Loch’s sister Zaidee and his love interest Sarah Together the trio sets out on an adventure of a lifetime to protect and reunite their beloved creature named “Wee Beastie” with its family and bring order to a lakeside community that is being torn apart by greed fear and nefarious agendas with the last of the dinosaurs marine cousins at the center of what will become the most daring and dangerous adventure of all time Paul Zindel crafts a young adult tale of adventure and suspense that’s right up there with Michael Crichton’s “Jurassic Park” and Steve Alten’s “The Loch” Though not as engrossed with the science of what could be lurking beneath the surface of uncharted waters “Loch” offers the reader an intriguing and exciting journey into the unknown With subplots eerily similar to memorable blockbuster classics as “Jaws” “ET” “Free Willy” and “The Water Horse Legend of the Deep” If you’re a fan of Steve Alten’s 2005 horror novel “The Loch” then Paul Zindel’s adaptation of “Loch” makes for a great companion book to read or listen This should be a movie Hollywood doesn’t know what it’s missing

  3. Cody S. Green Cody S. Green says:

    It is a personal rule of mine to finish any book I start no matter how bad or good it is Sadly I had to break my rule for this book The dialogue is sooooo bad it's sickening It's also highly unrealistic Don't get me wrong I know I'm reading a book meant for children but I don't see how even a child could enjoy this book Well an intelligent child that is The book gave a bit of promise in the beginning but it just got to be too silly to take seriously We have 8 year old girls driving cars we have 15 year old boys hang gliding over a forest oh how very safe that landing could be and we have a man with a PhD who apparently doesn't realize his boss is the scum of the earth The dialogue got on my nerves The writer couldn't think of a better name to give a young Plesiosaur than Wee beastie ? What the heck? That just hits the tongue wrong Not only that but they literally gave the monsters a dog like attitude making Happy clicks or Sad songs depending on its mood It's an auatic reptile not a seal or a dolphinI've heard Zindel has some novels other than this one that are goodmight give those a try but as for this one? It's going in the donate pile

  4. D.M. Dutcher D.M. Dutcher says:

    Yes this is by the same Zindel who wrote The Pigman No it's not any good If it were any other author I'd give it two stars but with Zindel it deserves oneThe son and a daughter of an archeologist discover a family of ravenous plesiosaurs in a lake The archeologist's boss a tabloid magnate wants the beasts captured dead or alive The children befriend one of the young plesiosaurs The plesiosaurs eat peopleThere's not much drama to the book because the dinosaurs get revealed early There's not much sense to the kids looking out for a baby one mostly because they both witnessed mama literally dismembering a man There's no commentary and none of Zindel's skill in depicting young adults It's a rather average YA novel written by someone who has done far far better

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    What would happen if the Loch Ness monster really existed? What would happen if that monster lived in a lake in the United States? What would you do if it had a baby and that baby were being threatened by people who wanted it dead? find the answers to all of these uestions by reading Loch; a great adventure about a Loch Ness monster in Lake Champlain and the kids trying to save it

  6. Kaitlyn Reynolds Kaitlyn Reynolds says:

    I literally hated this book No drama no action i couldbarely understand what was going on and what they were working with I couldn't prnounce the euiptments names and the story was mind boggling Hear my loud and clear when i say DON'T DON'T DON'T READ THE AWFUL TERRIBLE BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK

  7. Braxton F Braxton F says:

    I'm so facinated by this book the detail on the landscape and monsters The land scape is moutiness and rivers run in and out of caves Water falls are every where falling every where from the rain that collects in little pools that might have monsters in them

  8. Chanelle Savich Chanelle Savich says:

    If you like horror stories here’s one for you—prehistoric creatures lurking in the bottom of a deep lake and no one knows for sure if they’re there or not So a company’s research team goes out to try to collect “samples” of deep trench lake life and one of the researchers who’s a bit on the cautious side suggests they get stronger nets maybe even steel nets but the rest of the researchers laugh at him There’s nothing down there but a few sturgeon probably old and toothless ones too they say to the cautious guy They go out with their cotton nets out on the deep dark lake and they cast around to see what’s down there And suddenly up out of the murky depths shoots the biggest scaliest monster they’ve ever seen with the longest teeth—and lots of them The company owner’s daughter is on a catamaran with a boy and they’re out following the research team The monster starts to rock their boat tipping it and one of the kids goes toward the edge for a better look CRUNCH He’s bitten in half by the giant beast How will they rid the lake of these monsters? REVIEW fluffy and lite; no meat but appeals to middle school reluctant readers Slightly gross descriptions of carnage Like Jaws for middle school level but in no way a classic It appears that most of Zindel’s many books are similar in subject matter

  9. Terri Terri says:

    Loch's father is working with a company to explore a local lake where reportings of a water monster have been made As they search the lake they find a family of plesiosaurs Loch his sister and a friend try to stop them from being killed Different from the Zindel books I read back in the day but with the same spirit of adventure and growing up I always loved from them Fun adventure story

  10. Erin Erin says:

    I am cleaning out my bookshelf reading as I go This book seemed a little violent for the intended age group I felt like it read like an action movie with a teenage protagonist Which is probably good if you are an 11 year old boy? Unfortunately it's a little dated I think Still if I knew any 11 year old boys I might recommend it This one is going in the donate pile

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