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  1. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    This was okay definitely not as good as the other two books in the series primarily because it was so unnecessarily long I was pretty bored Gemma was also much of an unlikable character than usual But overall I enjoyed the trilogy a lot

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I am utterly distraught by this book My first hour free of it's torture I was a ball of fury Nothing made sense the writing was crappy and I had so many uestions My poor husband didn't want to come near me and I didn't want to talk to anyoneI had such high hopes for this book Kartik and Gemma would finally find a way to be together the magic of the realms would be figured out and dealt with and Felicity and Ann would finally become real friends of Gemma's or else be rid of I definitely expected a little bir maturity to be given out by those girls at least by Gemma because generally when a person is given a large amount of responsibility despite their age and consciously decides that they need to live up to it they don't act like retarded and petty 12 year oldsHere are just a few of my troublesWhy the crap does Kartik turn into a tree? This doesn't make any sense I understand the sacrifice that he is making but there is no sign that the magic can't be dealt with in another way until the very point where Libba Bray turns him into a tree It is retarded There is no sense in this unless her goal was to piss people offWhy are Pippa and Felicity lesbian lovers? I don't get this at all Some people have mentioned in their reviews that they saw signs of this coming Whatever signs they saw seemed like normal female friendship to me especially for Victorian period writing Besides the fact I think that it was just silly the kiss was random and out of some teenage boys lesbian lovers fantasy DUMB I however was satisfied when Felicity chose the good side despite her love for Pippa who has always irritated meThe writing was just bad For someone who has published 2 books already the writing should have been much better The plot should have been thought out The dialogue should have been less George Lucas inspired by this I am referring to his ability to make very good actors sound like duncesI am very frustrated by how poorly the magic of the realms was understood Obviously Circe was evil but how did she turn out to be so much better than the the people who were supposed to be good and why did she make so much sense? Bray turns the evil person back to good to a degree and than she turns Kartik into a tree? WhateverMy final annoyance for this review is that of Bray's obsession with womens rights Holy crap she went a bit overboard don't you think? I thought to myself at one point that maybe it was just me and that I was a little sensitive to people and their soap boxes until at the very end Gemma's last reuest for the girls to be taught how to think for themselves and blah blah blah Thinking for yourself is not at all a bad idea but honestly Themes like that are supposed to be thought provoking not obnoxiously presentThere are so many many things that I find very wrong with this book It was a very huge disappointment I expected so much than what I was given hereThere were enough good things that I finished the book but I definitely would not recommend it to anyone

  3. Angie Angie says:

    And so ends the trilogy that began with A Great and Terrible Beauty continued with Rebel Angels and concludes in this final volume I liked the first one well enough because of its uniue blend of a wild magical mythical realm barely constrained behind stiff Victorian curtains I really got into the second one as the plot became complex Gemma came into her own powers Felicity and Ann's stories became layered and poor beautiful Pippa was relegated to the Realms indefinitely When I saw how thick the third one was my eagerness ratcheted up a notch After all I have been sitting around lately asking for longer books Suddenly here one isUnfortunately 800 pages later the best thing about it remains the first four words it's lovely title taken from a poem by WB Yeats And it does capture the extremely bittersweet feel of the last portion of the book But somehow this installment failed to capture my imagination It frustrated me than anything Instead of making good use of everything she fought for in Rebel Angels Gemma spends the entire novel trying to decide whether or not to do what she decided to do at the end of the last book Not until the final pages does she get a grip on herself and do what needs to be done I thought we were done with crippling indecision in the previous books I wanted the Gorgon to just let loose and throttle her Meanwhile Felicity and Ann are apparently thirteen again and spend the majority of their time being petty and distrustful backstabbing Gemma whenever they get the chance Pippa is the most interesting of the original friends munching on the berries of the dead in all her Miss Havisham glory But her path is extremely predictable And Kartik? Fiery beautiful Kartik? Sigh The end to his story had far too much in common with Merlin's fate for my taste I will say that the scene where Gemma and Kartik place their hands inside the stone was achingly beautiful But as with much in this hefty book it was too little too late and I'm left feeling sad Wishing somehow it could all have gone differently

  4. Caroline Caroline says:

    This was by far my favorite in the series and I think a lot of it had to do with what Libba Bray was willing to have happen to her characters The others have had their dark moments but this was definitely the darkest of the lot Makes sense since it is the conclusion of a trilogy and so there's got to be pretty big events to keep the story goingIt does take a while for the story to pick up like in the others Oh and there's a veritable ton of Victorian society happenings that some readers might get a little tired of Gemma also spends a lot of time debating about the decision of what to do with the magic which might also bore a lot of readers I actually really loved how much effort Bray put into fleshing out the Victorian culture for her readers and didn't mind Gemma's brooding Hey if I were in her position I'd totally be brooding tooSo while the first half of the book is good but not great the second half completely makes up for it This book is packed full of action and intrigue than the first two and some really excellent twistsI just loved how she tied all the characters' individual stories up Mrs Nightwing and Mrs McCleethy both get a lot interesting in this one and even Fowlson finally gets some believable characterization rather than coming off as a 1 dimensional jerk And Pippa I wasn't sure what would happen with her but I have to say I loved it For the romantics there are some really beautiful scenes between Gemma and Kartik I was really glad she resolved things between the two and at least gave them some really great interactions I can't say much without spoiling it thoughThe ending was definitely not a perfect happy conclusion but it felt fitting for the series Some readers are actually probably going to be uite disappointed by how some of it ties up just with how gruesome it could get Personally I found the conclusion beautiful and touching and it really made the series better as a whole than if she had done a cookie cutter look it's a happy ending for us The whole series is bittersweet and I love it all the for that very reason

