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Jane's World Volume 1 Jane's World ❮Read❯ ➯ Jane's World Volume 1 Jane's World Author Paige Braddock – Thomashillier.co.uk Meet Jane the hapless heroine of a slightly wacky world where women wash up on desert islands and are kidnapped by adoring s where random ex girlfriends morph into monkeys where best friends are alway Meet Jane the hapless Volume 1 PDF/EPUB å heroine of a slightly wacky world where women wash up on desert islands and are kidnapped by adoring s where random ex girlfriends morph into monkeys where best friends are always loyal and occasionally even lustful and roommates never change Jane's World MOBI :↠ Not even their socks Now enters the heartless hip and totally hot Chelle who has Jane falling head over heels over office furniture Will Chelle ever develop a soft spot for Jane Will Jane's roommate Ethan ever get a job Will kind hearted but aimless World Volume 1 MOBI î Dorothy ever stop pouring coffee and actually use her doctoral degree Find the answers to these uestions and in Jane's World volume One.

  • Paperback
  • 151 pages
  • Jane's World Volume 1 Jane's World
  • Paige Braddock
  • English
  • 01 November 2015
  • 9780974245003

About the Author: Paige Braddock

Paige Braddock is an Volume 1 PDF/EPUB å Eisner nominated artist and writer and the Chief Creative Officer at Charles M Schulz Creative Associates She has illustrated several Peanuts children’s books; her other graphic novels for children include the Stinky Cecil series Braddock is publishing a new line Jane's World MOBI :↠ of graphic novels for children with Penguin Kids titled Peanut Butter Crackers The first book in the serie.

3 thoughts on “Jane's World Volume 1 Jane's World

  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    Well while I'm vaguely sad that we didn't spend than 1 snapshot in 'superhero' world I wasn't sad that I kept unexpectedly laughing Is funny this bookThe comic art kept going in and out though In and out of focus? Something In out of 'I doodled something' zone As in occasionally everything appears super well drawn and in focus but most of the time things look like doodles Out of focus doodles at that The doodles I could live with It was the out of focus part that was hard to take Hurt my eyes it did being out of focus Blurry I'd give an example but I don't know howhmm Part of the problem with the doodles there's a panel where Jane is at work A co worker is in the background Coworker looks like a dinosaur Is that person supposed to look like a dinosaur and therefore be humorous or is it just a warped doodle? I don't know heh I just keep turning the page and giggling insanelyThis won't make any sense but uote from bookBobbie 'You're talking to a concrete deer'Jane And loving it ThanksA funny comic that ended a little abruptly Rating 433January 13 2017

  2. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    uite enjoyable Both art and story are kind of a combination of Funky Winkerbean and Dykes To Watch Out For The characters are enjoyable but the story does uite a bit of jumping around Being that this is volume one I'm willing to cut Braddock some slack I'm guessing that not all of this work was done contiguously Some of it seems to be formatted for comic books; other portions look like they were originally newspaper strips that have been cut and pasted into comics pages And there are gaps in the narrative filled by expository sentences and paragraphs It's as if Paige Braddock the artist didn't feel like drawing what Paige Braddock the writer was coming up with So there's a kind of ADDpatchwork uality to the narrative that takes some getting used to It's worth making the effort though because the characters shine through I assume Braddock's work becomes confident and coherent in later volumes I'm eagerly looking forward to it

  3. Erin Erin says:

    First of all I don't think this is bad It's just stuffed to the brim with pretty much every single one of the exact same obnoxious romance tropes that turned me off het romance Constant will they or won't they nonsense that's stretched out over multiple story arcs Is it really that hard to write an established relationship? The endless make upbreak up yo yo between the same two characters I repeat is it really that hard to write an established relationship? It's perfectly okay to get mad at your partner because someone sprang a kiss on her without her consent The Misunderstanding being played up for drama where a character repeatedly gets mad at her partner because she misinterpreted some completely innocuous situation refuses to listen to an explanation and storms off only to find out later from a third party that it was totally not what she thought it was Would it have killed you to just hear her out in the first place??? A character who cheats on her partner whenever a hot woman flashes her legs at her because she just can't help it and yet said partner keeps inexplicably taking her back If ever anyone does try starting a relationship with someone new that's promptly scuttled in favor of going right back to the same old toxic dynamic that didn't work out the last 10000 times they tried it I'll leave it open to interpretation whether I'm referring to DorothyJane or JillChelle all of which might not seem so repetitive if not for the fact that So much of the comic is devoted to reruns and flashbacks that trying to read the online version is like being stuck in an endless Groundhog Day loopIf this sort of your stuff is your thing have at it As it turns out though I don't find these tropes any less obnoxious when the cast is mostly lesbians than I do when they're being applied to het romance

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