  5. Wren (fablesandwren) Wren (fablesandwren) says:

    This was a reread of a reread of a reread et cetera literally can’t tell you how many times I have put myself through this book But I knew I needed to read this book again to have it fresh in my mind in order to review it correctly When asking my sister who introduced this series to me in grade school how I should review this book she stated that I should just use crying gifs so here are a few of those Libba Bray does not hold back when it comes to your heart Yes this book is a really really long one but Bray likes her descriptions and her character development There are so many things going on in this book that are just on the side but are so important to the characters and why they make the decisions that they makeI will let you know that some people believe there is some “fat shaming” in this and I can see where they are coming from but you also have to see when the book was written and what time period this is in You also have to understand this is a bunch of girls who are just trying to get the upper hand on each other and that is an easy stab And it isn’t anything that is glorified Libba is very big in the diversity and acceptance community; with that said that would never be her intent to do that to anyone Our three girls Gemma Felicity and Anne believe they are in the clear They put Circe in her place and all they have to do is share the magic with some of the creatures and people in The Realms and things will be great But what if Gemma doesn’t want to give up the magic? What if Felicity and Anne want the magic to change the path their parents and guardians carved for them to take? What if putting Circe in her place actually was exactly where she wanted to be? What if changing the path of the magic opened new doors for the Winterlands? I can’t review this book properly It breaks my heart every time I read it and it legitimately makes me cry every time I read this with a friend this time knowing she would need emotional support and she got mad at me because I put her through that roller coaster This series is so close to my heart It is the series that made me not just love books but into a reader Chapter 69 is the absolute worst omg I hate this I’m dying my heart I can’t I omg I will never love again 50% I hate the build up because I know what’s going to happen this being a reread x1000 but it doesn’t make it hurt any less This book means the absolute world to me It’s one of those books you always want to reread but then you remember “wait this book murdered me Why am I reading this again?”Buddy Read Re Read for me with my main girl Kayla because she doesn't understand the extent of emotional trauma she's about to experience

  6. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Thankfully this is over I thought I would never get through this last installment of Gemma Doyle trilogy Why oh why does this book have to be so long? Take out 300 400 pages of unnecessary secondary characters and going nowhere plot lines its 5 epilogues and The Sweet Far Thing would be a reasonably decent book I suppose But alas Bray chooses to ruin her own rather original series with this endless and bizarre last installmentI've read uite a few reviews and know how many people are disappointed with the ending I don't really mind where all the characters end up in this story but I rather mind how and why they get there Gemma's books have never been about romance for me The underlying idea of these books is women's independence I get it So I probably wouldn't have minded Kartik's sacrifice if it made any sense For me he dies because of Gemma's stupidity Should she have done what she promised to do in the end of book 2 divide the magic among the inhabitants of the realms none of the events in the books would have happened Thus his death is pointless in my opinion In fact the I think of the details of Kartik's death the less I understand what and why exactly happened to him Basically Gemma stabs the Tree releasing Winterlands' magic Kartik sucks in this magic then pours the magic into Gemma and then becomes a part of the Tree WTH just happened? Why does he even have to do it? If the Tree doesn't have any magic how can it have this power to accept his sacrifice and why is it needed? If the Tree still holds on its evil power how does Kartik's sacrifice change anything? Doesn't it mean that the Tree will continue its evil business in the Winterlands and will eventually corrupt Kartik the same way it did Eugenia? How is this a solution?Now to Felicity and Pippa Seriously where does the gay issue come from? I have no objections to homosexuality being portrayed in YA literature but it is handled very heavy handedly by Bray in this book First of all there is no clue about this in the first two books Felicity is caught kissing a gypsy man Pippa dreams of a knight in shiny armor This leads me to believe that this turn in the girls' relationship is an afterthought on Bray's part Another issue here is that considering that Felicity is only 16 and a victim of sexual abuse can we really be sure that her newly found sexual preference is a real one and not caused by the abuse? I just think Bray shouldn't have brought up this issue if she didn't have time to handle it responsibly and thoughtfullyLastly “The Sweet Far Thing” is an unbearably long and convoluted tale that needs editing badly First two books have a great balance of real and supernatural with a great women’s independence message This third book is unnecessarily full of numerous subplots redundant scenes and pages of feminist propaganda I understand Bray wanted to give us her opinion on about every women’s issue out there but it doesn’t translate into a good bookOverall a disappointing conclusion to an imaginative and original series I don’t necessarily regret reading the trilogy but I will definitely not recommend it to anyone Two stars only because I was able to finish it and it gives some kind of closure Reading challenge #14 3 of 4

  7. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    Series review video goodNayThe badWayyy too long I was bored The thing wasn't even resolved they won a battle but not the war The worst bleeping love triangle I've ever readThe problematicFat shaming Horrible attitudes toward disability Sexual orientation used as a plot twist Issues of non consent were never addressed Sexual abuse backstory to excuse a character's meanness

  8. Jess Jess says:

    Here's what I expected from this book that it would maintain the part snarky part serious part romantic tone of the first two books; that the characters would grow a bit and the relationships would be as fraught as ever; that there would be some good old fashioned suspense leading up to the conclusion of the trilogy If any of those elements were present in this book they got lost under pages and pages of sub par writing; I don't come to books like this for Great Literature but the others were enjoyable even when I rolled my eyes I was too busy slogging through to roll my eyes Ultimately I didn't really care what happened to any of the characters and the supposed to be heart wrenching twist towards the end did not wrench my heart but I did manage to roll my eyes I didn't buy the vision of Gemma's future that we are given; I didn't care what happened to Felicity; I was pleased for Ann but it was a bit predictable I never felt like Gemma really came to terms with using the power that was given to her and that was a big disappointmentThe fantasy elements weren't strong enough to support the whole thing so many of the characters in the realms had no real purpose to the story which is pretty unforgivable when you're wrapping up a trilogy The whole thing felt like a scene out of that obnoxious movie What Dreams May Come than anything else I was relieved to be finished with it I don't recommend it unless you LOVED the first two and just HAVE to find out what happened But then you'll probably think the ending IS heart wrenching and I will lose all respect for you

  9. Erin Erin says:

    Sweet Far Thing by Libba Braycontains spoilersI finished the final installment of the Gemma Doyle trilogy last night It took me over two weeks to finish and I came very close to throwing the damn book across the room with only 70 pages to go I have to say that I am very upset that Kartik died VERY The tension and affection between Kartik and Gemma was what kept me reading I was constantly waiting for her to see his red bandanna or meet him in the boathouse I will admit that the book ended very well but I was still very angryI have never cried while reading before and I have told my friends that I don't understand why people do I cry in all movies but with a book you control the tempo You can stop whenever you please Simply close the book and try again later that is how I roll However I shed a few tears at the end of Sweet Far Thing When Kartik died and in the end when Ann and Felicity got what they really wanted I was very emotional I am so very glad Libba decided to make both of their characters good in the end Ann irritated me so much in the first two books but really held her own in this one especially towards the end when she had to stand up to Pippa I felt like she was always ready to abandon Gemma for the others but in the end that proved false Felicity could have gone either way right up to the very end because of her love for Pippa but I was happy to see that she got her inheritance and intends to live as she has always wanted free and daring and out from under th hold of her father I also appreciated how she wrote Circe's character At work I always tell people that this trilogy is a mix between Harry Potter and the Twilight series and Circe was Snapelike in my opinionI am sad that these books are over I look forward to reading whatever Libba Bray writes next but can't imagine a character being a strong confused and brave as Gemma Love her Definitely one of my favorite characters of all time I think it is important to remember that a young woman can be powerful and challenge authority but still long for love and romanceFinal Rating 455I think this book could have easily been written into two installments Not only because it was 800 pages but because SO much happened I can't really remember what happened at the beginning of the book

  10. Sin Sin says:

    Okay I'm going to start off with a warning I will be talking in detail about how this book made me feel and if you haven't read it yet it is possible that my feelings will give away a crucial plot point With that all I can say is I feel raw Absolutely raw I couldn't breathe And I cried A lot of tears were shed The ending is by far one of the most brilliant brave things I have EVER read that does not mean that it wasn't absolutely horrible to read And knowing that it was necessary that it had to happen that it's the perfect ending does not really comfort me but I'll take what I can The emotion that Libba Bray churned up in me was astounding From absolute highs to absolute lows and I do mean absolute I loved riding the roller coaster of it all My second favorite series ever Read it Love it Cry along with me

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The Sweet Far Thing ❮Reading❯ ➹ The Sweet Far Thing Author Libba Bray – It has been a year of change since Gemma Doyle arrived at the foreboding Spence Academy Her mother murdered her father a laudanum addict Gemma has relied on an unsuspected strength and has discovered It has been a year of change since Gemma Doyle arrived at the foreboding Spence Academy Her mother murdered her father a laudanum addict Gemma has relied on an unsuspected strength and has discovered an ability to travel to an enchanted world called The Sweet eBook ↠ the realms where dark magic runs wild Despite certain peril Gemma has bound the magic to herself and forged unlikely new alliances Now as Gemma approaches her London debut the time has come to test these bonds The Order the mysterious group her mother was once part of is grappling for control of the realms as is the Rakshana Spence's burned East Wing is being rebuilt but why now Gemma and her friends see Pippa but she is not the same And their friendship faces its gravest trial as Gemma must decide once and for all what role she is meant for.